Highest Paying Jobs in USA Without a Degree

Highest Paying Jobs in USA Without a Degree 2024 – Apply Now

A college degree is no longer a prerequisite for attaining a high-paying occupation. Formerly an employment requirement, it is no longer the case. It will come as no surprise that there are numerous well-compensated employment opportunities available that do not require a collegiate degree. There are numerous well-compensated career paths available to those without a degree, including positions in the public sector, healthcare, and corporations.

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Guide To Highest Paying Jobs in USA Without a Degree:

  • Redesign your resume. It is difficult to obtain a high-paying position without a degree. Consider the following: since you are selling the company based on a substantial investment in yourself, you must make every effort to gain an advantage. Engaging the services of a professional resume writing service for a nominal fee can provide the necessary advantage for your application. To begin immediately, consult our guide to the top resume-writing services.
  • Submit employment applications online. Commence your inquiry on ZipRecruiter. Using ZipRecruiter to register for jobs is free and requires only one click.
  • Review your interviewing abilities. Consult our interview and personal branding guide if you require assistance. This contains all the information we have on interviewing and preparing for job interviews.

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Benefits of Highest Paying Jobs in USA:

  • Economic Security: Jobs that pay well provide financial stability and security. They enable people to meet their basic needs, save for the future, invest, and live a comfortable existence.
  • Standard of living: Typically, a high income correlates with a greater quality of life. You can afford higher-quality housing, healthcare, education, and leisure activities, thereby enhancing your well-being.
  • Profession Advancement: Many high-paying positions offer opportunities for professional development and advancement. This may include promotions, pay increases, and the opportunity to assume more challenging and rewarding positions.
  • Satisfaction at Work: Jobs that pay more may be more aligned with a person’s skills, interests, and inclinations, resulting in greater job satisfaction and fulfillment.
  • Advantages and Perks: Benefit packages for high-paying jobs typically include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and bonuses.
  • increased auto-reliance: People with higher incomes are better able to make decisions free from financial restrictions.
  • Opportunity to Invest: High-income earners can invest in equities, real estate, and other assets, potentially accumulating wealth and achieving long-term financial objectives.
  • Economic Influence: High-paying occupations contribute to the overall economy by increasing consumer spending and tax revenue, which is advantageous for communities and the country as a whole.
  • Education and Competence: Numerous high-paying careers require advanced education and skills, which can facilitate personal and professional growth.
  • Respect and reputation: Certain high-paying professions, such as physicians, attorneys, and top administrators, are frequently associated with a high level of social recognition and prestige.
  • Global Possibilities: There may be opportunities for high-earners to work internationally or collaborate with professionals from all over the world, broadening their horizons and expanding their experiences.
  • Financial Planning: Individuals can save more for retirement with a higher income, ensuring a comfortable and secure post-career existence.

List of Highest Paying Jobs in USA Without a Degree:

1. Executive Assistant

  • Median National Salary: $39,680/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 3,413,600
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: -8% (Decline)

Job Duties: The job duties of an executive assistant include:

  • Performing organizational tasks
  • Doing routine clerical duties

An executive assistant is tasked with providing support to their client, supervisor, or workplace by performing routine clerical tasks that form the bedrock of the organization’s operations. This may involve responding to phone calls and emails, managing the calendar and correspondence, filing documents, and performing other pertinent duties.

As employment prospects for this profession exhibit a marginal downward trend over the subsequent decade, a novel position known as virtual assistance is emerging—a transition to which you can readily acclimate.

A virtual assistant is an entirely online-based executive assistant. An increasing number of tasks can be completed remotely via the Internet, thereby diminishing the necessity for an office-based assistant.

A growing discipline, virtual assistance is an in-demand profession that is projected to increase by $4 billion by 2025.

In general, virtual assistants are afforded greater career benefits and the potential for higher compensation than their office-based executive assistant counterparts.

  • Flexible schedule
  • Remote work
  • Lucrative salary
  • Independence

You have the option to work with multiple clients, thereby increasing your income, and you can also select your clients. This is an exceptionally lucrative career opportunity for executive assistants who are considering making the transition to this position in the future.

2. Flight Attendant

  • Median National Salary: $61,640/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 106,300
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 21% (Much faster than average)

Job Duties: The job duties of flight attendants are to:

  • Deliver services to passengers on an airline
  • Food and beverage service for airline passengers
  • Attend to passengers as required and ensure their comfort and safety on the aircraft.

