LMIA-Approved Healthcare Aide Jobs in Vancouver BC

LMIA-Approved Healthcare Aide Jobs in Vancouver BC – 2024

Do you possess a strong sense of compassion and a fervent desire to positively impact the lives of patients? The Vancouver, British Columbia-based Brandiz Hotel is seeking Patient Service Associates and Nurse Aides to assist our medical staff in delivering exceptional care to our guests.

In the capacity of a Nurse Aide or Patient Service Associate, your efforts will be instrumental in safeguarding the welfare and convenience of our patients.

Details About LMIA-Approved Healthcare Aide Jobs in Vancouver BC:

  • Job Title (Position): Health Care Aide
  • Employer: Brandiz Hotel
  • Location: 122 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1N4, Canada
  • Salary: $24.00 hourly, 30 to 40 hours per week
  • Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full-time
  • Start Date: As soon as possible
  • LMIA Approved: Yes


Do you embody qualities of compassion, devotion, and a genuine interest in providing care for others? The Health Care Aide position is available at the Brandiz Hotel to assist in the delivery of superior care and support to our esteemed visitors. Your role as a Health Care Aide at Brandiz Hotel will be of the utmost importance in safeguarding the comfort and welfare of our esteemed visitors.

  • Languages: English
  • Education: Secondary (high) school graduation certificate
  • Experience: 1 year to less than 2 years

work environment for a healthcare Aide Jobs:

Healthcare assistants may be employed in patients’ residences, clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities, or group homes. The particular work environment will differ contingent upon the employer and the nature of the patients under their care.

Generally, healthcare assistants are employed in demanding and fast-paced environments. They might be obligated to perform tasks that involve prolonged standing or walking, lifting substantial objects, and interacting closely with patients who are disabled, unwell, or injured. Additionally, healthcare attendants may be required to work non-standard schedules, which may encompass nights, weekends, and holidays.

Although there are obstacles to overcome, the position of health care attendant can be extremely rewarding. Healthcare attendants fulfill a critical function by delivering assistance and care to patients and their families. They possess the capacity to significantly impact the lives of those for whom they have compassion.

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Tips for working as a Health care aide in Canada:

The following are some guidelines for healthcare aides operating in Canada:

  • Be empathetic and compassionate: Healthcare assistants must possess the capacity to comprehend and address the requirements of their patients, notwithstanding their physical discomfort or distress.
  • Be expeditious and organized: As healthcare assistants are frequently required to perform multiple duties concurrently, the ability to organize and prioritize one’s workload is crucial.
  • Maintain good physical fitness: It may be necessary for health care aides to frequently bend and reach, lift large objects, or stand or walk for extended periods.
  • Possess both independent and teamwork abilities: In addition to the ability to operate independently, healthcare assistants must frequently be capable of collaborating efficiently with other healthcare team members.
  • Possess effective communication skills: Healthcare attendants must have the ability to convey information to patients, their families, and other members of the healthcare team clearly and concisely.

Skills and knowledge needed as a Health care aide Jobs in Canada:

A variety of abilities and knowledge are required of healthcare assistants, including:

  • Fundamental nursing competencies, including patient cleansing, dressing, and feeding
  • Wound care competencies
  • Abilities in medication administration
  • Ability to monitor vital signs
  • Abilities in interpersonal and communication
  • Teamwork competencies
  • Effective problem-solving abilities
  • Cultural awareness

education and certification required to become a Health care aide in Canada:

The minimum requirements to become a health care assistant in Canada are generally as follows:

  • Equivalent to or consisting of a high school diploma (secondary school graduation certificate).
  • Successful completion of an accredited health care assistant program or an equivalent medical education.
  • Registration or certification with the appropriate territorial or provincial regulatory body. Province-specific certification requirements may exist.

It is crucial to verify the particular prerequisites in your province, as they may vary marginally.

Province by province, the specific educational and certification requirements for health care assistants differ. However, healthcare attendants are required to complete a formal training program in the majority of provinces. Typically lasting between six and twelve months, these programs cover a wide range of subjects, including wound care, medication administration, vital sign monitoring, and fundamental nursing skills.

