Latest Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada

Latest Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

At this time, we are in search of a diligent and proficient bookkeeper to become a member of our team in Canada. This is an opportunity to contribute to the financial health and success of our organization while working in a constructive and encouraging environment. You will assume a pivotal responsibility at Prime Green House Ltd. as a Bookkeeper, overseeing our routine financial transactions and verifying the precision of our financial documentation. The individual will assume the duty of upholding financial records, performing account reconciliations, and generating financial reports.

Details About Latest Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada:

  • Organization: Prime Green House Ltd
  • Location: SW- 04-45-15-W 2nd Melfort, SK S0E 1A0
  • Salary: CAD 26.00 hourly / 32 hours per week
  • Terms of employment: Permanent employment, Full-time
  • Start date: Starts as soon as possible


  • Languages: English
  • Education: Secondary (high) school graduation certificate
  • Experience: 1 year to less than 2 years

Responsibilities of Latest Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada:

  • Compute and prepare payroll checks.
  • Establish, maintain, and balance various accounts while maintaining financial records using manual and computerized bookkeeping systems.
  • Maintain financial statements and general ledgers
  • Compile additional financial, statistical, and accounting reports
  • Compile tax statements
  • Perform a trial balance of the accounts.
  • Balance of accounts

Experience and specialization:

Computer and technology knowledge

  • MS Excel
  • Quick Books

Additional information:

Work conditions and physical capabilities

  • Attention to detail
  • Fast-paced environment
  • Tight deadlines

Personal suitability

  • Accurate
  • Dependability
  • Efficient interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility
  • Judgment
  • Organized
  • Reliability

How to apply:

By email:

About the Company (Prime Green House Ltd):

In Melfort, Saskatchewan, Prime Green House Ltd. operates as a greenhouse cultivator and distributor of fresh produce. The organization was established in 1985 and presently manages a combined growing area of 10 acres across two greenhouses. Prime Green House cultivates an extensive range of produce, such as peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs. Throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba, grocery stores, restaurants, and other food retailers carry the organization’s products.

Prime Green House is committed to sustainable agriculture and reduces its environmental impact through a variety of methods. The organization irrigates its crops with rainfall collected on-site and employs energy-efficient lighting and heating systems. Additionally, it is accredited by the Canadian Greenhouse Certification Council and is a member of the Saskatchewan Greenhouse Growers Association.

Alongside its operations in cultivating and disseminating fresh produce, Prime Green House provides the community with an extensive array of educational initiatives. In addition to corporate tours, the organization provides workshops encompassing subjects such as healthy eating and gardening.

The following positions are currently available at Prime Green House Ltd:

  • Farm Supervisor
  • Greenhouse Labourer
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Sales Representative
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerk
  • Grower
  • Plant Technician

For further inquiries regarding employment opportunities at Prime Green House Ltd., please consult the organization’s website or reach out to the human resources department.

The following attributes contribute to Prime Green House Ltd.’s excellence as an employer:

  • Competitive benefits and compensation
  • Potential for progression
  • A supportive and cooperative workplace environment
  • Dedication to sustainability
  • Programs of education for employees

Beginning your search for a fulfilling professional trajectory in the agriculture sector with Prime Green House Ltd. is an excellent decision.

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About the Position: Bookkeeper

Average salary: $40,810 per year or $20 per hour

Education and training:

Generally, a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent is mandatory, in addition to practical experience in accountancy. Additionally, candidates holding a diploma or certificate in bookkeeping or accounting may be favored by some employers.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Documentation of financial transactions, including payments, receipts, and invoices.
  • Compile financial statements, including income and balance reports.
  • Accounts receivable and payable must be maintained.
  • The process of reconciling bank statements.
  • Compile the payroll.
  • Prepare tax filings.

Skills and qualities:

  • Solid mathematical and analytic abilities
  • Attention to accuracy and detail
  • Capacity for both autonomous and collaborative work
  • Microsoft Excel and additional accountancy software expertise
  • Capacity to adhere to deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service abilities

Over the next decade, employment for bookkeepers in Canada is projected to increase by 8%, which is roughly the same rate as the average for all occupations. The expansion can be attributed to the rising need for accountancy services among organizations of varying scales.

Begin your pursuit of a profession as a bookkeeper by amassing relevant work experience in the fields of accounting or bookkeeping. Additionally, courses in accountancy and accounting are available. After acquiring the required knowledge and expertise, you may begin the application process for bookkeeper positions.

