WHS Specialist Jobs in USA

WHS Specialist Jobs in USA 2024 – Visa and Work Permit

Become a workplace health and safety (WHS) specialist and contribute significantly to the safety and well-being of our workforce in the United States by joining our team. This thrilling opportunity encompasses the sponsorship of visas and work permits, enabling dedicated professionals from around the world to contribute to our dedication to workplace safety.

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Details of WHS Specialist Jobs in USA

  • Employment Type: Full-time,  Part-time
  • Location: Rutherford, NJ , USA


  • High School, Bachelor’s Degree, or Diploma 


  • 1-2 Years of Experience in Related Fields 

Responsibilities of WHS Specialist Jobs in USA

Your primary duties as a WHS specialist will encompass:

  • Conducting workplace safety assessments and audits to identify hazards and risks.
  • Creating and executing safety policies, procedures, and training programs.
  • Fostering a culture of safety through collaboration with management and employees.
  • Conducting investigations into workplace accidents, incidents, and near misses to identify the underlying causes.
  • Proposing corrective actions and follow-up measures to prevent the recurrence of the issue.
  • Maintaining safety records, reports, and documentation in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Ensuring that safety regulations and industry standards are adhered to.
  • Maintaining awareness of emerging safety practices and workplace health and safety regulations.

Benefits of WHS Specialist Jobs

  • High Demand: There is a consistent demand for WHS specialists in a variety of industries, such as construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and corporate environments. This demand results in a wide range of employment opportunities and a high level of job stability.
  • Competitive Compensation: The specialized knowledge and critical importance of the role of WHS specialists typically result in a well-compensated salary. Especially for individuals with advanced certifications and experience, salaries can be quite competitive.
  • Career Development: The field of workplace health and safety provides a plethora of opportunities for career advancement. WHS specialists have the potential to advance to senior positions, including director, consultant, or manager. Additionally, there are opportunities to pursue additional specializations, such as occupational hygiene or risk management.
  • Diverse Work Environment: WHS specialists operate in a variety of environments, including hospitals, construction sites, and factories, in addition to offices and factories. This diversity ensures that the position remains engaging and provides opportunities to experience a variety of industries and working environments.
  • Making a Difference: Workers’ health and safety specialists are essential in safeguarding the well-being of employees. This position is exceedingly rewarding because it entails the tangible improvement of individuals’ lives through the prevention of injuries and the promotion of a safe work environment.
  • Skill Development: The role of a WHS specialist necessitates a comprehensive set of skills, such as communication, problem-solving, risk assessment, and training. These abilities are highly valuable and transferable in a variety of other fields.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: WHS specialists acquire a comprehensive understanding of health and safety regulations and standards, which is essential for legal and compliance purposes. Additionally, this proficiency may prove advantageous in various regulatory capacities or consultancy roles.
  • Continuous Learning: The field of workplace health and safety is constantly changing due to the introduction of new technologies, regulations, and best practices. WHS specialists are afforded numerous opportunities for professional development and ongoing learning.
  • Professional Recognition: The professional credibility and recognition of many WHS specialists in the field are enhanced by the acquisition of certifications from recognized bodies (e.g., NEBOSH, IOSH, or OSHA).
  • Networking Opportunities: WHS specialists frequently collaborate with a diverse array of stakeholders, such as employees, management, regulatory bodies, and industry professionals. This interaction offers exceptional networking opportunities and the opportunity to establish professional relationships.

Education and Qualification

In order to be considered for this position, candidates must possess the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health and Safety, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).
  • Certification in occupational health and safety (e.g., CSP, CIH) is advantageous.
  • Proven experience in positions related to workplace health and safety.
  • Robust comprehension of OSHA and other pertinent safety regulations.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities.
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Capacity to operate both independently and collaboratively.
  • Sponsorship eligibility for employment visas.


The hourly salary for this position is between $20.00 and $50.00 per hour, with the possibility of receiving additional bonus incentives contingent upon performance.

How To Apply

To apply for a WHS Specialist position and contribute to the safety of our workforce in the United States, please submit your CV or resume via the following link: CV/Resume Submission.


Become a member of our team of committed WHS specialists and contribute to the safety and well-being of our employees in the United States by receiving sponsorship for a work permit and visa. We are pleased to welcome individuals who are committed to the prevention of accidents and injuries and are enthusiastic about workplace safety. To apply, please submit your application today if you possess a background in occupational health and safety and are dedicated to establishing a safe work environment. We eagerly anticipate your joining our team and collaborating to preserve a safe and healthy work environment.

For More Info:

Email Your CV, and We’ll Find the Best Pathway For you: info@usavisasponsorshipjobs.com

  1. What is the role of a WHS specialist?

    You will collaborate with site operations and WHS leadership to address daily risks, recognize and escalate compliance issues, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement by carrying out assigned routine inspections and audits. You will be responsible for writing documents and communications as assigned by the WHS leadership.

  2. Where are WHS specialists typically employed in the USA?

    WHS specialists are employed in a variety of sectors, such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and government agencies, to guarantee workplace safety and adherence to regulatory standards.

  3. What qualifications are needed to become a WHS specialist in the USA? 

    A bachelor’s degree in environmental science, industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety, or a related field is typically required. Relevant certifications, including the Occupational Health and Safety Technician (OHST) or Certified Safety Professional (CSP), may also be advantageous.

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