Polo Lounge Host Jobs in California

Polo Lounge Host Jobs in California 2024 – Apply Now

As an exceptionally gifted community, we transcend being a mere aggregation of hotels. A family united by a shared commitment and enthusiasm for loving and breathing who we are every day Our organization accomplishes this against the backdrop of exceptional hotels that are rich in history, glitz, and anecdotes. These hotels make the perfect setting for our Legends, who represent our goal of being well-liked by visitors, respected by staff, and well-known all over the world.

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental tenets of the We Care philosophy at Dorchester Collection, which aims to foster an atmosphere in which every employee feels appreciated and esteemed, thereby facilitating constructive involvement. Our guiding principles of enthusiasm, individuality, deference, collaboration, and innovation demonstrate our ongoing effort to establish and cultivate a corporate environment in which inclusivity is an intrinsic quality. Please indicate on your application whether you need any special accommodations to be made during the interview.

Employment Opportunity for All (EOE): Qualified candidates will be evaluated for employment irrespective of their age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or veteran status. We are an employer committed to diversity and believe in equal opportunity.

The employer shall ensure that reasonable accommodations are provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Details of Polo Lounge Host Jobs in California:

Title:Polo Lounge Host Jobs in California
Hotel:The Beverly Hills Hotel
Division & Department:Food & Beverage – Restaurant
Contract Type:Permanent
Status:Full time
Job Location:USA
Location:9641 Sunset Blvd, 90210, Beverly Hills

Position Overview:

We are committed to your professional development and have earned a reputation for employing the most exceptional individuals in the field. As soon as you become a Polo Lounge Host, you embark on an unprecedented journey toward being recognized as an industry leader. You will acquire knowledge not only from your fellow Legends, but also from our renowned learning academy, to attain the utmost levels of expertise, service, and leadership—and write your own legend’s tale.

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What you’ll get:

As a Polo Lounge Host at The Beverly Hills Hotel, you will be entitled to the following wonderful perks:

  • Annual complimentary accommodations at each of the nine Dorchester Collection hotels, inclusive of breakfast
  • Bars and restaurants within every Dorchester Collection hotel are 50 percent off.
  • Opportunities for exceptional growth and progress (monthly lunch and learns, service excellence training, diversity equity inclusion and belonging training, etc.)
  • Annual End-of-Year Galas, Quarterly Employee Appreciation Day celebrations, and other social events are scheduled throughout the year.
  • Workday lunches or complimentary meals on duty in the guise of a prepaid contactless card
  • Gained Access Only to a Discount Platform With Tens of Thousands of Retailers

Your hourly wage as a Polo Lounge Host at The Beverly Hills Hotel will be USD 22.05.

What you’ll do:

You will be enthralled with your work and satisfy the delight of our guests.

  • An ordinary day for our hosts… It necessitates substantial amounts of energy to remain active. Even though no two days are identical, they require both consistency and ingenuity to confront daily escapades. Providing an exhaustive list of all the duties performed by our hosts and hostesses would be impractical; however, the following enumeration is critical to comprehend.
  • During their time with visitors, it is the responsibility of our hosts or hostesses to invest time in getting to know them and fostering relationships and institutional knowledge. This will entail guaranteeing that our patrons have an exceptional experience. Occasionally, our visitors have special requests; they inform the appropriate teams.
  • They anticipate the needs of our guests, cultivate relationships with them, and impart their expertise to the appropriate teams. As required, she greets, escorts, and accommodates guests. Perform reservation take-offs and confirmation phone calls. Master the online table reservation system to add, modify, delete, and confirm reservations.
  • Our accommodations are genuinely five-star establishments. This necessitates the prevention and rectification of the flaws and imperfections that tend to manifest. It is expected that our hostesses will disclose these and collaborate with multiple other positions to rectify them.
  • Effective communication is the foundation upon which our departments operate. Communication between our hosts and other departments, as well as the extended hotel staff, is necessary to maintain alignment. Respond to the phone in a manner consistent with the hotel’s requirements.