The position of flight attendant is highly sought-after. This is fueled by numerous factors, including:

  • Capability to obtain this well-compensated (benefits included) flight attendant position without a bachelor’s degree
  • Assured travel benefits
  • Adaptable work hours

If you have a passion for business travel and are comfortable serving airline passengers, this position could be ideal for you!

3. Sales Representative

  • Median National Salary: $29,180/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 4,125,700
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 0% (Little to no change)

Job Duties: The job duties of a sales representative are to:

  • Offer products and services for sale to potential clients.
  • Respond to queries and concerns as required.

Your salary and job duties will vary substantially according to your industry. In contrast, the mean annual salary is marginally below $30,000, as reported by the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, certain sales representative positions offer annual compensation over $100,000, encompassing commissions and incentives.

The mean annual salary for technical sales representatives is $65,177, with the highest-earning representatives earning more than $101,000.

If you have exceptional sales skills and a passion for interacting with others, the potential for success in this field is virtually limitless.

4. Electrician

  • Median National Salary: $60,040/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 711,200
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 7% (As fast as average)

Job Duties: The job duties of an electrician include:

  • Conducting electrical maintenance on control systems, illumination, and wiring
  • Rebuilding and maintaining electrical systems

Although not all electricians are required to have a bachelor’s degree, the position may involve an apprenticeship or training program. Among other advantages, electricians are in high demand, hold one of the highest-paying trade positions, and have the benefit of job security.

Consult our electrician job description and discover how to compose an electrician resume if you are interested in learning more about the electrician profession.

5. Plumber

  • Median National Salary: $59,880/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 469,000
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 2% (Slower than average)

Job Duties: Plumbers are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and upkeep of plumbing equipment.

Plumbing can provide a comfortable livelihood. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of individuals, work in an engaging, demanding field where you’ll never become exhausted, and there are prospects for career advancement.

Is the occupation of a plumber intriguing? To begin, revise your resume. Our plumber resume guide contains all the information you need.

6. Insurance Sales Agent

  • Median National Salary: $49,840/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 523,200
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 6% (As fast as average)

Job Duties: The job duties of an insurance sales agent are to:

  • Assist clients individually in the sale of insurance products.
  • Respond to product inquiries and questions.

In this industry, insurance sales agents have the potential to earn a substantial income. Possibilities exist to earn a base salary in the vicinity of five figures, with potential earnings exceeding six figures contingent upon commission and bonuses. The annual salary of the highest earners exceeds $170,000, per this source.

Other benefits include a flexible schedule with the option to work remotely, career advancement opportunities, a fast-paced environment that ensures employee engagement, and a low entry barrier that renders this profession accessible to all.

7. Technical Support Specialist

  • Median National Salary: $57,910/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 875,700
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 6% (As fast as average)

Job Duties: Technical support specialists have the following job duties:

  • Uphold computing networks.
  • Resolve technical problems.
  • Deliver technical support to the clientele.

Specialists in technical support or computer support provide technical assistance to clients one-on-one. This may involve assisting a customer with an online payment or guiding a new user through the registration process for a website, to name a few examples.

You will be engaged in customer-facing activities both offline and online. Assisting clients can make this a satisfying occupation. Additionally, the organization offers opportunities for advancement and flexible work hours, facilitating employees seeking a second or third-shift schedule.

In general, the working environment is pleasant. You will be employed in a traditional office environment, with the possibility of working remotely and the potential for increased compensation through overtime and bonus schemes.

8. Wind Turbine Technician

  • Median National Salary: $56,260/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 11,100
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 44% (Much faster than average)

Job Duties: Wind turbine technicians are responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of wind turbines.

The wind turbine technician profession is expanding at a rate of double digits, which is significantly higher than in other fields. Work in an emerging, dynamic industry where you may be afforded the chance to utilize state-of-the-art technologies.

If you are interested in performing maintenance on wind turbine equipment and appreciate doing hands-on work on-site rather than remotely, then this may be the career for you.

9. Carpenter

  • Median National Salary: $48,260/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 948,500
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 2% (Slower than average)

Job Duties: Carpenters have the following job duties:

  • Maintenance, restoration, and installation of wooden structures
  • Construct structures from wooden building materials, including walls, door frames, and similar items.

