Long Haul Truck Driver Jobs in Surrey

Long Haul Truck Driver Jobs in Surrey 2024 – Apply Now

To convey cargo, long-haul truck drivers operate straight trucks or tractor-trailers. On urban, interurban, provincial, and international routes, long-haul truck drivers operate heavy trucks, whereas short-haul and local transport truck drivers operate on brief interurban and urban routes. They may be self-employed or employed by transportation, manufacturing, distribution, and relocation companies, as well as trucking employment service agencies.

Details About Long Haul Truck Driver Jobs in Surrey:

  • Employer: Planet Express Transport Ltd
  • Position: Long Haul Truck Driver 
  • Location: 13245 72 Ave., Surrey, BC, V3W 2N5
  • Salary: $27.00 hourly / 50 hours per week
  • Terms of employment: Permanent employment, Full time, Day, Evening, Night, Weekend, Overtime
  • Start date: Starts as soon as possible
  • vacancies: 10 vacancies
  • Languages: English
  • Education: No degree, certificate, or diploma
  • Experience: Experience an asset

Responsibilities / Tasks:

  • Demonstrating professionalism in customer service
  • Travel in convoy or as part of a two-person squad.
  • Unload and load cargo
  • Responsible for operating and driving articulated or straight trucks to transport materials and products.
  • Supervise vehicle maintenance and conduct inspections of refrigerated storage, tyres, lights, and brakes, among other equipment.
  • Implement brake modifications
  • Carry out urgent site repairs
  • Conduct pre-trip, in-transit, and post-trip inspections and supervise all vehicle components.
  • Implement preventive upkeep
  • Information reception and transmission to central dispatch
  • Fuel consumption, cargo details, hours of service, and distance traveled should be recorded.

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Certificates, licenses, memberships, and courses

  • Air Brake (Z) Endorsement
  • Driver’s License (Class 1 or A)

Documentation knowledge

  • Driver logbook
  • Inspection report (pre-trip, en-route, post-trip)

Type of trucking and equipment

  • Flatbed
  • Tractor-trailer

Communication systems experience

  • GPS (Global Positioning System) and additional navigation equipment operation

Transportation/travel experience

  • Long-haul

Security and safety

  • Precise passport
  • Check for criminal records
  • Check of driving records (abstract)
  • Drug evaluation
  • Medical examination

Transportation/travel information

  • Manual transmission vehicle operation
  • Travel expenditures covered by the employer
  • A valid driver’s permit
  • Able to engage in cross-border travel
  • Willing to engage in extended travel
  • Willing to undertake an overnight journey

Work conditions and physical capabilities

  • Extra time needed
  • Physically strenuous
  • During a sitting

Weight Handling

  • Up to 23 kg (50 lbs)

Own tools/equipment

  • Steel-toed safety boots

Personal suitability

  • Flexibility
  • Judgment
  • Organized
  • Reliability
  • Team player

About the Employer:

Planet Express Transport Ltd., a Canadian company, was established in Surrey, British Columbia. We offer a variety of cargo transportation services, including Bulk Cargo Transport, Less Truck Load (LTL), Heavy Lift Cargo logistics, Full Truck Load, Cold (Refer) Logistics and Bonded Warehouse. Our commitment to ensuring security will be based solely on organization-specific critical analytics and continuous monitoring. Our dedicated team will establish those business benchmarks for client satisfaction by utilizing its expertise and professionalism in the transportation industry.

Address: 13245 72 Ave Unit #202, Surrey, British Columbia, V3W 2N5, Canada

How to apply:

By email: planetexpresst@yahoo.ca

How-to-apply instructions:

The following information is required on your application:

  • Cover letter

Job duties of Long Haul Truck Driver Jobs in Surrey:

  • Transport materials and products over long distances utilizing tractor-trailers, long-combination vehicles, and straight-body trucks carrying over 4500 kg.
  • Organise journey logistics and acquire documentation necessary to transport products
  • Conduct inspections of vehicle systems, equipment, and accessories before, during, and after the journey, including tyres, lights, turning signals, brakes, and refrigerated storage.
  • Ensure cargo is adequately secured by safety regulations and transport hazardous materials by established procedures.
  • Obtain the necessary permits and documentation to transport cargo via international routes.
  • Fuel consumption, cargo details, hours of service, and distance traveled should be recorded.
  • Supervise bills of lading and maintain log files manually or electronically.
  • Utilizing onboard computers and communication devices, interact with the dispatcher, fellow couriers, and clients.
  • Potential to conduct urgent roadside maintenance
  • Ability to operate a vehicle in a convoy or two-person team
  • Capable of transporting perilous or hazardous materials.

