H1b Visa Sponsorship for Social Media Manager

H1b Visa Sponsorship for Social Media Manager

Ascension is seeking a seasoned healthcare marketing manager to direct and direct our growth-oriented strategic initiatives via word-of-mouth and social media. A solid background in social media strategy, influencer marketing, and online storytelling within the context of a broader direct marketing and digital strategy will define the optimal candidate.

Details About H1b Visa Sponsorship for Social Media Manager:

  • Organization: Ascension
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: $80,059 a year
  • Department: Marketing & Communications
  • Schedule: Monday – Friday

About Ascension:

Ascension is an industry-leading provider of healthcare with a nationwide mission to revolutionize the sector. Being at the vanguard of delivering innovative healthcare solutions, our mission is to provide individualized, compassionate care to all. In support of our business development and marketing strategy, we are in search of a Manager, Social Media Strategy who shares our dedication to excellence in marketing.

Key Responsibilities of H1b Visa Sponsorship for Social Media Manager:

  • Strategic Planning: Assist in the formulation and implementation of social media strategic plans by ensuring a unified platform and voice are applied to over 250 branded accounts. Directs a network of community managers and a social media team across all markets and business divisions of Ascension, ensuring that they are all aligned around a unified strategy, performance, and set of policies.
  • Social Media Strategy: Proficient knowledge and familiarity with social media best practices, with a specific focus on the healthcare sector. Comprehend social media channels and trends, and possess the ability to effectively navigate the ever-changing social media environment to enhance marketing performance and engage target audiences.
  • Social Media Content: Oversees the development of a strategic platform, roadmap, and calendar for social media content that supports marketing and engagement objectives, such as consumer engagement for action, word-of-mouth support for consumer experience, and shareable storytelling.
  • Community Management: Oversees service recovery, social media monitoring, and community management for all 250 accounts, in close collaboration with Consumer Experience and the Marketing online reputation management team.
  • Business Analytics and Acumen: Facilitate strategy alignment regarding the achievement of business projections and objectives, with proficiency in business analytics about capacity, volume, and preparedness.
  • Regarding Marketing Collaboration: Work closely and in real-time with leaders of Demand Marketing and Marketing Performance to ensure real-time iteration and effective, efficient plan implementation.
  • Partnership: Foster collaboration among cross-functional teams, such as those responsible for marketing, finance, and business development, to guarantee the synchronization and implementation of strategic initiatives.

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Benefits of H1b Visa Sponsorship for Social Media Manager:

  • Employment in the U.S.: The principal advantage of H-1B visa sponsorship is the provision of legal employment in the United States for foreign professionals, including social media managers.
  • Professional Development Prospects: The job market for social media specialists in the United States is strong, offering prospects for career progression and exposure to a wide range of initiatives.
  • Professional Development: Social media managers can enhance their professional development by gaining exposure to cutting-edge tools, technologies, and strategies in the industry while employed by a U.S. company.
  • Networking: Residing in the United States provides the opportunity to establish connections with experts in the fields of social media and digital marketing, which may result in the formation of partnerships and collaborations.
  • Cultural Exposure: Cultural exposure is a valuable benefit of living and working in the United States for professionals, as it enables them to develop their adaptability and broaden their perspectives.
  • Competitive Compensation: H-1B visa holders are eligible to receive a competitive salary, which guarantees equitable remuneration for their specialized knowledge and abilities as social media managers.
  • Organizational Investment: Employers who are inclined to provide sponsorship for H-1B visas generally place significance on the competencies and expertise that foreign professionals contribute. This may result in a conducive professional atmosphere and prospects for development.
  • Global Recognition: The Social Media Manager’s resume and marketability are enhanced by the valuable experience gained from managing social media for a U.S.-based company.
  • Possibility of Permanent Residency: As a dual-intent visa, the H-1B permits its holder to continue residing and working in the United States while pursuing permanent residency (a green card). Individuals seeking long-term opportunities may find this to be a crucial advantage.