Carpentry is an extremely versatile profession. There are numerous varieties of carpentry jobs available, including trim carpenters, joists, and cabinet carpenters. Those with a keen eye for detail and problem-solving abilities will thrive in this field.

Without a college degree, you will enjoy this profession if you prefer doing hands-on work and are seeking a well-paying position. There are also prospects for professional development and progression in the field of carpentry.

10. Surgical Technologist

  • Median National Salary: $48,510/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 128,700
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 6% (As fast as average)

Job Duties: The job duties of a surgical technologist are to:

  • Assist the surgical staff during procedures.
  • Specimens employed in laboratory analysis

You will be performing duties such as holding equipment and other tasks during surgery, including sterilizing equipment and transferring surgical instruments to surgeons in a medical environment.

Those interested in pursuing a career in the medical field without earning a bachelor’s degree may wish to contemplate this employment opportunity. Your occupation is vitally important in the surgical field. You will receive a remuneration that is higher than average in a practical position where your contributions have a significant impact.

11. Bus Driver

  • Median National Salary: $37,540/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 832,600
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 12% (Much faster than average)

Job Duties: The job duties of a bus driver are to:

  • Manage transportation
  • Passengers are transported from one location to another via transit.

The bus-driving industry is expanding at a higher rate than other sectors. A competitive salary is offered for this position, which also encompasses perks such as health insurance. Bus conductors play a crucial role in the operation of public transportation.

Bus driving is an excellent occupation for articulate individuals who have a passion for riding bicycles and are seeking a task that will keep them occupied and motivated.

12. Electrical Power-Line Installer

  • Median National Salary: $74,530/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 230,400
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 6% (As fast as average)

Job Duties: Installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical power systems comprise the responsibilities of an electrical power line installer.

Electrical power-line installers operate machinery that facilitates the flow of electricity along power lines. You will be responsible for identifying equipment defects, repairing and maintaining those devices, and installing electrical lines.

This trade position ranks among the highest-paying in our compilation. This is a critical position within the public sector; nevertheless, it entails inherent dangers that warrant due consideration. You will be performing manual labor while standing and laboring in arduous conditions.

13. Police Officer

  • Median National Salary: $66,020/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 808,200
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 3% (Slower than average)

Job Duties: A police officer is responsible for safeguarding the community, enforcing the law, and maintaining public safety. To maintain order, police officers are tasked with the prevention and resolution of criminal incidents, the protection of persons and property within their jurisdiction, and the enforcement of the law. Additionally, they possess the ability to operate computers, police vehicles, firearms, and emergency apparatus.

14. Sheet Metal Worker

  • Median National Salary: $53,440/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 129,100
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: -1% (Little or no change)

Job Duties: Sheet metal workers are responsible for the fabrication, installation, and upkeep of thin metal sheets utilized in the construction of a variety of products and systems. By employing techniques such as brazing, riveting, measuring, cutting, and shaping metal sheets, they adhere to technical drawings and blueprints. In addition to pipes, tubes, heating and air conditioning ducts, furnace casings, rain gutters, and downspouts, sheet metal workers implement these components within supportive frameworks.

15. Real Estate Agent

  • Median National Salary: $48,770/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 562,100
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 5% (As fast as average)

Job Duties: A real estate agent is responsible for assisting customers with the purchase, sale, and rental of properties. The responsibilities of real estate agents include conducting market research and analysis, determining property values, and marketing properties to prospective purchasers. In addition, they facilitate contract preparation, negotiate, and advise clients throughout the purchasing and selling process.

16. Solar Photovoltaic Installers

  • Median National Salary: $47,670/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 17,100
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 27% (Much faster than average)

Job Duties: Solar photovoltaic installer responsibilities include the installation and upkeep of solar panels and systems on both commercial and residential properties. Under the specifications, they assemble solar modules, panels, and support structures, weather-seal arrays, and connect panels to electrical systems. In addition, they are capable of conducting inspections, resolving problems, and ensuring adherence to safety regulations and building codes.

17. Glazier

  • Median National Salary: $47,180/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 56,900
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 4% (As fast as average)

Job Duties: Glaziers are accountable for the installation, measurement, and cutting of glass for use in storefronts, windows, doors, and skylights, among other structures. Using a variety of tools and techniques, glaziers are accountable for selecting suitable types of glass, removing old or damaged panes, ensuring proper sealing and insulation, and fitting glass to frames. In addition, mirrors, glass partitions, and other ornamental glass elements may fall under their purview.

