LMIA Approved Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada

LMIA Approved Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

In Surrey, British Columbia, Sullivan Medical Clinic is in search of a motivated and competent Bookkeeper to join our staff. In the capacity of Bookkeeper, your contribution will be of the utmost importance in preserving the clinic’s financial soundness via scrupulous documentation and strict adherence to established accountancy protocols.

Details About LMIA Approved Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada:

  • Job Position: Bookkeeper
  • Employer: Sullivan Medical Clinic
  • Location: Surrey, BC
  • Salary: $27.50 hourly
  • Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full-time
  • Shift: Day, Evening, Early Morning, Morning
  • Start Date: As soon as possible
  • LMIA Approved: Yes
  • Organization URL: http://www.sullivanmedicalclinic.com/
  • Postal Address: 15325 56 Ave #108, Surrey, BC, V3S 0X9, Canada
  • Education Required: High School
  • Experience Required: 5 Months


  • Languages: English
  • Education: Secondary (High) School Graduation Certificate
  • Experience: 1 to less than 7 months


  • Compute and prepare payroll checks.
  • Assess depreciation and fixed assets
  • Compile exhaustive financial records and perform account reconciliations utilizing both manual and computerized bookkeeping systems.
  • Effectively oversee general ledgers and compile financial statements
  • Journal entry posting
  • Produce financial, accounting, and statistical reports
  • Perform a trial balance of the accounts.

Benefits of LMIA Approved Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada:

  • Work Authorization: LMIA approval authorizes employers to recruit foreign nationals for particular positions in the absence of Canadian permanent residents or citizens. This grants foreign laborers the lawful right to be employed in Canada.
  • Stability and Security: LMIA-approved positions typically signify an authentic demand for foreign workers as a result of labor scarcities; therefore, personnel can anticipate job security and consistent employment prospects.
  • Career Advancement: Bookkeeping is a highly sought-after occupation that spans numerous sectors in Canada. A career in bookkeeping can progress to a controllership, financial analyst, or accounting manager, contingent upon the acquisition of supplementary credentials and the accumulation of experience.
  • Competitive Compensation: Bookkeepers in Canada are remunerated competitively, with numerous supplementary perks including paid time off, health insurance, and retirement schemes. LMIA-approved positions generally conform to established wage benchmarks, thereby guaranteeing equitable remuneration.
  • Professional Development and Skill Development: Engaging in the bookkeeping profession in Canada presents prospects for the augmentation of one’s skill set. Organizations may provide training initiatives or assistance to staff members in their pursuit of pertinent certifications, including Certified Bookkeeper (CB) or Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB).
  • Work-Life Balance: A considerable number of bookkeeping positions in Canada provide employees with the ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance through the provision of regular working hours and flexible scheduling options.
  • Inclusion in Canadian Workforce: The integration of foreign laborers into the Canadian workforce through employment in an LMIA-approved position promotes diversity, inclusion, and cultural exchange.
  • Opportunities for Networking: Engaging in bookkeeping work in Canada presents prospects for establishing professional connections with colleagues, clients, and industry associations who are also experts in the accounting and finance sectors. Establishing a professional network can facilitate collaborations and future career opportunities.
  • Quality of Life: Canada provides an exceptional standard of living by granting individuals access to first-rate healthcare, education, social services, and recreational opportunities. Bookkeepers in Canada are afforded a secure and hospitable environment that promotes a comfortable way of life.
  • Prospects for Permanent Residency: Acquiring Canadian work experience while employed in LMIA-approved positions can augment the eligibility of foreign workers for permanent residency via Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) or the Express Entry system, thereby establishing a trajectory towards enduring settlement in Canada.

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Who Can Apply: 

Kindly submit your application solely if you satisfy the following requirements:

  • Permanent resident, Canadian citizen, or temporary resident status accompanied by a valid Canadian work permit
  • Please do not submit if you lack the proper authorization to work in Canada; after this, the employer will not consider your application.

How to Apply:

Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications via email to pharmacy.hiring@gmail.com. Kindly ensure that your resume and a concise cover letter highlighting your qualifications and pertinent experience are enclosed.