Latest Bookkeeper jobs in Canada (some with visa sponsorship):

1. Alberta

  • Available Jobs: 1102
  • Significant numbers of bookkeeper positions are available in Alberta. Interested in making a valuable contribution to the financial sector in Alberta? Review the available opportunities listed below.

More Info

2. British Columbia

  • Available Jobs: 1050
  • British Columbia offers bookkeepers a prosperous environment. Investigate the available positions and join the province’s thriving financial sector.

More Info

3. Manitoba

  • Available Jobs: 125
  • Although the number of accountancy positions in Manitoba is comparatively lower than that of other provinces, every opportunity holds significance. Explore the opportunities and contemplate becoming a member of the Manitoba financial community.

More Info

4. New Brunswick

  • Available Jobs: 41
  • Those desiring to contribute to the province’s financial stability may apply for a variety of bookkeeping positions in New Brunswick. Investigate these positions and leave your mark.

More Info

5. Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Available Jobs: 8
  • Although opportunities may be scarce in Newfoundland and Labrador, your proficiency as a bookkeeper could significantly contribute to the local community. Observe the following positions.

More Info

6. Nova Scotia

  • Available Jobs: 45
  • Nova Scotia offers a diverse range of accountancy positions spanning multiple industries. Explore these openings if you are interested in contributing to the financial administration of local businesses.

More Info

7. Ontario

  • Available Jobs: 1163
  • As a significant economic center, Ontario provides an abundance of bookkeeper employment opportunities. Enter the provincial financial workforce by researching and applying for the following positions.

More Info

8. Prince Edward Island

  • Available Jobs: 4
  • Although the number of positions in Prince Edward Island is relatively small, your potential contribution to the role of bookkeeper could be of great worth. Investigate these opportunities to assist the province in maintaining its financial stability.

More Info

9. Québec

  • Available Jobs: 141
  • The diverse economy of Québec offers a multitude of opportunities for individuals to work as bookkeepers. If you are interested in utilizing your financial acumen in Québec, take into account the following prospects.

More Info

10. Saskatchewan

  • Available Jobs: 99
  • A variety of bookkeeping positions are available in Saskatchewan, all of which contribute to the financial administration of Saskatchewan’s businesses. Investigate these opportunities to enter the financial industry.

More Info

11. Yukon

  • Available Jobs: 5
  • Although opportunities are scarce in Yukon, your position as a bookkeeper has the potential to significantly influence the situation. Consider applying for these positions to make a financial contribution to the territory.

More Info

Whether you are a novice in the financial industry or a seasoned bookkeeper, these opportunities in various Canadian provinces provide you with the chance to utilize your skills and knowledge. Utilize the links supplied to submit applications for positions that correspond with your professional ambitions and objectives.

Understanding the Role: What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

A bookkeeper serves as the organization’s financial lifeblood. This position is responsible for the organization, maintenance, and recording of financial transactions, ensuring their accuracy and compliance with applicable regulations. Bookkeepers are indispensable to the fiscal engine of all sizes of organizations, from small enterprises to multinational conglomerates.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Invoices, receipts, and payments are among the financial transactions that are recorded and classified.
  • The responsibility of reconciling bank statements and verifying account accuracy.
  • The process of generating financial statements, such as income and balance sheets.
  • Payroll administration and related taxation.
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable monitoring.
  • Providing financial forecasting and budgeting assistance.
  • Ensuring adherence to financial standards and regulations.

Skills Required:

  • Detail-Oriented: Bookkeepers are entrusted with complex financial information, which necessitates an acute sense of accuracy and precision.
  • Proficient Organizational Skills: Effective management of diverse financial documents and transactions requires exceptional organizational capabilities.
  • Numerical Proficiency: A comprehensive understanding of numbers and arithmetic is essential for this position.
  • Proficiency in Software: Frequently, an understanding of accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Sage, is mandatory.
  • Analytical Thinking: Utilizing analytical reasoning, bookkeepers might be required to examine financial data to detect patterns, inconsistencies, or opportunities for enhancement.
  • Communication Skills: When working with clients, external partners, and colleagues, effective communication is vital.