18. Elevator And Escalator Installer and Repairer

  • Median National Salary: $97,860/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 23,200
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 3% (Slower than average)

Job Duties: The responsibilities of an elevator and escalator installer and repairer include the installation, maintenance, and repair of moving walkways, elevators, and escalators, among other vertical transportation systems. To assemble and install elevator components, test newly installed equipment, and troubleshoot problems with electrical and mechanical systems, they utilize technical diagrams and blueprints. Additionally, routine maintenance and repairs are conducted to guarantee the systems’ dependability and security.

19. Postal Service Worker

  • Median National Salary: $51,730/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 507,100
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: -6% (Decline)

Job Duties: A postal service employee is responsible for the reception, processing, and distribution of mail to residences, businesses, and post office receptacles. The duties of postal service employees include the organization of mail, verification of addresses, and timely distribution of packages to the intended recipients. Additionally, they might engage in the sale of postal products, manage customer inquiries, and uphold mail delivery records.

20. Food Service Manager

  • Median National Salary: $59,440/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 329,100
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 10% (Faster than average)

Job Duties: Food service managers are responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations of food service establishments, including cafeterias, restaurants, and catering services. Managers of food service are tasked with overseeing personnel, procuring supplies, developing menus, and ensuring adherence to health and safety protocols. In addition, they oversee financial records, manage budgets, and attend to customer service concerns.

21. Property Manager

  • Median National Salary: $59,230/year
  • Education Required: High school diploma
  • Number of Jobs: 392,900
  • Job Growth 2020 – 2030: 3% (Slower than average)

Job Duties: The property manager is responsible for supervising the day-to-day activities of commercial or residential properties. In addition to marketing vacancies, screening tenants, collecting rent, and sustaining properties, property managers are tasked with addressing tenant concerns. In addition, they are responsible for administrative and financial duties, including budgeting, recordkeeping, and lease agreement preparation.

Requirements And Skills To Find Highest Paying Jobs in USA:

A job without a degree will necessitate the use of soft talents such as:

  • Working independently and in a team environment: The ability to collaborate with others is essential. Equally essential is the ability to work independently; you may be required to do both throughout your career.
  • Communication skills: Virtually every professional position requires exceptional communication abilities. This pertains to the development of effective communication abilities, the application of active listening skills, and emotional intelligence.
  • Problem-solving skills: A certain degree of problem-solving and critical reasoning abilities is often necessary for employment in non-academic jobs. You will be required to solve problems on-site using your discernment and quick thinking.

How To Get Highest Paying Jobs in USA:

The following is a selection of top resume services that can assist you in creating a polished curriculum vitae to include with your job application.

  • Once your resume is complete, you may proceed with your job search.
  • Where to Locate the Highest-Paying Jobs Without a College Degree

Best Places To Find Highest Paying Jobs in USA Without a Degree:

Find the best-paying jobs without a degree on job search sites like:

Job Posting Sites

Job posting websites are among the most effective resources for locating employment. ZipRecruiter is among our preferred job posting websites. The foremost website for employment searches is ZipRecruiter. It is simple to search for and submit for employment without a degree, in addition to reviewing salaries, reviews from previous candidates, and more.


LinkedIn functions as both a professional resource and a social network for professionals. Utilize LinkedIn for job searching, networking with colleagues online, creating a professional profile, and publishing to the community.

Professional Associations

Additionally, professional associations are an excellent resource for locating well-paying employment. These organizations frequently provide members with job boards and other resources and are comprised of experts in a specific industry or discipline.

You can connect with other professionals, hear about employment openings, and gain access to other valuable resources that can help you advance your career by becoming a member of a professional association in your field.


Through access to the concealed job market, networking is an excellent method for obtaining a high-paying position without a degree.

Numerous positions are filled via personal connections and referrals, as opposed to public advertisements. By networking with industry professionals, you can gain access to job openings that may not be publicly advertised and gain an advantage over the competition.

In addition, networking enables you to develop relationships with other professionals in your field, which can provide access to new employment openings, mentorship opportunities, and other career-advancing resources.


It is feasible to obtain a well-compensated occupation even in the absence of a degree. These positions lower the entry barrier for numerous aspiring professionals in numerous sectors, including healthcare, the public sector, and others.

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  3. What Is The Lowest Job Salary In The USA? 

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