Senior Electrical Engineer Jobs in USA

Senior Electrical Engineer Jobs in USA 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

You can establish a vocation that is personally significant while simultaneously making a positive impact on communities that are vital to all of us at HNTB. We have been delivering solutions for some of the nation’s most sizable and intricate infrastructure initiatives for over a century. Considering our recent expansion, the present moment presents a compelling opportunity to become a member of our team of employee-owners.

A senior electrical engineer with experience designing lighting and electrical systems for rail and transportation facilities is required for this position. The responsibilities of this position include the development and modification of specifications, technical reports, engineering drawings, and electrical design calculations for assigned projects. In conjunction with the project manager, this role is responsible for research, development, calculations, design, and delivery.

The application of engineering procedures, techniques, and design criteria to endeavors that differ in magnitude and intricacy. Applying technical expertise and experience to resolve design-related challenges or concerns in close collaboration with the project manager to ensure timely task completion, client interactions, and innovative problem-solving in order to meet project deadlines. Constructs conceptual and detailed designs and calculations to aid in the closing of projects utilizing modern drawing and technical tools, programs, and software. In addition to mentoring, training, and evaluating the work of novice engineering professionals, offer them constructive criticism. You will contribute to the successful completion of a variety of initiatives for HNTB’s clients in your capacity as a team member.

Details of Senior Electrical Engineer Jobs in USA:

Job Title:Senior Electrical Engineer Jobs in USA
Job Type:Full-Time
Salary:106,445.94 – 173,429.55
Country:United States

You’ll do the following:

  • Responsible for the organization and distribution of discipline-specific tasks, in addition to ensuring adherence to the project’s schedule and budget.
  • Provide support in marketing responsibilities, such as generating proposals.
  • Provides support in the development of project scope and effort estimations for discipline-specific projects and assignments.
  • Supervises the work of the project team in the technical discipline to guarantee its accuracy and completeness. Provides direction and mentorship to the team in pursuit of the overarching objectives of the endeavor.
  • Coordinates technical project components at the staff level with the customer counterpart and collaborating partners for discipline-specific work.
  • When working on multidisciplinary initiatives, collaborates with other fields of study.
  • Additional obligations might be delegated.

You will require the following items:

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering and six years of pertinent experience, or
  • Master’s degree in engineering and five years of pertinent experience, or
  • Four years of associated experience and a doctorate in engineering

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What you’ll need to bring:

  • The electrical infrastructure of buildings, facilities, and stations comprises the design of power distribution systems. 
  • Develop the foundation of an electrical component design report, perform load flow analysis to determine the appropriate size of a power distribution system, and 
  • Create electrical systems, including control and fire alarm systems, lighting, power, and illumination, in addition to single-line diagrams and drawing details for electrical design and luminaire and equipment selection for projects. 
  • Responsible for the development and completion of electrical engineering designs that meet the specifications of the project. Oversee technical client communications regarding electrical design components. 
  • Comprehends how decisions impact work planning and technical design. 
  • Coordinates work planning and design across numerous technical disciplines in an efficient manner. 
  • Schedules and completes high-quality deliverables within the allocated budget and scope. The following is what we like: 
  • Master of Engineering Degree 
  • Eight years of experience in a related field 
  • Obtaining Professional Engineer (PE) Certification 
  • Proficiency in the execution of ADA construction bundles 
  • Expertise with e-TAP, AGI32, or comparable applications 


In New York City and Westchester County, New York, the salary range is approximately $106,445.94 to $173,429.55. Kindly note that the salary range specified at the time of posting is a provisional estimate for the position. The precise compensation will be established based on a variety of factors, including the work location within the state and the qualifications, experience, knowledge, abilities, and talents of the individual in question.

Benefits of Senior Electrical Engineer Jobs:

  • Strong Demand: Globally, electrical engineers are in high demand due to the increasing reliance on technology and the need for electrical systems in virtually every industry. This demand frequently results in job security and competitive pay.
  • Diverse Professional Opportunities: Aerospace, energy, telecommunications, healthcare, and manufacturing are just some of the industries in which electrical engineers can work. This diversity enables individuals to select vocations that correspond to their interests and passions.
  • Innovation and Imagination: Electrical engineers participate in the design and development of cutting-edge technologies and systems. This work fosters inventiveness and problem-solving abilities as engineers seek novel solutions to challenging problems.
  • Mobility Globally: Electrical engineering is a highly transferable skill. Professionals in this profession have access to employment opportunities worldwide, allowing for international career mobility.
  • Technological Progress: Renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are at the forefront of electrical engineering’s technological advancements. These cutting-edge fields can provide intellectual stimulation.
  • Financial Benefit: Electrical engineers typically receive competitive salaries and benefit packages, making this profession a financially rewarding option. Depending on experience, location, and specialization, salaries can vary.
  • Job Diversity: Electrical engineers can serve in a variety of capacities, including design, research, development, testing, and project administration. This diversity permits individuals to investigate various facets of the field.
  • Career Advancement: Electrical engineers can advance to higher-level positions, such as senior electrical engineer, engineering manager, and even executive positions, with experience and additional education or certifications.
  • Effective Work: Electrical engineers contribute to initiatives with significant societal impact, such as the development of renewable energy solutions, the improvement of medical devices, and the enhancement of communication systems.
  • Continuous Education: Electrical engineers must keep abreast of the most recent technological advancements, as technology is continuously evolving. This dedication to lifelong learning maintains the intellectual stimulation of the profession.
  • Collaborative Ambience: Electrical engineers frequently collaborate with professionals from diverse backgrounds, such as mechanical engineers, software developers, and scientists, on multidisciplinary teams. This facilitates collaboration and communication.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Electrical engineers may experience a high level of job satisfaction if they contribute to the creation of products and systems that enhance people’s lives.
  • Professional Achievement: Obtaining professional certifications and membership in engineering organizations can enhance the credibility and career prospects of an electrical engineer.
  • Environmental Implications: Electrical engineers develop and implement sustainable technologies, which can have a positive impact on the environment and contribute to sustainability objectives.
  • The ability to adapt: Numerous positions in the field of electrical engineering offer flexible work arrangements, such as remote work and flexible hours.


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  1. Is the USA good for electrical engineering?

    The USA is widely considered to be the best country for Masters in Electrical Engineering due to its strong infrastructure, high quality of education, and vast research opportunities.

  2. Are electrical engineers in demand in the USA?

    CareerExplorer rates electrical engineers with a D employability rating, meaning this career should provide weak employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected that the US will need 20,200 electrical engineers.

  3. How much is an electrical engineer paid in the USA?

    The average electrical engineer salary in the USA is $99,993 per year or $48.07 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $80,000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $129,927 per year.

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