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Housekeeper Jobs in Calgary 2024 – Apply Now

Calgary-based Fairmont Palliser is in critical need of dependable and committed individuals to fill the position of housekeeper. You will be responsible for a variety of cleaning duties to preserve the sanitation and orderliness of residential or commercial properties in your capacity as a housekeeper.

Details About Housekeeper Jobs in Calgary:

Company Description (Fairmont Palliser):

Located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the Fairmont Palliser is a five-star hotel. Having welcomed guests for more than a century, it is among the most recognizable hotels in the capital. It is well-known that the hotel provides opulent lodging, outstanding cuisine, and impeccable service.

The Fairmont Palliser comprises 390 visitor rooms and suites and is a 12-story structure. The rooms are furnished with every amenity one would anticipate from a luxury hotel, such as plush linens, marble bathrooms, and high-speed internet, and are elegantly appointed traditionally.

There are three establishments at the hotel:

  • Fine-dining establishment The Hawthorn Dining Room and Bar serves traditional Canadian fare.
  • The Lounge serves light fare, refreshments, and cocktails in a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • The Palm Court serves traditional afternoon tea in its tea parlor.

Additionally, the Fairmont Palliser features a fitness center, an indoor pool, and a spa. The facility provides body wraps, massages, and facials, among other services. After a day spent investigating the city, the indoor pool is an ideal location to unwind and relax. The fitness center is accessible around the clock and features cutting-edge apparatus.

Numerous renowned Calgary attractions, such as the Calgary Tower, the Glenbow Museum, and the Calgary Stampede grounds, are easily accessible on foot from the Fairmont Palliser, which is situated in the heart of downtown Calgary. Business travelers favor the hotel as well, given that it is linked to the Calgary Telus Convention Centre via a skywalk. For an opulent and unforgettable sojourn in Calgary, the Fairmont Palliser emerges as the preeminent establishment.

Here are some additional facts about the Fairmont Palliser:

  • Originally constructed in 1914, it was designated as the Palliser Hotel.
  • In 1981, it received the designation of a National Historic Site of Canada.
  • It has hosted numerous notable visitors, including Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles, throughout the years.
  • With a wealth of experience, the venue has accommodated more than 10,000 nuptials.

Job Description:

Domestic Staff, Housekeeping Establish the experience before the arrival of the visitor. In your role as a Houseperson, your organizational assistance to the Housekeeping staff will guarantee that our visitors’ rooms are adequately furnished and that they experience a warm welcome the moment they enter. What you intend to do:

  • Assisting the Housekeeping Attendants in a collaborative effort to ensure that guest rooms are efficiently prepared
  • Provide all clients with courteous, engaging, and professional service while promptly attending to their special requests.
  • Maintain and arrange inventory
  • Carry out daily walk-throughs of public restrooms and fitness areas to verify that all necessary supplies are present and that they remain immaculate.
  • Confronting and resolving all inquiries from guests placed with Housekeeping.
  • Ensure the purity of the floors in all public areas by employing floor-cleaning apparatus, including bonnet buffers and extractors.
  • Please communicate any maintenance or guest concerns that may arise.
  • Properly manage supplies and promptly communicate any deficiencies in supplies.
  • Constantly observe health and safety policies and ensure that only safe work procedures are implemented.
  • Observe the protocols for key control.
  • In all duties, adhere to the housekeeping standards of the Fairmont brand.
  • Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Manager on Duty.
  • Quarterly completion of tasks including mattress turnings.
  • Constantly observe health and safety policies and ensure that only safe work procedures are implemented.

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Qualifications for Housekeeper Jobs in Calgary:

Your competency and experience consist of:

  • A personable and empathetic disposition; prior housekeeping experience is a plus.
  • Capability to function harmoniously in a team environment with minimal oversight
  • Capacity to anticipate and attend to the requirements of guests while maintaining a professional and cordial demeanor
  • Possess exceptional guest service abilities and professionally exhibit oneself.
  • Prior experience in housekeeping or cleansing is preferred.
  • Physically fit individuals are required to raise objects weighing at least 25 kilograms.
  • Flexibility about working days and hours is required.
  • Property manager expertise is a plus.
  • Practical experience with commercial cleaning equipment is a plus.

