Unskilled Jobs in Chicago for Foreigners

Unskilled Jobs in Chicago for Foreigners

Perform quality tests, maintain records of product quality, and, if applicable, ensure the safety of food packaging in order to package products in an orderly fashion.

Details About Unskilled Jobs in Chicago for Foreigners:

  • Title: Unskilled Jobs in Chicago for Foreigners
  • Organization: FlexSol Packaging Corp
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Chicago, IL 60617

Benefits of Unskilled Jobs in Chicago for Foreigners:

  • Enabled Accessibility: Unskilled labor frequently entails reduced prerequisites and lack of experience, rendering them more readily attainable to individuals lacking particular qualifications.
  • Prompt Employment: Generally, these occupations experience greater demand, leading to expedited recruiting procedures that enable individuals to commence work and earn income without delay.
  • Possibility for the Development of Skills: Although initially classified as menial, these positions frequently offer practical training through the job itself, enabling workers to gain fresh proficiencies and experiences that may prove advantageous in their professional development.
  • Adaptable Hours: Certain menial occupations provide the convenience of flexible scheduling, which aids in managing work alongside other obligations, such as familial or academic duties.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Diverse industries can offer networking opportunities and exposure to professionals from various fields, which may pave the way for additional employment opportunities or career trajectories.
  • Stability and Consistent Revenue: Although wages for menial labor may differ, consistent employment can serve as a dependable means of earning a living.
  • Ingress into Sectors: Particular industries can be penetrated through unskilled labor. Acquiring knowledge and competence in a specific domain can assist individuals in pinpointing domains that require improvement or professional inclinations.
  • Experience and Work Ethic in Construction: Employers across all industries highly value the inculcation of a strong work ethic, discipline, and a sense of responsibility that unskilled labor can impart.
  • The stepping stone towards progress: It is not necessary to begin in an incompetent position and remain there indefinitely. A considerable number of individuals utilize these positions as a means to advance their careers within an organization or sector.
  • Implications for the Economy: Unskilled labor contributes significantly to the economy by performing critical duties that ensure the seamless operation of businesses and services.

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Essential Duties And Responsibilities:

  • Assess the product and record the results.
  • Comprehend and implement each facet of product quality during the routine quality inspection.
  • Successfully fulfill evaluation criteria to progress in the pay scale.
  • Comprehend and read the extrusion order form about their role.
  • Observe attendance regulations as specified by the organization.
  • Provide training to other staff members as required.
  • Maintain all packaging-related materials required to maintain the production line operational, including boxes, cores, and inserts.
  • Donning the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Create circles.
  • Should cores be required, cut them.
  • The packaging material.
  • Conduct and accurately record a quality assessment.
  • Maintain a clean environment.
  • Remain cooperative and positive-minded.
  • When applicable, accountable for ensuring the appropriate handling of food packaging.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • This position does not entail any supervisory duties.

Education and Experience:

  • No training or prior experience is necessary.


To be successful in this position, one must be capable of carrying out each essential responsibility to the required standard. The listed requirements are indicative of the requisite knowledge, talent, and/or capability. To facilitate the performance of essential functions by individuals with disabilities, reasonable accommodations may be implemented.

Language Skills:

Capacity to comprehend and interpret procedure manuals, operating and maintenance manuals, and safety regulations. Capability to complete position-related reports and forms: Capacity for effective oral and written communication.

Mathematics Skills:

Capability to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division using whole integers, common fractions, and decimals across all units of measure.

Reasoning Ability:

Capability to establish facts, define problems, collect data, and derive valid conclusions. Capacity to utilize common sense to comprehend and implement instructions presented orally, in writing, or through diagrams. Capability to solve standardized problems involving multiple concrete variables: Capability to interpret a variety of written, verbal, diagrammatic, and schedule-based instructions.

Physical Demands:

The physical requirements outlined in this document are indicative of those that an employee must confront to effectively carry out the fundamental duties of this position. To facilitate the performance of essential functions by individuals with disabilities, reasonable accommodations may be implemented. The worker is frequently required to stand and utilize hands to manipulate, feel, or pinch while performing the duties of this position. The employee is frequently required to stoop, kneel, or crouch; maintain balance; and walk, recline, and reach with hands and arms. The employee must hoist 50 pounds on occasion. Vision capabilities specific to this position include distance vision, color vision, and close vision.

Work Environment:

The aforementioned attributes of the work environment are emblematic of those that an employee may confront in the course of carrying out the fundamental duties of this position. To facilitate the performance of essential functions by individuals with disabilities, reasonable accommodations may be implemented.

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  1. Where do most people in Chicago work?

    Industrial companies that operate in shipping freight, manufacturing, and other industries continue to constitute an important part of the Chicago metropolitan area’s economy, contrary to popular belief. Employers in these sectors consistently offer lucrative employment opportunities to individuals with diverse levels of education and professional backgrounds.

  2. Do you have to live in Chicago to work for the city?

    Residency in the City of Chicago is required of all employees. Proof of residency will be required at the time of employment, per Section 2-152-340 of the Municipal Code of Chicago.

  3. What is a good salary in Chicago?

    The average salary in Chicago, IL $52,692 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $95,156 is the 75th percentile.

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