Jobs in New Jersey - Warehouse Operator

Jobs in New Jersey – Warehouse Operator

By emphasizing mobility, operational excellence, customer value, and vehicle electrification, one can anticipate being an integral part of a dynamic and promising initiative. Nissan is an organization that epitomizes ingenuity in all that it does, from the streamlined appearance of its vehicles to the distinctive opportunities it presents universally. Our employees are the engine that propels the organization forward.

Nissan is currently seeking direct-hire warehouse operators on a full-time basis. The Warehouse Operator is entrusted with the responsibility of executing a variety of duties on the acquisition, retention, and distribution of automotive accessories and parts. Furthermore, this position will aid in the development of Nissan’s brand equity and the attainment of sustainable, profitable expansion.

Details About Jobs in New Jersey:

  • Title: Jobs in New Jersey – Warehouse Operator
  • Organization: Nissan
  • Position: Warehouse Operator
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Location: Somerset, NJ

Benefits of Warehouse Operator:

  • Competitive Compensation: A considerable number of warehouse workers are remunerated with competitive hourly wages or salaries, and certain positions may even offer overtime pay, particularly during periods of high demand.
  • Employee Discounts: Certain organizations provide discounts for employees purchasing goods or services from the warehouse. This can be a particularly advantageous perk if the warehouse processes consumer products.
  • Health and Safety Benefits: The health and safety of warehouse employees is generally a top priority for employers. This may encompass the provision of health insurance, the facilitation of safety training, and the enforcement of workplace safety regulations.
  • Retirement Plans: Pension and 401(k) plans are two examples of retirement savings schemes that many employers provide to assist workers in saving for the future.
  • Paid Time Off (PTO): Warehouse operators might qualify for paid time off (PTO), which encompasses medical leave, vacation days, and holidays. PTO permits employees to take unpaid leave of absence from work without forfeiting their regular compensation.
  • Prospects for Professional Growth: Certain warehouse operators may be afforded avenues for professional development within the organization. Individuals who demonstrate diligence and expertise may have the potential to advance to positions of supervision or management.
  • Training and Development: To assist warehouse operators in improving their abilities and adjusting to technological advancements or procedural modifications, employers might offer training programs.
  • Team Environment: Warehouses frequently function as a cohesive unit, where staff members may develop a feeling of camaraderie amongst themselves. A supportive workplace atmosphere and team-building exercises can both contribute to employee job satisfaction.
  • Performance Incentives: Performance-based incentives or bonuses are provided by certain employers to employees who meet or surpass productivity targets. This may serve as an added incentive for warehouse personnel to perform at their highest level.
  • Job Stability: Due to the critical nature of warehousing within the context of supply chain management, employment opportunities in this industry are frequently stable. A continued requirement for warehouse administrators is probable so long as there is a demand for the products that the warehouse processes.

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Job Responsibilities of Warehouse Operator:

  • Utilize hand tools to open crates and other containers to receive incoming products.
  • Verify, classify, and relocate contents to the designated distribution area.
  • Mark materials that are in stock with identifying information.
  • Load the components and accessories that are designated on the shipping label before proceeding to the sorting and shipment area.
  • Prepare shipments by verifying, packing, labeling, and relocating orders to the loading area.
  • Employ a portable scanner and an on-board display.
  • When required, operate a hand truck or powered vehicle.
  • Ensure that all safety policies and procedures are adhered to.
  • Maintain order and sanitation per 5S standards.
  • Contribute to management initiatives aimed at enhancing processes.

Qualifications for Warehouse Operator:

  • Diploma of high school or its equivalent
  • One or more years of experience in a warehouse-related field (such as receiving, stocking, picking, or packaging) is required.
  • Capacity to read and comprehend comprehensive instructions Capability to validate multi-digit part numbers
  • Capability to conduct information searches using NISSAN’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) on a computer.

About the Company:

Nissan is dedicated to maintaining a drug-free work environment. Employment eligibility is determined by the fulfillment of two requirements: a drug test for positions situated in the United States and a background check for all other roles.

All of us at Nissan – Regardless of expertise or functional area, everyone should be united by a desire to manufacture, design, and sell high-performance vehicles. Nissan maintains a policy of providing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) to all individuals, irrespective of legally protected characteristics such as race, gender, military service, disability, or any other status. At the time of employment, candidates must have the legal capacity to work in the United States and provide evidence of employment eligibility; Nissan uses E-Verify to verify employment eligibility. At this time, visa sponsorship for this position is not available.

Nissan for Everyone:

Diversity and inclusion are critical for fully harnessing the potential of every individual team member, as they constitute our most valuable resources. When all individuals are included, the undeniable power of NISSAN is evident. The primary objective of our Corporate Diversity Initiative is to enhance business outcomes through the alignment of our core operations and work environment with the distinct requirements of our customers and workforce.

Nissan is dedicated to fostering a culture in which all individuals are welcome and where partners, customers, and employees all feel valued, respected, and heard. Over ten Business Synergy Teams (BSTs) are dispersed throughout the United States and Canada to facilitate employee connections based on shared interests or characteristics, nurture a culture of inclusion and support, and cultivate alliances.

To reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate and the customer base we serve, Nissan also places a premium on inclusion in every facet of our operations. By procuring innovative goods and services, retailing our products, and communicating from a variety of perspectives, we will be able to maintain our commitment to providing consumers with market-driven, competitively designed products.

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  1. What is an operator in a warehouse?

    Products are transferred by warehouse operators into and out of a depot or warehouse. They are in charge of preparing outgoing stock for delivery, checking incoming stock deliveries, and recovering and keeping stock in elevated locations using forklifts and order-picking devices.

  2. What are the functions of a warehouse operator?

    Maintains a suitable inventory of materials, goods, and products in an advantageous place to meet the operational and customer needs of the business. The goal of the Role in general: Ensures that warehouse materials, products, and goods are received, stored, and shipped effectively and safely to support company operations and customer demand.

  3. How do I prepare for warehouse work?

    The most important piece of advice is to be well-prepared: acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations of the company for which you will be working, as well as their goals, methods of operation, and working apparel. Obtain an excellent grasp of the warehouse operations fundamentals. Ensure you have the proper safety gear (clothing and equipment).

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