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Laundry Aide Jobs in USA 2024 – Apply Online

A Laundry Aide is an individual employed in professional environments, such as healthcare facilities, hotels, nursing homes, and other establishments with laundry requirements, who is tasked with carrying out a variety of duties associated with laundry services. The principal responsibility of a Laundry Aide is to guarantee the sanitation, hygiene, and appropriate upkeep of garments, linens, and additional textiles.

Details About Laundry Aide Jobs in USA:

  • Organization: Rhode Island Hospital
  • Position: Laundry Aide
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: 593 Eddy Street, Providence, RI 02903
  • Experience: Required is a minimum of one year of experience in tailoring (sewing room only).
  • Supervisory Responsibility: None

Benefits of Laundry Aide Jobs in USA:

  • Stable Employment: Laundry assistant positions frequently offer consistent and stable employment, which significantly contributes to an individual’s financial security.
  • Entry-Level Opportunities: A considerable number of laundry assistant positions are designed to be entry-level, catering to individuals who may have limited work experience or are embarking on their professional careers.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Certain positions of laundry assistants may provide employees with flexible work schedules, enabling them to effectively manage their professional and domestic obligations.
  • Health and Safety Measures: It is customary for employers in the United States to comply with health and safety regulations, thereby ensuring that laundry aides operate in a secure environment. This includes receiving the appropriate training to safely operate laundry equipment and handle chemicals.
  • Employee Benefits: Laundry aides might qualify for employee benefits including dental coverage, health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans, contingent upon the employer.
  • Career Development: Laundry aides may be eligible for advancement opportunities within the organization or may utilize the experience they receive to investigate alternative positions in the service, hospitality, or healthcare sectors.
  • Team Collaboration: Laundry aides frequently operate in a collaborative work environment as members of a team. This may foster a sense of shared responsibility and camaraderie.
  • Contribution to Hygiene: Laundry aides make a vital contribution to the preservation of sanitation and hygiene protocols across diverse environments, thereby enhancing the general welfare of inhabitants, patients, or visitors.
  • Transferable Skills: Proficiency in laundry processes, attention to detail, and effective time management are all skills that can be utilized in alternative industries and positions beyond that of a laundry assistant.
  • Job Satisfaction: Laundry aides may experience personal fulfillment in their work if they derive satisfaction from ensuring the cleanliness and organization of the environment while providing essential services.
  • Community Impact: The community is impacted by the indirect contribution of laundry aides in healthcare settings, who ensure the cleanliness and sanitization of textiles and linens.

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Responsibilities of Laundry Aide Jobs in USA:

  • Constructs racks using pristine linen.
  • Utilizing linen carriers provides area clinics with clean linen.
  • Takes linen orders via telephone and on-units from personnel.
  • Using linen containers collect soiled linen from various hospital clinics.

Linen Sorting:

  • By utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE), linen is sorted into similar categories in preparation for its eventual laundering.

Linen Folding:

  • After visually inspecting each piece of clean linen for flaws, it is folded and arranged in the appropriate containers before delivery.
  • Detaches forgotten to rewash linens. Folds and arranges items in delivery exchange carts.
  • Folds and loads pediatric patient linens onto exchange trolleys before transport.
  • Utilizing automatic folding equipment, folds tissue paper, patient gowns, towels, and underpads.

Surgical Linen:

  • Performs a thorough examination of each item of sorted linen for stains, tears, and other damage.
  • Small gaps are patched using a patching machine. Directs others to the stitching room for repairs or, if the item is irreparable, rejects it.
  • Ensures the precision folding of every linen item and restocks shelves.
  • Compiles a variety of kits and surgical packs, ensuring that each kit or pack contains an exact quantity of surgical linen.
  • Takes linen orders via telephone and on-units from personnel.

Linen Assembly:

  • Receiving transactions over the phone.
  • Assembles trade linen-filled wagons for units that require a particular quantity and variety of linen.
  • Conducts calculations for linen return and reassembly to ensure that user area trolleys are prepared precisely for the subsequent delivery.
  • Garments and fitted sheets were transported to user locations in bags.


  • Operates a mechanical spreader that receives linen to prepare sheets for the ironer.
  • Maintains a four-person team and alternates duties at the ironer.
  • Alternates the function of the ironer’s keypad to facilitate the processing of bath blankets, pillowcases, and cubicles.
  • Positioned at the cross-folding machine, where one observes items being folded as they exit the ironer. Performs item counts and cart assembly with precise par.
  • Examines objects visually while feeding and folding. Distinguishes items that are damaged, shredded, or stained.


  • Performs alterations and restorations on items including slings, collars, specialty sheets, and drapes.
  • Makes adjustments to uniforms to ensure correct fit.

Uniform Room:

  • Assures that hospital staff uniforms are of the appropriate size and fit.
  • As required, prepare name tapes or other identification markers.
  • Maintains records of employee-issued uniforms.
  • Transmits laboratory uniforms and coats to the steam tunnel equipment.
  • Maintains a count by piece and type of linen items being dragged from the system and sorts them.
  • Pins sleeves, hems, and other components in advance of alterations.

Other information:

  • Capability to ensure accurate counting and folding of parts by specific instructions.
  • A functional knowledge of fabrics and garments is required in the sewing area.
  • Capability to write and read in English.
  • Capabilities in both clerical and numeric skills to maintain simple records, count inventory, and receive telephone orders for linens.

Work Environment And Physical Requirements:

  • Capacity to physically raise bundles, push/pull linen racks and bins containing soiled linen, and lift loads of wet or dry linen.
  • The physical capacity to examine materials visually.
  • Capacity to manually operate folding and sewing devices.
  • Physical capability to use brooms and similar implements to maintain a safe and sanitary work environment.
  • Heat and exposure to foul aromas emanating from solid linen lint.
  • While walking or standing, lift large or light loads. bending while pulling and carrying.
  • Noise from the machines and exposure to extremely hot and chilly temperatures in the work area.
  • To reach uniforms and assemble linen wagons, workers scale safety ladders.
  • Pulling (both light and large), bending, carrying, and pushing while walking.
  • Possibility of sustaining burns or other injuries when operating machinery and apparatus.
  • The likelihood of suffering an injury is reduced when current safety precautions are observed.

Lifespan is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity employer. Employment consideration will be extended to all eligible candidates, irrespective of their national origin, race, color, religion, sex, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ancestry, genetics, gender identity or expression, disability, protected veteran status, or marital status. Lifespan is a federal contractor of the VEVRAA.

More Info

  1. What do laundry aides do?

    Assists with laundry duties. Performs in the washing of contaminated linens and brings clean linens to linen cabinets and resident rooms after sorting, washing, drying, and folding them. Handles laundry room duties, including sorting and cleaning dirty clothing containers.

  2. Is laundry a difficult job?

    To satisfy the demand for clean towels and linens, laundry staff must operate with rapidity and effectiveness. Some individuals might find this to be difficult, especially if they aren’t used to operating in a fast-paced environment.

  3. Who is a laundry worker?

    Laundry staff utilize washing machines and tumble dryers to dry and sanitize uniforms, bed linens, and clothing.

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