H2b Visa Sponsorship Jobs USA - Cook Jobs

H2b Visa Sponsorship Jobs USA – Cook Jobs

Yellowstone Club in Montana is a sanctuary. Yellowstone Club, a private residential community located in Big Sky, Montana, provides its members with the only private ski and golf community in the globe. Our members adore being a part of this extraordinary community, which offers exceptional skiing and snowboarding, as well as the most beautiful spring and summer weather to appreciate the 18-hole golf course, rivers, hiking, and biking, among other activities.

Our personnel are the lifeblood of the Yellowstone Club. Yellowstone Club is seeking individuals who are enthusiastic about contributing to the allure of Montana while working diligently to ensure that every detail is meticulously attended to, thereby facilitating the creation of unforgettable experiences.

Details About H2b Visa Sponsorship Jobs USA:

  • Title: H2b Visa Sponsorship Jobs USA – Cook Jobs
  • Organization: YELLOWSTONE CLUB
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Location: 1 Yellowstone Club Trail, Big Sky, MT 59716

Responsibilities of H2b Visa Sponsorship Jobs USA:

  • Assist in the preparation and arrangement of the kitchen for the upcoming season.
  • Assemble food items for dining establishments in accordance with menu designs, recipes, and sampling images.
  • Establish a station with a predetermined mise en place to guarantee that all items are prepared for delivery.
  • Prepare culinary items for members and guests in a timely and consistent manner in accordance with a quality predetermined method.
  • Follow the food preparation checklist, recipes, quality standards, and presentation standards when preparing every dish.
  • Constantly exhibits safe and correct equipment operation.
  • Carry out responsibilities in a secure fashion.
  • Daily consultation with the sous-chef regarding restaurant outlet service to reduce kitchen waste
  • Comprehend and execute fundamental culinary procedures and duties, including first-in, first-out, labeling, and sanitation.
  • While preparing food, observe the quality and presentation of every item.
  • Rotate and stock goods
  • Notify the Sous Chef of items with limited stock levels.
  • Assist at the line, salad station, prep station, or any other stations as required. Establish the ticket flow process and manage the speed of food orders.
  • Examine foods to ascertain whether they have undergone adequate cooking.
  • Clean, operate, and maintain the following appliances: flat-top grill, deep fryer, broiler, furnace, steamer, food processor, and oven steam table.
  • Assist in the preparation of culinary ingredients, including food storage, portioning, and chopping.
  • All products must be labeled, dated, stored, and rotated in accordance with designated stock levels.
  • Maintain adequate supplies of requested food items to prevent overproduction.
  • Efficiently produce food items while demonstrating proper methodology to attain optimal productivity.
  • Provide support in the assembly and disassembly of workstations. Verify and validate the accuracy of food and appliance temperatures.
  • Adhere to all safety and security policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Preparing chilled foods in accordance with the recipe while observing their flavor and appearance
  • Preparing meats and poultry for cooking requires trimming, boning, and basic sanitation; maintaining a clean work environment; and rotating stocks and clear refrigerators.
  • Effectively execute responsibilities associated with refrigerated entree lines, in addition to food preparation duties as mandated.

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Position Requirements for H2b Visa Sponsorship Jobs USA:

  • The equivalent of a high school diploma or GED, vocational training, or work-related courses
  • One year of minimum-line cooking experience in a prestigious resort, private club, or fine dining establishment is required.
  • Core computer competencies
  • Proficient in speaking and writing English legibly
  • Perform elementary mathematics
  • Occasional speech and/or hearing
  • Regularly perform lifting of up to 30 pounds
  • Manipulate or lift objects with your hands or fingertips. Constantly stand, walk, climb, or balance, bend, stoop, kneel, crouch, or reach with your arms or hands.
  • Permittance to stand for prolonged durations
  • Employer-funded pre-employment background checks are administered equally to H-2B and U.S. laborers.

Benefits of H2b Visa Sponsorship Jobs USA:

  • Temporary Employment: The H-2B visa grants foreign nationals the ability to occupy temporary positions, such as those in the food and hospitality sector, where additional personnel may be required during peak or seasonal periods.
  • Legal Work Status: Sponsorship of an H-2B visa grants legal authorization to foreign laborers to perform employment in the United States for the period specified in the petition that has been approved.
  • Competitive Salary and Benefits: Employers who sponsor H-2B visas are obligated to provide remuneration and perks that are on par with those extended to American employees in analogous job roles. This measure guarantees equitable remuneration for foreign laborers.
  • Cultural Exchange: Cooking positions provide foreign employees with the opportunity to gain exposure to American culture, cuisine, and hospitality, thereby facilitating a cross-cultural exchange.
  • Development of Skills: Foreign workers may gain valuable experience and skills while working as cooks in the United States, which they may then employ in future endeavors or take back to their home country.
  • Possibility for Travel: The H-2B visa grants temporary residence and employment in the United States to foreign nationals, thereby facilitating cultural immersion and travel.
  • Transient Relief for Labor Shortages: The H-2B visa program can be utilized by employers in the hospitality industry, including establishments like restaurants and hotels, to tackle transient labor shortages caused by seasonal or peak demand.
  • Employer Support: Foreign workers’ transitions are frequently facilitated by employers who sponsor H-2B visas by aiding with the visa application process, travel arrangements, and initial housing.

Daily complimentary meals and complimentary public transportation from Bozeman to the Yellowstone Club are among the many advantageous perks provided by the club. Furthermore, your workplace is situated in one of the most breathtaking locations on the planet.

More Info

  1. How can I get visa sponsorship to work in USA?

    Visa sponsorship can occur if you have a job offer in your name from a U.S. employer. That means that your employer will offer sponsorship for your visa application and handle the necessary documentation. However, such ability is limited to particular conditions.

  2. What does a cook do?

    A cook is responsible for the strategic organization, preparation, and cooking of food items so as to provide consumers with the utmost service and experience. They contribute to the effective functioning and organization of the kitchen. They ensure obedience to food storage procedures, sanitation, and proper food handling.

  3. How many hours do cooks work?

    A culinary position in a restaurant involves 12- to 14 hours of work per shift, seven days per week. In fact, that is essentially the standard in the industry. Regardless of your level of expertise in the kitchen, you are capable of putting in at least 50 hours per week.

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