Requirements for Long Haul Truck Driver in Canada:

This is generally required to begin employment as a long-haul truck driver in Canada.

  • Generally, graduation from secondary education is mandatory.
  • Provision of on-the-job training is made.
  • A mandatory prerequisite may be the successful completion of a driver education program accredited by a vocational school or community college, with a maximum duration of three months.
  • Class 3 or D driver’s licenses are mandatory for operating straight-body vehicles.
  • Long combination vehicles necessitate a Class 1 or A driver’s license.
  • The air brake endorsement (Z) is a mandatory requirement for operators of vehicles that are fitted with air brakes.

Benefits of Long Haul Truck Driver Jobs in Surrey:

  • Competitive Pay: Long-haul truck drivers frequently receive competitive compensation, which may consist of mileage pay, hourly wages, and bonuses for meeting delivery deadlines or driving securely. In Surrey, where transportation services may be in high demand, compensation can be especially attractive.
  • Job Stability: The consistent demand for the transportation of products ensures the employment stability and security of long-haul truck drivers. The necessity for truck drivers to transport products over extended distances will ensure their continued demand.
  • Flexibility: Although long-haul truck driving may necessitate prolonged absences from one’s residence, it also provides the advantage of scheduling flexibility. Drivers might be allowed to select itineraries and routes by their individuality and way of life.
  • Travel Opportunities: Contingent on the requirements of the position, long-haul truck driving affords the chance to travel extensively throughout various states, regions, or even countries. This may appeal to those who have a passion for traveling and discovering novel environments.
  • Independence: Long-haul vehicle drivers frequently operate autonomously, requiring minimal oversight while on the road. Individuals who prefer working independently and making independent decisions may find this degree of autonomy to be attractive.
  • Benefits Package: Numerous trucking companies provide their long-haul drivers with benefits packages comprising, among other perks, health insurance, retirement programs, and paid time off. These benefits contribute to employment satisfaction and augment the total compensation package.
  • Prospects for Progression: Operating a long-haul vehicle can function as a precursor to additional professional endeavors in the transportation sector. There is a possibility that drivers could progress to positions like fleet manager, dispatcher, or even establish their haulage enterprise.
  • Prominent Competencies: Owing to the specialized training and abilities required for truck driving, long-haul truck drivers are highly sought after within the transportation sector. Those who possess a commercial driving license (CDL) and have substantial experience in long-haul transportation are frequently sought after.
  • Minimal Educational Requirements: The minimum educational prerequisites for long-haul truck driving are a high school diploma or its equivalent and successful completion of a CDL training program. This feature renders it readily obtainable for individuals lacking a college degree or a substantial formal education.
  • Contribution to the Economy: Long-haul truck drivers transport goods and ensure the efficient movement of goods between manufacturers, suppliers, and consumers, thereby making a significant contribution to the economy. For chauffeurs, being a part of this vital industry can be personally rewarding.

Latest Long Haul Truck Driver Jobs in Canada:

LocationAvailable jobsLinks
British Columbia681Apply
New Brunswick75Apply
Newfoundland and Labrador31Apply
Northwest Territories3Apply
Nova Scotia64Apply
Prince Edward Island16Apply

  1. How much do long-haul truck drivers make in BC?

    In British Columbia, a Long Haul Truck Driver makes an average of $63,684 per year. To calculate a basic salary, this amounts to nearly $30.62 per hour.

  2. What do you need to be a truck driver in BC?

    Class 1 licenses require drivers to be at least 19 years old, while Class 3 licenses require drivers to be at least 18 years old. In addition, all drivers are required to meet medical requirements before obtaining a license. Physical and medical conditions, including vision and hearing, are evaluated at the time of licensing.

  3. Is trucking in Canada easy?

    Although truck driving jobs in Canada require specific credentials, the job search grows considerably easier once one obtains a driver’s license. Truck drivers are vital to our trade and will therefore constantly be required.

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