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House Attendant Jobs in USA 2024 – Visa Sponsorship

Joining our talented staff, the Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Minneapolis is in search of a housekeeping house attendant. Do not overlook this exceptional opportunity to join the preeminent luxury hotel company around the globe!

The fundamental duties of a residential housekeeping attendant consist of maintaining the cleanliness of all residential common areas, delivering deliveries, and, when assigned, providing a la carte housekeeping services.

Essential Functions:

  • Conduct inspections, cleanings, and restocking of all communal restrooms, lobby, mail room, coffee station, residential corridors, and heart-of-house space (including office space, among others) in the residential area.
  • Resident-focused; assumes responsibility for residents’ concerns and requests; takes proactive measures to guarantee their contentment.
  • Personalized contact that is extended when an opportunity arises proficient in the secure operation of all pertinent apparatus, chemicals, and equipment; promptly notifies management of any defects or accidents that may occur.
  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) procedure expertise and accident response training conducts self-inspection and cleaning of designated public areas in adherence to Four Seasons protocols.
  • ability to locate and position every piece of furniture in its designated location Assembles and cleans all communal spaces, such as lifts, entrances, windows, and carpets; additionally, gathers refuse from the residences, including the depository on the 22nd floor and communal trash rooms.
  • the capability to provide cordial and courteous assistance to any resident.
  • utilizes and maintains all supplies and equipment appropriately.
  • ensures that all housekeeping storage areas are kept organized, stocked accurately, and securely closed when not in use.
  • responsible for keeping all equipment in a clean, orderly, and functional state.
  • to assume the responsibility of reporting any equipment malfunctions. A specified quantity of condominiums must be cleaned per shift.
  • Assembles clean towels and bedding (if available) or transfers soiled items to the laundry (if applicable) in their place.
  • As per procedure, she dusts, cleans, and sanitizes every area of the condominium, including the bedroom, living room, dining room, and restroom. establishes a cot. wipes marble and tile surfaces and vacuums the carpet.
  • transfers service trolleys, trays, and dishes from rooms to service landings.
  • adheres to the Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct established by Four Seasons in EmPact.
  • collaborates professionally and amicably with superiors and colleagues.

Unnecessary Functions:

Willingness and capability to assist the Residential Leadership team with any residential or hotel maintenance responsibilities that may be assigned. To be adaptable and expand job responsibilities to include any additional reasonable tasks and obligations that are within the job’s capabilities, as assigned. This may involve relocating to different departments or areas if necessary to meet the demands of the business and ensure satisfactory passenger service.

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Benefits of House Attendant Jobs in USA:

  • Principal Housekeeping Role: House attendants fulfill an essential function by ensuring that guest accommodations, public spaces, and resort facilities remain immaculate and in pristine condition.
  • Contribution to the Satisfaction of Guests: Vacant accommodations’ cleanliness and orderliness have a substantial bearing on traveler satisfaction. House attendants play a crucial role in fostering a favorable visitor experience through their diligent oversight of room preparation and maintenance.
  • Collaboration in Teams: Frequently, house attendants are members of a more extensive housekeeping staff. The efficient management of cleansing and maintenance activities across different areas of the property necessitates the presence of a collaborative team.
  • Physical Exercise: Physical exertion is a common aspect of housekeeping duties, which may include bending, lifting, and shifting furniture. Active individuals who prioritize maintaining a healthy physical condition may find this to be a significant advantage.
  • Adaptable work schedules: Numerous positions as house attendants provide flexible work hours. Individuals who require the ability to reconcile work and personal obligations or who prefer non-traditional work hours may find this flexibility advantageous.
  • Entrance-Level Prospects: House attendant positions frequently function as entry-level positions within the hospitality sector. This affords individuals the chance to acquire practical experience and potentially progress towards more senior roles within the institution.
  • Professional Development: Proficient House Attendants might be eligible for career progression prospects not only within the sanitation division but also in other sectors of the hospitality industry. This may encompass advancements to positions of authority or specialization.
  • Engagement with Guests: Although house attendants predominantly operate in the background, they may encounter visitors on occasion. This opportunity can foster a sense of affiliation with the hospitality experience while also presenting a means to positively influence the impression of the guests.
  • Privileged in Fostering an Inviting Ambiance: It is the responsibility of the house attendants to ensure that the lodgings of the guests are tidy, comfortable, and welcoming. This contributes to the establishment of an inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for patrons.
  • The preciseness of Detail: Meticulousness is required in the position of house attendant to guarantee that every room and area adheres to the predetermined standards of sanitation. This particularization is a skill that can be applied across numerous industries.

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Minimum of a high school diploma or an equivalent level of experience
  • A year of experience in the hospitality industry or a closely related field is required.
  • Capabilities and Skills: Capacity for written, spoken, and read English.
  • Zero employees were supervised.
  • There is no travel required.
  • Required work hours are eight hours per shift; however, the days and times of the shift may be subject to change depending on circumstances.

About Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences Minneapolis:

Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences Minneapolis embodies luxury in an unparalleled manner. Atop Nicollet Mall, the city’s primary pedestrian thoroughfare, the new 37-story structure will be located at the intersection of commerce and recreation in Minneapolis.

Near the Mississippi River, the mixed-use complex will be transformed into the United States headquarters of RBC Wealth Management. Gavin Kaysen, a local celebrity chef in collaboration with Four Seasons, 19,400 square feet of conference space, the only luxury spa downtown, and a 5000-square-foot pool deck will be among the key features.

Service Culture:

Four Seasons, which operates 122 hotels and resorts and 46 residential properties in major city centers and resort destinations across 47 countries, is consistently ranked among the most prestigious brands and best hotels in the world by reader polls, traveler reviews, and industry awards. The company has over 50 projects in planning or development. Our personnel are the key to our success and our most valuable asset. We believe that every individual should derive dignity, pride, and fulfillment from their work.

What to Expect:

Intense Compensation and Wages Life, dental, vision, and medical insurance at reasonable premiums with a 30-day waiting period. 401(k) Prepaid Retirement Scheme Outstanding opportunities for development and training Accommodation at other Four Seasons hotels and resorts at no additional cost. Dry cleaning is provided at no cost for employee uniforms. Employee Meals Provided at No Cost… and Much More!

More Info

Visa Requirements:

Work authorization in the United States is mandatory unless the applicant presently holds a managerial position at another Four Seasons establishment. Present Four Seasons managers may be eligible for sponsorship of an L-1 visa.

Four Seasons is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer. Women, veterans, minorities, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

  1. What is a house attendant?

    The house attendant is responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of all assigned areas and equipment. He or she is also responsible for delivering items to guestrooms (express checkout, newspapers, property-specific items, etc.).

  2. How much do room attendants make in the US?

    The average room attendant salary in the USA is $28,996 per year or $13.94 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $25,039 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $35,100 per year.

  3. What are the duties of an attendant?

    Attendants perform a variety of customer support and service tasks in a broad range of settings, including hotels, dining establishments, parking operations, outdoor facilities, and retail businesses. They assist clients, provide information, and ensure orderly and efficient operations.

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