The shared products are vital. Nevertheless, to maintain uniformity, we furnish our hosts with precise details regarding our attention to their department and our establishment. To be successful in this position, one must be capable of carrying out each essential responsibility to the required standard. The subsequent stipulations exemplify the requisite knowledge, expertise, and/or capability. To facilitate the performance of essential functions by individuals with disabilities, reasonable accommodations may be implemented.

Light lifting and frequent walking for the duration of the work period. Occasional application of 10 to 20 pounds of force, and incessant application of negligible force, to grasp, manipulate, push, pull, reach, tote, carry, push, pull, grasp, or otherwise move objects such as files, binders, and papers. Frequent use of a computer mouse and keyboard (fingerprints), near and far vision, hearing, and speech. Frequent occurrences of twisting, rotating, bending, and squatting. As a seasonal property, extended work hours may be necessary during periods of high demand.

What you’ll bring:

  • Your distinct individuality and fervor will be an asset to the position and the group.
  • Our employees collectively represent our organization’s ethos, values, and vision. Our hosts embody this in everything they do.
  • The principal language of operation within our hotel is English. It must be effortless for our hosts to communicate in this language.
  • Particulars-orientedness is essential for this position.
  • We take great pride in fostering an atmosphere that forces everyone to collaborate. Our strongest advocates for this are our hosts and hostesses.
  • Our hotels operate around the clock, which necessitates that all members of the team be adaptable.

Benefits of Polo Lounge Host Jobs in California:

  • Customer Engagement: Polo Lounge hosts frequently engage in direct communication with patrons or visitors, thereby affording them the chance to hone their customer service and communication aptitudes.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Working in a lounge or hospitality establishment in California, particularly in a well-attended venue, could afford networking prospects with a wide array of individuals, including both residents and tourists.
  • Exposure to Culinary Culture: Hosts may be allowed to sample various cuisines and gain exposure to culinary experiences in a lounge affiliated with a hotel or restaurant.
  • Collaboration in Teams: Hosts generally operate in a collective capacity, encouraging cooperation and synergy. People who value a supportive work environment may find this to be advantageous.
  • Experience in the Hospitality Sector: Gaining practical experience in the hospitality industry through employment at a prestigious establishment such as the Polo Lounge can be highly beneficial and applicable to other positions within the sector.
  • Adaptable Hours: The flexibility of working hours provided by host positions may vary depending on the policies of the establishment, enabling individuals to manage work in conjunction with other obligations.
  • As a gratuity or tip: Certain employees in the hospitality industry may be eligible to receive gratuities or payments from contented patrons, which could serve as a supplementary source of income.
  • Developing and Learning: Host positions may entail ongoing education regarding reservation systems, customer service, and the general functioning of an upscale lounge, thereby fostering both personal and professional growth.
  • The recognition of a brand: Gaining experience at a renowned establishment such as the Polo Lounge can enhance one’s professional portfolio and grant visibility to a reputable entity within the hospitality sector.
  • Employee Rebates:  Certain establishments in the hospitality industry provide employee discounts on meals, services, or accommodations. This benefit can be highly advantageous for personnel employed in such settings.
  1. What are the duties of a lounge host?

    Maintain lounge cleanliness during lounge operating hours. Ensure that the lounge seating area is clean and that sofa chairs and tables are arranged as per the lounge plan. an element of the food experience.

  2. What are lounge staff?

    The incumbent also assists with food preparation for daily meals as well as ensuring the lounge is kept clean and organized. The incumbent is also responsible for handling the collection of money from customers, balancing the cash register, and submitting daily receipts for deposit.

  3. What is an example of a host job?

    Examples of host duties and responsibilities include greeting customers as they walk into the restaurant. helping guests with reservations and guiding them to their tables.

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