Enroll at Sullivan Medical Clinic and make a valuable contribution to the expanding healthcare facility’s financial achievements. We eagerly anticipate the addition of a conscientious and meticulous Bookkeeper to our staff. Submit your application today!

About the Employer:

Sullivan Medical Clinic, situated in the center of Surrey, British Columbia, provides everything you need to know for compassionate and thorough medical care. We are a full-service medical clinic committed to providing community members and their families with walk-in, general, and family practice care.

Our Promise to You:

  • Superior Quality of Care: Our healthcare team, comprised of devoted and highly experienced professionals, is fully committed to delivering the utmost care to you. We provide individualized attention to address your concerns and inquiries, while diligently crafting a treatment strategy that is tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Seamless Experience: We ensure a seamless experience for all our clients, starting from the moment they schedule their appointment until they depart our clinic. We prioritize their comfort and well-being. We are committed to ensuring that your experience is both efficient and devoid of tension.
  • Focus on You: Our primary objective is to establish and maintain solid relationships with our patients. We recognize the private nature of your health and ensure that you are accorded the utmost privacy and regard.

What We Offer:

  • Walk-in appointments: Appointments for walk-ins eliminate the need to wait for a scheduled visit. For essential care requirements, walk-in appointments are available.
  • General practice: We offer an extensive array of general medical services, including physical examinations, immunizations, preventative care, and chronic condition management.
  • Family practice: We provide care for patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly, in our family practice. Our organization provides geriatric care, women’s health services, and pediatric care.

Additional Information:


Accounting professionals fulfill a vital function in upholding the integrity and precision of financial information within institutions.

Accounting technicians and bookkeepers are highly qualified professionals who are entrusted with the critical tasks of overseeing extensive collections of books, guaranteeing precise documentation, and delivering indispensable bookkeeping provisions.

Their professional knowledge and skills are diverse, covering both public and private sectors. Furthermore, they have the opportunity to pursue self-employment.


  • Proficiently oversee and harmonize diverse accounts while upholding precise financial documentation through the utilization of both manual and computerized accountancy systems.
  • Supervise general ledgers, generate trial balance reports, reconcile accounts, and enter journal entries to guarantee the precision of financial statements.
  • Assist in the preparation and computation of checks for payroll, utilities, taxes, and other financial obligations.
  • Ensuring compliance with governmental regulations is contingent upon the successful completion and submission of vital documentation, including forms for workers’ compensation contributions, tax remittances, and pension contributions.
  • Engage in the responsibility of tax return preparation while delivering personalized accountancy services to clients.
  • Generation of a diverse range of financial, statistical, and accounting reports to support decision-making.

Job Titles:

  1. Accounting Bookkeeper
  2. Accounting Technician
  3. Bookkeeper
  4. Finance Technician

These designations succinctly represent the various responsibilities that these experts perform, demonstrating their comprehensive abilities and knowledge in upholding fiscal integrity and making valuable contributions to the organizations they are affiliated with.

Consider yourself to have a magical touch with numbers. Are you efficient, organized, and motivated to learn? If you responded affirmatively and with a beaming smile that illuminates the room, we are eager to receive your response.

It’s not just a profession; this is an opportunity to be a part of something extraordinary. After your application, commence a rewarding professional trajectory that impacts the lives of others. We eagerly anticipate our meeting with you.

  1. Is bookkeeper in demand in Canada?

    For the period 2023-2025, the employment outlook for accounting technicians and bookkeepers (NOC 12200) in Ontario is highly positive. Several factors played a role in forming this outlook: Increasing employment is going to create numerous new positions. Several job vacancies are expected as a result of retirements.

  2. What exactly does a bookkeeper do?

    The role of a bookkeeper involves the documentation and upkeep of the financial activities of an organization, including but not limited to payments, decisions, expenses, sales revenue, and invoices. The financial data will be recorded in general ledgers, which act as the documentation system for the income statement and balance sheet.

  3. Is bookkeeper a good career in Canada?

    Highly favorable prospects exist for bookkeepers who also provide advice and analysis services. While software can carry out fundamental tasks such as entering data, there is still a demand for coated bookkeepers who can offer comprehensive explanations of the data.

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