Visa Sponsored Babysitter Jobs In Canada

Visa Sponsored Babysitter Jobs In Canada 2024 – Apply Now

The Children’s Department of the Government of Canada is seeking a dependable babysitter to watch over minors during brief, frequently appointed periods of caregiver absence. The caretaker is responsible for overseeing hygiene-related responsibilities, directing feeding activities, and ensuring adherence to curfews. Additionally, every vulnerable point in your residence should be fortified.

To achieve success as a caretaker, adherence to the guidelines set forth by caregivers is essential. An exemplary caregiver will collaborate in the creation of a tranquil and flexible residential environment while on duty.

Babysitter Jobs In Canada:


  • As required, reviewing caregiver instructions and requesting clarification.
  • Observation of cleansing, hygiene, and self-directed feeding activities.
  • Assist relevant minors with routine duties, if required.
  • Towards dusk, reinforce each access point.
  • Promote meaningful, intellectually engaging activities for both individuals and groups.
  • Encouraging adherence to mandatory curfews
  • Unless considered inappropriate, demonstrating behaviors that reflect the principles of caregivers
  • When necessary, seek support from familial, medical, and analogous networks.


  • A diploma from a secondary school is required.
  • Unwavering legal capability.
  • Experience as a successful babysitter is a prerequisite.
  • A legitimate driver’s license is required.
  • It is beneficial to possess direct experience in managing emergencies involving children.
  • Observant of significant dangers to safety.
  • Competence in providing instructions that are suitable for a given age
  • The demands of childcare caregivers must be fulfilled.

List of Visa Sponsored Babysitter Jobs In Canada:

Part-Time Babysitting Or Nanny Job

Obtain local childcare employment and make connections with families.

I am currently seeking the services of a caregiver or nanny. While prior experience in infant care is preferred, it is not mandatory. $16 to $35 hourly.


Create an account and begin applying for positions at SOSgarde.Ca/En. Additionally, each family has a unique schedule and set of rates. There are available full-time, part-time, seasonal, and casual positions.

  • $15 to $26 hourly


Working in tandem with parents is critical for promoting the physical and social development of children. Certification in first aid is advantageous. You will be responsible for the care and safety of children in your capacity as a caregiver.

  • $44,000 – $100,644 A Year

Nanny/Babysitter (Flexible, Part Time Or Full Time)

Fernie, British Columbia: Possess a reliable mode of transportation or make arrangements to relocate before starting employment (mandated). We require child care and are remarkably adaptable!

  • $16-$22 per hour

Babysitting – Babysitter

Ensure the emotional health and social development of the child. Implement the disciplinary measures prescribed by the guardians.

  • $18-$19 Per Hour


Although he requires continual supervision, the 5-year-old adores everyone, children in particular. Campbellford, Ontario: Before beginning employment or relocating, travel dependable…

  • $100 a day


Engaging the child in community activities and facilitating their integration into the community. The G2 or G licenses of applicants will be given preference. Weekly part-time hours amount to 25.

  • $17 – $20 An Hour


Referral Program – Assist us in constructing a reputable caregiver community analogous to our MyRomy community and earn rewards. Develop your earning schedule.

  • Estimate: $37,439 – $47,406 a year


Before commencing work in Paris, N3L 0H1, a dependable travel or relocation itinerary is mandatory. Types of Employment: Part-time and Casual.

  • $15 – $20 per hour


Two years of full-time experience working in a paid and/or unsupervised environment with children ages 0 to 7. Working is permissible with a minor visa.

  • $20 per hour

On-Call Nanny/Babysitter

Certified in First Aid and CPR, or willing to acquire at your own expense. At least two years of relevant full-time or three years of relevant part-time childcare experience…

  • $20 – $26 per hour

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Benefits of Visa Sponsored Babysitter Jobs In Canada:

  • Gaining Global Experience: Visa-sponsored babysitter positions provide the opportunity to work and reside in a foreign nation. This affords an exceptional opportunity to acquire international experience and engage in cultural immersion.
  • Language Involvement: Babysitting in a foreign country may offer the opportunity to become acquainted with a foreign language. This experience can facilitate the development of cultural awareness and language proficiency, thereby promoting professional and personal advancement.
  • An Intercultural Exchange: Babysitters frequently integrate into the families for whom they provide care, thereby gaining knowledge of local customs, traditions, and ways of life and participating in cultural exchanges.
  • Travel Possibilities: Depending on the lifestyle of the employer, babysitters might be afforded the chance to accompany the family on a journey, thereby exposing them to novel environments and expanding their knowledge.
  • Provision of Lodging and Meals: Certain caregiver positions that provide visa sponsorship may encompass lodging and meals, thereby mitigating the financial burden associated with daily living.
  • Engaging in networking: Being a member of a family and residing in a foreign country offer prospects for establishing a social circle comprising acquaintances and peers, both within the immediate family and in the broader local community.
  • Skill Enhancement: Babysitters frequently acquire a variety of competencies, such as proficiency in child care, effective communication, and adeptness in resolving issues. This has the potential to foster both personal and professional growth.
  • One’s personal development: Working in a diverse cultural environment and acclimating to new surroundings can promote individual development, autonomy, and fortitude.
  • Financial Assistance: Some babysitting positions may provide financial assistance for expenditures such as transportation, language courses, or cultural engagements, in addition to a remuneration package.
  • Provision for Children: Individuals with a strong interest in child care can find purpose in their professional lives through babysitting, which entails offering assistance and support to children.
  • Adaptable work schedules: Depending on the specific arrangement, babysitters may be able to achieve a better work-life balance through the provision of flexible work hours.
  • Prospects for Durable Interconnections: Developing a robust rapport with the host family has the potential to foster enduring connections and potentially grant access to subsequent prospects, including endorsements or repeat visits.
  1. How do I sponsor a babysitter in Canada?

    Step 1: Contact Revenue Canada and apply for a business number.
    Step 2: List your nanny as your employee.
    Step 3: Figure out how much you will need to remit each month.
    Step 4 Fill out your remittance form from Revenue Canada.
    Step 5: Remit your payment.

  2. How can I get a visa sponsorship to work in Canada?

    To apply for a work permit, most candidates will require a Canadian job offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). There are some exceptions to this requirement, where foreign workers can apply for a work permit without an LMIA or a job offer.

  3. Is a nanny visa open in Canada?

    There is no specific nanny visa. However, there are programs that Canada offers that can lead to permanent residency, or if you are not qualified for one of those streams, you can work in Canada temporarily.

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