Warehouse Package Handler Jobs in Chicago

Warehouse Package Handler Jobs in Chicago 2024

The workweek consists of Monday through Saturday from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm, with an additional day off on Sunday. The hourly wage is $18.15 plus a $3 premium pay rate. Job Responsibilities Effectively scans and loads shipments, documents, hazardous materials, and/or supplies to ensure their timely, secure, and efficient transportation. This position does not require transportation on public roads. Additional responsibilities as designated.

Details About Warehouse Package Handler Jobs in Chicago:

  • Organization: FedEx Express
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: $18.15 an hour
  • Location: 632 N Cargo Rd, Chicago, IL 60666
  • Minimum Education: None
  • Minimum Experience: None

Benefits of Warehouse Package Handler Jobs in Chicago:

  • Competitive Pay: Hourly wages for a variety of warehouse positions, including package handler, are competitive. The compensation may fluctuate by employer, schedule, and experience.
  • Opportunities for Overtime: Warehouses frequently encounter variations in demand, which present package handlers with opportunities for overtime work during periods of high activity or prime seasons.
  • Health and Safety Measures: Health and safety regulations must be followed by employers in Chicago, as they are in all other locations. This may involve the provision of safety apparatus, training, and the maintenance of a secure working environment.
  • Physical Activity: Physical exertion is a common requirement of package handler positions, including tasks like lifting, sorting, and transporting packages. Physically active individuals may find this to be a beneficial aspect of the occupation.
  • Schedule Flexibility: Part-time and shift work are examples of the flexible schedules that some warehouse positions provide. Persons who have additional obligations or commitments may find this flexibility to be advantageous.
  • Prospects for Progression: A considerable number of individuals commence their professional lives in the role of package handlers, where they are afforded the chance to evolve and progress within the warehouse or logistics organization. This could result in managerial or supervisory positions.
  • Team Environment: The warehouse environment is frequently dependent on collaborative efforts. Package handlers ensure the efficient processing and shipping of packages through a collaborative effort.
  • Employee Discounts: Package handlers might qualify for discounts on products or services provided by the organization or its affiliated partners, contingent upon the employer.
  • Training and Skill Development: Employment organizations have the option to furnish package handlers with training programs that aim to improve their proficiency in various domains, including equipment operation, inventory administration, and workplace safety.
  • Stable Employment: Warehouses, particularly those affiliated with prominent e-commerce and logistics corporations, generally offer dependable employment as a result of the uninterrupted movement of packages and products.
  • Benefits Packages: Benefits packages are provided by certain employers and may consist of supplementary perks such as health insurance and retirement programs.
  • Opportunity to Learn Logistics Operations: Individuals with an interest in this sector can frequently benefit from the insights package handlers acquire regarding the broader operations of the supply chain and logistics.

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Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Capable of independently lifting 50 pounds from the ground to chest level and maneuvering packages weighing 50 pounds or more using the proper apparatus and/or the assistance of another individual. Capable of standing and walking during specified work hours. Capable of squatting and bending during specified work hours. Capable of lifting objects above one’s shoulders. Capability to arrange packages above one’s head and maneuver packages through confined spaces, if necessary at the job site. Capable of working in any climatic condition at the designated work site. Capable of ascending staircases and stairs as required at the job site. Capable of completing all required foundational and recurrent training. Proficient and expeditious communication is an essential quality in a noisy operational setting.

Job Conditions:

Uncovered position that is critical for protection. Capacity to operate safely and in a state of constant vigilance while at work.

Additional Information:

Exclusively for residents of Colorado, Nevada, New York, Connecticut, California, Rhode Island, Washington, Hawaii, Illinois, or New Jersey. Hourly rate: $21.15. The indicated approximation corresponds to the customary starting salary range or rate for candidates who have been employed in the following states: Colorado, Nevada, New York, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington, Hawaii, Illinois, and New Jersey. Various factors may be considered when establishing your precise remuneration, such as your professional background, place of employment, number of years of experience, and relative performance to other staff members occupying the same position. Applicants are granted this information in adherence to the following statutes: the Washington Equal Pay and Opportunity Act, the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, the Nevada Pay Transparency Law, the New York City Pay Transparency Law, the Hawaii Pay Transparency Law, the Illinois Pay Transparency Law, and the New Jersey Pay Transparency Law.

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FedEx Express is an AA/EEO/Veterans/Disabled Employer

Race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, genetic information, age (except legitimate occupational qualifications), sex, pregnancy (including childbirth or a related medical condition), disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, military leave or service, status as a disabled veteran or other covered veteran status are all prohibited by FedEx Express as grounds for discrimination and harassment against applicants and employees.

  1. What type of job is a package handler?

    The role of package handlers involves relocating and classifying packages throughout the distribution center or warehouse. Working within a physically taxing, fast-paced setting, they often need to lift and transport considerable packages.

  2. What is a package handler in a warehouse?

    Before delivery, a Package Handler gathers, scans, seals, and loads various packages. Placing items into boxes, verifying packaging labels, and lifting and loading heavy packages into automobiles are their main duties.

  3. What is the job of a package handler Fedex?

    Warehouse responsibilities of package handlers consist of the manual loading, unloading, and sorting of packages of various weights and sizes, which entails pushing, lifting, pulling, carrying, scanning, and establishing packages; furthermore, package handlers have to carry out physical tasks that require bending, twisting, kneeling, and others.

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