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Health Care Services Trainee Jobs in USA 2024 – Apply Now

The Health Care Service Trainee (HCST I) provides individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities with practical, on-the-job training. These roles afford the individuals we assist the chance to attain the utmost degree of autonomy about matters of daily living, safety, health, and sanitation (including bathing, dressing, eating, and bathing). These roles maintain a therapeutic environment for those they serve while implementing safe and secure procedures to guarantee the surroundings. In addition to delivering psychiatric and behavior-based treatment, the HCST I supports individuals in achieving their utmost level of autonomy.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive training without prior healthcare experience for which compensation is provided in full.

We will furnish you with the knowledge and abilities necessary for rapid advancement. A synopsis of the career advancement opportunities that we provide is as follows:

  • The employee will commence training to acquire the necessary skills to administer medication to the individuals we serve once orientation is complete.
  • Employees who complete the aforementioned coursework and pass a nurse-administered competency examination will be advanced to the position of Health Care Service Trainee II and compensated an additional $1 per hour.
  • The employee will receive an hourly wage increase of $1 and be promoted to Health Care Technician I status after completing six months of work as Qualified Medication Administration Personnel (QMAP).
  • Furthermore, upon attaining the status of QMAP, the employee is eligible to apply for a variety of other positions at WRRC, such as Residential Coordinator/Health Care Technician IV, Line Charge/Health Care Technician II, and Mentor/Health Care Technician III. There are salary increases associated with each of these promotional opportunities.

Thereafter, it continues! One year of employment with CDHS will qualify you for a reimbursement of a portion of your tuition. We will assist you in beginning or continuing your education while you are employed. Your success ensures improved outcomes for the patients we attend to, which is our success as well.

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Details of Health Care Services Trainee Jobs in USA:

Job Title:Health Care Services Trainee Jobs in USA
Company:Colorado Department of Human Services
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $17.32 – $24.25 per hour
Location:270 West John Powell Boulevard, Pueblo, CO 81007
Country:United States

Minimum qualifications:

  • Age requirement: 18 or higher at the time of application.
  • A legitimate, unrestricted Colorado driver’s license is required.
  • Complete a background screening

Preferred qualifications:

  • High School Diploma or GED


  • Mentoring and coaching people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • Providing support in the acquisition of personal care and domestic care competencies
  • Implementing behavior programs to teach coping and safety skills, develop replacement behaviors, and reduce the performance of problem behaviors.
  • Implementing authorized verbal and physical interventions in response to crises to guarantee safety
  • Offering support to individuals in their pursuit of diverse therapies and treatments
  • Implementing suitable documentation
  • Offer oversight and assistance to individuals in their residences.
  • While in the community, individuals must be with a responsible adult.

Facility Description

This departmental division offers all-encompassing assistance and support to people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. This work unit promotes an active learning approach and is primarily concerned with service provision. Additionally, the work section is committed to fostering a secure and healthy environment for the individuals it assists. Motivated and diligent candidates are sought by the Pueblo Regional Center for direct support services with individuals who have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Certain individuals under our care have substantial medical requirements, whereas others require substantial assistance with behavioral and mental health concerns. There are many opportunities for advancement and career development after employment.

Our mission is to provide the essential assistance required to foster the personal values of individual development, contribution, participation, and capability among individuals with disabilities.

Benefits of Health Care Services Trainee Jobs in USA:

  • Skill Enhancement: Trainee positions afford the chance to cultivate fundamental competencies associated with healthcare services, including but not limited to communication, patient care, administrative duties, and potentially specialized proficiencies contingent upon the particular position.
  • An Overview of the Healthcare Sector: Trainees are exposed to and acquire practical experience in the healthcare industry. This can provide individuals contemplating a long-term vocation in healthcare with a comprehensive understanding of the field’s many facets.
  • Career Path Investigation: Healthcare Provisions Frequently, trainees are exposed to a variety of functions within the healthcare industry. This experience enables trainees to investigate prospective professional trajectories and domains of expertise.
  • Practical Learning: Practical On-the-job training can prove to be more efficacious for trainees compared to theoretical knowledge. Having practical experience in this field is advantageous for gaining insight into the routine obligations of healthcare positions.
  • Networking in a Professional Setting: Trainees are afforded the chance to establish connections with seasoned practitioners within the healthcare industry. Networking can provide invaluable connections that can lead to future career prospects, mentorship, and industry knowledge acquisition.
  • A Comprehend of Healthcare Policies: By working in the healthcare industry, trainees are exposed to compliance, policies, and regulations. This knowledge is of the utmost importance to provide high-quality care and uphold ethical standards.
  • Collaboration in Teams: Frequently, healthcare is a collaborative field. In the company of other healthcare professionals, trainees contribute to the development of teamwork and illuminate the value of interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • Observation of a Variety of Patient Cases: Trainees are allowed to be exposed to a diverse range of patient cases, which entail various medical conditions, treatment modalities, and healthcare obstacles. The presence of such diversity enhances the overall educational experience.
  • One’s personal development: Healthcare Provisions Trainee positions frequently entail performing duties in environments that are dynamic and occasionally demanding regarding performance. This has the potential to foster individual development, fortitude, and the cultivation of formidable problem-solving capabilities.
  • Possibility of Professional Advancement: Career progression opportunities may become available to trainees who effectively complete their programs within the healthcare organization. Those trainees who exhibit commitment and proficiency may be taken into account for promotions to more senior positions.
  • A Brief Overview of Healthcare Technologies: Trainees may be exposed to a variety of information systems and technologies utilized in the delivery of healthcare. The significance of being well-versed in these technologies is growing in contemporary healthcare environments.

About the Colorado Department of Human Services:

At every stage of life, CDHS connects individuals with assistance, resources, and support for living independently in our state. We provide Coloradans with health and human services that are audacious and groundbreaking. The county-level administration and the state level-oversee the human services system in Colorado. County departments are the primary providers of direct services to families, children, and adults in Colorado under this system. Child welfare and food and heating assistance are among the programs, benefits, and services offered by CDHS that are delegated to county human services departments.

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  1. Is healthcare management in demand in the USA?

    Employment of medical and health services managers is projected to grow 28 percent from 2022 to 2032, much faster than the average for all occupations. About 54,700 openings for medical and health services managers are projected each year, on average, over the decade.

  2. What is the most common job in healthcare?

    The most popular types of medical jobs
    Nursing assistant.
    Physical therapy assistant.
    Licensed practical nurse.
    Registered nurse.
    Occupational therapist.
    Physical therapist.
    Physician assistant.
    Nurse practitioner.

  3. How much does the US pay for healthcare?

    U.S. healthcare spending grew 2.7 percent in 2021, reaching $4.3 trillion or $12,914 per person. As a share of the nation’s gross domestic product, health spending accounted for 18.3 percent.

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