Benefits of Latest Bookkeeper Jobs in Canada:

  • Competitive Salary: A competitive salary is frequently offered to bookkeepers in Canada, commensurate with their expertise, experience, and the responsibilities of the position. The salary range may fluctuate based on variables including location, industry, and organization size.
  • Ensuring Job Security and Stability: Bookkeeping serves as a critical operation for organizations spanning diverse sectors and scales. Therefore, bookkeeper positions generally provide job stability and security, as qualified professionals are consistently in demand.
  • Flexibility: Numerous accountancy positions provide some degree of flexibility in work schedules and arrangements. This may encompass alternatives such as remote work arrangements, flexible schedules, or part-time employment, which enable bookkeepers to effectively manage their personal and professional obligations.
  • Variety of Industries: Bookkeepers are allowed to establish and maintain operations in numerous sectors, such as manufacturing, finance, healthcare, retail, and healthcare, among others. This diversity enables bookkeepers to expand their skill sets and acquire experience in a variety of industries.
  • Potential for Progression: Bookkeepers can enhance their professional trajectories by gaining supplementary education or experience, which may lead to more senior positions including accounting manager, financial analyst, or certified public accountant (CPA). Opportunities for professional development and continuing education are frequently accessible to facilitate career progression.
  • Professional Development: A considerable number of employers provide avenues for bookkeepers to augment their expertise and competencies via seminars, training programs, and certifications. By remaining current on accounting software, tax regulations, and industry trends, bookkeepers can increase their marketability.
  • Benefits Packages: Benefits packages are a common feature of bookkeeper positions in Canada. These packages may consist of paid time off, health insurance, dental coverage, and retirement programs. These perks enhance the overall remuneration package and promote the welfare of individuals employed in the field of accountancy.
  • Contribution to Business Success: Bookkeepers make a pivotal contribution to the achievement of business objectives through their assistance in the maintenance of precise financial records, oversight of expenditures, and adherence to tax regulations. Bookkeepers facilitate the achievement of financial objectives and enable businesses to make well-informed decisions through the provision of precise and timely financial data.
  • Work-Life Balance: In recognition of the significance of work-life balance, numerous employers provide policies and initiatives that promote the well-being of their employees. This may encompass adaptable work schedules, opportunities for remote work, and endeavors to foster the physical and mental well-being of personnel.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Bookkeeping can provide a gratifying professional experience for individuals who derive satisfaction from numerical tasks and resolving financial dilemmas. Observing the tangible results of one’s efforts on the financial well-being of enterprises and institutions can engender a feeling of fulfillment and achievement.

Salary and Compensation:

In Canada, the compensation for a bookkeeper may differ according to location, level of experience, and the scale of the employer. An entry-level bookkeeper may earn between $40,000 and CAD 45,000 annually on average. With increased expertise and experience, this amount may rise to between $50,000 and CAD 60,000 per year. The salaries of bookkeepers who possess specialized knowledge and credentials may be more pronounced.

Education and Qualifications:

Although not all employers require a formal degree, a significant number of employers favor applicants who possess a diploma or certificate in finance, accounting, or a related discipline. Furthermore, acquiring professional certifications—such as the Certified Professional Bookkeeper or Canadian Bookkeeping Certification—can augment one’s credibility and career opportunities.

Career Growth and Opportunities:

Becoming a bookkeeper can serve as an introductory step toward a variety of financial-related career paths. You may be promoted to Accounting Manager, Financial Analyst, or even Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for larger organizations with sufficient experience.


In summary, pursuing a profession as a Bookkeeper provides a stimulating prospect to become acquainted with the complex financial workings that underpin organizations throughout Canada. Devoted to the exacting demands of the position or the gratification derived from aiding in the fiscal triumph of an organization, the trajectory of a bookkeeper is auspicious and full of potential.

If you possess a fascination for numerical data, meticulous tasks, and the opportunity to influence financial environments, you may want to contemplate pursuing a career as a Bookkeeper in Canada. This position provides not only security but also an entryway to a dynamic and gratifying profession in the financial sector.

Therefore, if you are prepared to handle financial transactions, balance the accounts, and chart financial courses, becoming a bookkeeper could be your next major step toward professional fulfillment.

  1. Is bookkeeper in demand in Canada?

    In Canada, bookkeeping is one of the most desired professions, and its demand continues to increase. Through 2031, the Canadian government expects an additional 116,700 job openings for bookkeepers and bookkeeping technicians.

  2. How much do bookkeepers make in Canada?

    Every year, the average bookkeeper in Canada makes $44,479, or $22.81 per hour. Most experienced workers may make up to $55,004 per year, while entry-level positions start at $38,791 per year.

  3. Is there a future for bookkeepers?

    Bookkeepers are being increasingly provided with the opportunity to provide consultative services. The move from transactional to advisory responsibilities has the potential to significantly help clients. Bookkeepers must have a comprehensive understanding of market fluctuations and economic trends to deliver better suggestions and services.

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