Benefits of Housekeeper Jobs in Calgary:

  • Consistent Employment: Calgary boasts a resilient economy encompassing a wide array of sectors, which affords housekeepers consistent employment prospects. Whether employed by residential clients, hotels, hospitals, or other establishments, cleaning services are frequently in high demand in the city.
  • Competitive Wages: In Calgary, housekeepers are generally remunerated competitively, which is commensurate with the cost of living in the city. Numerous employers supplement hourly wages with benefits like health insurance, paid time off, and retirement contributions.
  • Flexible Schedules: Numerous housekeeping positions in Calgary provide their employees with the opportunity to manage their work alongside additional obligations, including but not limited to family duties, academic pursuits, and personal interests. To cater to diverse preferences, employers may provide jobs that are part-time, full-time, or shift-based.
  • Employment Stability: Housekeepers benefit from a perception of employment security due to the comparatively consistent demand for their services. Despite economic downturns, residential and commercial environments frequently require upkeep and sanitation, which ensures the availability of employment opportunities.
  • Prospects for Progression: Housekeeping positions may function as a precursor to more senior-level positions in the facility management or hospitality industries. As one gains experience and furthers their education, individuals have the potential to progress to positions of authority, assume leadership roles on teams, or specialize in cleansing domains such as infection control or environmental services.
  • Skill Development: Housekeeper positions provide opportunities for the development of numerous valuable skills, such as effective communication, time management, and attention to detail. These competencies apply to a wide range of industries and can augment one’s employability in different fields.
  • Positive Work Environment: Numerous janitorial positions offer an inclusive and supportive workplace where employees’ contributions are valued. To cultivate a sense of belonging and job satisfaction, employers may provide training programs, employee recognition initiatives, and opportunities for teamwork and collaboration.
  • Contribution to Community Health and Safety: Housekeepers make a vital contribution to community health and safety by ensuring that environments remain clean and hygienic. This is particularly significant in contexts where public health and safety are at stake, such as food establishments, hospitals, and nursing homes. By maintaining sanitation and hygiene, housekeepers contribute to the well-being of the community and aid in the prevention of the spread of disease.

Additional Information:

What is in it for you:

  • Employee benefit card that provides worldwide rate discounts at Accor
  • Academic programs administered by our Academies
  • Possibility for professional development and expansion within your property and globally!
  • Capability to effect change via our corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as Planet 21

Your team and working environment:

  • Legal eligibility to labor in Canada is required. Candidates are denied assistance by the hotel in the process of acquiring Canadian work authorization.
  • Fairmont Palliser demonstrates a steadfast dedication to an employment equity initiative that incorporates distinctive strategies to foster staff diversity.

Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion: 

Our goal as an inclusive organization is to recruit, employ, and advance diverse talent. Why would one wish to work for Accor? We are considerably more than a global leader. We encourage your complete self-expression and aim to match your interests with a brand and position that complement your qualities. We facilitate your daily growth and learning, ensuring that your work contributes meaning to your life, so that you may continue to explore Accor’s boundless opportunities throughout your tenure with us. Joining Accor grants you the ability to shape each chapter of your narrative, and collectively we can envision the hospitality of the future. Explore the possibilities that await you at Accor. For more information, please visit Care for the world, pursue your passions, and have the courage to challenge the status quo! #BELIMITLESS”

  1. What is the job of a housekeeper?

    Housekeepers, also known as Maids, are charged with maintaining the overall cleanliness of a structure to furnish guests and residents with hygienic and organized utilities. Their duties encompass dusting surfaces, making beds, and cleaning floors across an apartment or other structure.

  2. Is housekeeping a skilled job?

    Several practical skills and technical skills are needed for housekeepers to perform their duties effectively. Hard skills include those that are specific to a given role and are required to complete that assignment. The following are instances of technical upkeep competencies: Steam cleansing carpets.

  3. Is housekeeping a good career?

    A career as a housekeeper is a fantastic and potentially lucrative choice that allows you to help others while employing your organizational and cleaning abilities.

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