After completing a formal training program, you will be required to submit an application to your provincial health regulatory body for certification. Generally, certification eligibility requires successful completion of both a written and practical examination.

What qualities are important for a healthcare aide in Canada?

A variety of qualities are required of health care assistants, including:

  • Empathy and compassion
  • Patience and comprehension
  • Physical endurance and fitness
  • Professionalism and interpersonal aptitude
  • Teamwork competencies
  • Effective problem-solving abilities
  • Cultural awareness

Additionally, healthcare aides must have the capacity to operate both autonomously and collaboratively, while also adhering attentively to instructions.

Before pursuing a profession as a health care attendant in Canada, it is critical to ensure that you possess the requisite qualifications, expertise, and attributes. Additionally, you should investigate the certification requirements in your province.

Benefits of LMIA-Approved Healthcare Aide Jobs in Vancouver BC:

  • Satisfying Work: Engaging in this occupation affords one a sense of satisfaction and intention by positively influencing the lives of people in need of care and support as a result of illness, injury, or advancing age.
  • Skill Enhancement: These positions provide the opportunity to cultivate an extensive array of competencies, such as communication, empathy, perseverance, and medical expertise, all of which are advantageous in diverse healthcare-oriented professions.
  • Direct Care for Patients: Healthcare aids provide direct assistance to patients with their daily activities, including bathing, grooming, and mobility. Their support is crucial to enhancing the quality of life for patients.
  • Adaptability: A variety of healthcare aid positions provide adaptable work arrangements, such as shift work, part-time, and full-time employment, to accommodate individuals with diverse lifestyle requirements.
  • Demand and Stability in the Workplace: As a result of the ongoing demand for healthcare services and the aging population, healthcare attendant positions frequently provide job security and a multitude of prospects.
  • One’s personal development: Engaging in close collaboration with patients or inhabitants who are confronted with health challenges can foster individual development, empathy, and a more profound comprehension of healthcare practices and requirements.
  • Professional Development: By acquiring additional knowledge, credentials, and practical knowledge, healthcare attendants have the potential to advance to positions entailing greater accountability, such as nursing assistants or specialized healthcare roles.
  • Diverse Workplace Environments: The versatility of healthcare attendant positions—hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home healthcare environments—offers the chance to gain experience in various facets of the healthcare industry.

Additional Information:

Personal Suitability:

  • Efficient interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility
  • Initiative
  • Reliability
  • Team player

Who Can Apply to This Job?

The employer is receptive to applications submitted by:

  • Permanent or transient residents and citizens of Canada.
  • Additional applicants, both with and without a legitimate work permit from Canada.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their applications via email. Kindly address the enclosed resume and cover letter to:

Email: mariowestvan@safemails.ca

Please include a concise summary of your pertinent experience and a rationale for your interest in the Health Care Aide position at Brandiz Hotel in your cover letter. Even though we appreciate the interest of all applicants in the Brandiz Hotel, only those who are invited for an interview will be notified.

We encourage applications from all communities and origins, as the Brandiz Hotel is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all qualified candidates. A new member will be enthusiastically welcomed into our devoted team.

  1. Is health care aid in demand in Canada?

    As the general population of Canada ages, there is a high demand for healthcare assistants. It has been a long time coming that Canada’s population is aging. Baby boomers (individuals born between 1946 and 1965) have recently reached the age of retirement, as stated by Statistics Canada.

  2. How do I become a healthcare aide in Canada?

    Although certain healthcare employers might consider applications from students with education below Grade 12, the majority of positions prefer individuals with a high school diploma and prior graduation from a Health Care Assistant program. Additionally to a criminal record check, the majority of employers demand a tuberculosis screening.

  3. How long is the healthcare aide course in Canada?

    Students who study online via in-person laboratories, in the evening, or Wetaskiwin finish the course of study in roughly 12 months or three semesters. To graduate, nine classes and the Provincial Comprehensive Exam must be completed. Success on the Provincial Comprehensive Exam must be achieved within sixty days of the completion of HLTH 2551.

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