Security Guard Jobs in Surrey BC

Security Guard Jobs in Surrey BC 2024 – Apply Online

Are you interested in working in Canada as a security officer for $18.50 per hour? If so, you are well-suited for this security agent position. JMS Security Ltd. is a Canada-based security corporation. Since its establishment in 2005 by Jinder Mohan Singh Aujla and Govind Saundh, the organization has expanded to become a prominent provider of security services in the area.

JMS Security provides the following security services among others:

  • Home security systems
  • Business security systems
  • Security guards
  • CCTV systems
  • Access control systems
  • Fire alarm systems

Additionally, the organization provides an assortment of security-related services, including:

  • Security consulting
  • Security training
  • Security assessments

JMS Security is dedicated to delivering the utmost level of security to its clientele. The organization utilizes cutting-edge technology and staffs itself with knowledgeable and certified security experts. Additionally, as a Canadian Security Association (CSA) member, JMS Security is accountable to the most rigorous professional and ethical standards.

JMS Security is a community-oriented local organization dedicated to providing services. Crew members of the organization are involved in the local community and consistently demonstrate a willingness to exceed expectations in their efforts to assist clients.

When seeking a dependable and credible security firm in the Southern Ontario region, JMS Security emerges as an outstanding choice. The organization provides an extensive selection of security services and is dedicated to ensuring the utmost level of security for its clientele.

Several of the company’s most prominent attributes are as follows:

  • 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Transparent pricing
  • Fast response and time-to-install
  • No-pressure sales process
  • Local support team
  • Never re-sell your contract
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Details About Security Guard Jobs in Surrey BC:

  • Location: Surrey, BC
  • Salary: $18.50 hourly / 40 hours per week
  • Terms of employment: Permanent employment, Full-time
  • Shift/Schedule: Day, Evening, Night, Weekend, Overtime, Early Morning, Morning
  • Start date: Starts as soon as possible
  • Languages: English
  • Education: Secondary (high) school graduation certificate
  • Experience: Experience an asset

Work Environment for Security Guards:

Predicate your career as a security officer in a dynamic and varied setting. Important elements comprise:

  • Diversity of Locations: The nature of security guards’ responsibilities can be influenced by the variety of locations in which they operate, including retail establishments, corporate offices, residential complexes, and event venues.
  • Adaptability to Changing Schedules: In the security industry, guards are frequently required to work day, evening, night, and weekend rounds, which operate around the clock.
  • Team Collaboration: Effective communication and cooperation are essential for security professionals as they frequently engage in collaborative efforts with law enforcement, emergency services, and other security personnel.
  • Physical Demands: Guards may be required to patrol on foot, operate security equipment, or oversee surveillance systems, depending on the nature of the assignment. Such duties necessitate physical fitness and endurance.
  • Emergency Response: Security officers must possess the necessary readiness and composure to react promptly and efficiently to unforeseen circumstances, showcasing poise and incisive judgment.

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Tips for Working as a Security Guard in Canada:

  • Professionalism: At all times, maintain a professional demeanor. A positive image is enhanced by refined appearance and effective communication.
  • Proficiency in Observation: Cultivate astute observational abilities to discern possible security hazards or atypical behaviors. Maintaining vigilance is an essential component of the position.
  • Communication: The importance of effective communication cannot be overstated. Information must be communicated plainly by security guards to clients, colleagues, and emergency services.
  • Conflict Resolution: Demonstrate proficiency in resolving conflicts. The capacity to manage conflicts in a composed and professional manner enhances the atmosphere of safety and security.
  • Maintain Knowledge: Remain current on security protocols, industry developments, and pertinent legislation. Continual education increases one’s efficacy in the workplace.

Education and Certification for Security Guards in Canada:

  • Education: The minimum academic prerequisite for security officer employment in Canada is a certificate of graduation from secondary school.
  • Certification: While experience is advantageous, province-specific certification requirements may differ. In general, security guards are required to possess a valid certificate issued by the relevant regulatory body in their province. Generally, this requires the successful completion of an accredited training program that addresses legal obligations, emergency response, and conflict resolution, among other topics. You must verify and adhere to the particular regulations of the province in which you plan to conduct business.

Benefits of Security Guard Jobs in Surrey BC:

  • Job Stability: Job stability is an essential component in numerous sectors, such as healthcare, retail, and corporate. Consequently, security monitor positions frequently offer a degree of employment stability.
  • Varied Work Environments: Security guards are frequently deployed to a variety of work environments, such as office buildings, retail malls, healthcare facilities, and events. This variety contributes to a dynamic workplace.
  • Prospects for Progress: Entry-level positions in security officers can function as an intermediary phase toward more established career trajectories. Through further education and practical experience, security professionals might be qualified to assume positions of leadership or management.
  • Flexible Work Schedules: Security positions frequently offer adaptable work arrangements, such as shift work and part-time employment. Individuals who are promoting work-life balance or engaged in other obligations may find this flexibility advantageous.
  • Community Interaction: The community that security officers are tasked with protecting may form associations with them. Engaging in this interaction may foster a sense of community participation and enhance one’s job fulfillment.
  • Training and Development: A considerable number of security companies offer professional development opportunities for their staff. This training may encompass conflict resolution, emergency response protocols, and additional proficiencies that contribute to the advancement of one’s career.
  • Competitive Pay: In Surrey, British Columbia, security officer salaries are generally competitive, with certain positions potentially providing supplementary compensation in the form of bonuses or overtime pay.
  • Contribution to Public Safety: Security officers make a vital and indispensable contribution to the preservation of public safety and the prevention of security breaches. Creating a secure environment can provide individual satisfaction.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Security professionals frequently engage in collaborative efforts with emergency services, law enforcement, and fellow security personnel. This networking may provide access to additional opportunities in the field.
  • Health and Safety Considerations: Health and safety considerations are of the utmost importance to security companies regarding their personnel. This encompasses the provision of essential safety equipment and comprehensive training for security personnel to effectively manage a wide range of emergency scenarios.
  • Possibility of Obtaining Supplementary Certifications: Certain security officer positions may provide prospects for acquiring supplementary certifications, including specialized security training or first aid. Acquiring these certifications has the potential to augment one’s skill set and career opportunities.
  • Inclusion in a Team: Security guards frequently foster a sense of camaraderie and cooperation by working as part of a group. This environment of collaboration may enhance the quality of the work experience.

How to apply:

  • By email:
  1. Are security guards in demand in Canada?

    Security guards are in high demand all through Canada, and these positions may provide you with an attractive salary and freedom to spend time with loved ones. Working as a security officer is an amazing entry-level position for anyone, not just immigrants to Canada.

  2. How many hours does a security guard work in Canada?

    Twelve hours on a Continental basis, day or night. Hours: 84 hours every two weeks, or 36 to 48 hours per week. Guard duty: one year (mandated). Considerable physical exertion and monitoring are required.

  3. What is the duty of a security guard?

    Conducts land and personnel inspections, monitors access points and surveillance devices, and ensures their safety. Performs inquiries into incidents, security infractions, and other concerning activities. Manages traffic flow through driver direction. Documents observations, information, incidents, and surveillance activities to compile reports.

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