Requirements for H1b Visa Sponsorship for Social Media Manager:

  • Educational Background: Preferred qualifications for the position include a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, healthcare administration, or a closely related discipline. An advantage is possessing an MBA or advanced degree in a pertinent field.
  • Strategic Leadership: Proficiency in strategic planning, spanning a minimum of five to eight years, accompanied by a demonstrated history of spearheading and implementing strategic endeavors within intricate organizational structures. Significantly advantageous is prior experience in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand, healthcare, hospitality, or financial services sectors.
  • Strategic Thinking: Proficient in strategic thinking and adept at resolving challenges; capable of formulating and implementing all-encompassing strategic blueprints that are by the objectives of the organization.
  • Project Management: Proven and exceptional attention to detail and project management expertise, including the capacity to plan, organize, and execute complex strategic initiatives with efficacy. Capability to simultaneously organize, manage, and process multiple initiatives with varying degrees of deliverables.
  • Proficient Communication Abilities: Outstanding aptitude for delivering presentations and communicating intricate concepts and strategies to stakeholders both internal and external to the organization.
  • Driven by Results: Possessing a proven track record of effectively generating quantifiable business results via strategic planning and implementation.
  • Proficiency in the Industry: Comprehend the healthcare, hospitality, or financial services sectors, encompassing knowledge of prevailing patterns, obstacles, and prospects within each.
  • Client Relationship Management: Proficient in overseeing client relationships, including account planning, client communication, and problem resolution, as evidenced by work experience.
  • Adaptability: The capacity to adjust and adjust to prosper in a healthcare environment that is dynamic and swiftly evolving.
  • Ethical Standards: A dedication to maintaining the values and mission of Ascension while adhering to rigorous ethical standards.

Why Join Our Team:

Our dedication to transforming healthcare and providing care to all, especially those in greatest need, is dependent on Ascension associates. By reimagining how we can provide a healthcare experience centered on the individual and developing the necessary solutions, you can assist us in generating impact. Investigate employment prospects throughout our ministry sites and at our corporate headquarters.

Ascension, a preeminent faith-based national health system, operates in 19 states and comprises 2,600 sites of care, 140 hospitals, and 40 senior living communities. It is a prominent non-profit organization with over 150,000 associates.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values govern all of our operations at Ascension. Each employee is encouraged to participate in volunteer work and contribute positively to their local community. Progression-oriented occupations transcend mere employment status; they afford individuals the chance to better themselves and those in their vicinity.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer:

By applicable federal, state, and local laws, Ascension shall ensure equal employment opportunities (EEO) for all associates and applicants for employment, irrespective of their age, disability, marital status, amnesty, genetic information, carrier status, or any other legally protected status or status as a covered veteran. This policy applies to all associates and applicants for employment.

Consult the EEO Know Your Rights (English) or EEO Know Your Rights (Spanish) posters for additional details.

As a military-friendly organization, Ascension provides numerous benefits to assist in the welfare of our military spouses, families, veterans, and reservists, while also promoting career flexibility. Ascension enables its personnel to leverage their military expertise and distinct viewpoints in the pursuit of civilian careers.

Pay Non-Discrimination Notice:

It should be noted that employment offers from Ascension will be extended exclusively to candidates who have submitted their applications through our official application. Maintain vigilance regarding potential fraudulent employment proposals. Ascension will not request financial or banking details from candidates.

E-Verify Statement:

Participation in the Electronic Employment Verification Program by this employer. Please refer to the E-Verify link provided below for further details.

More Info

  1. Is it hard to get a H-1B sponsor?

    It can be difficult to meet the H1B visa requirements as you must first be sponsored by a U.S. employer. Demand for permits to enter the United States increases daily, and competition for employment in the country is intense. In addition, the annual issuance of H1B visas is bound by an upper limit.

  2. What does a social media manager do?

    Usually, the duties of social media managers involve developing approaches for increasing the number of followers, setting and supervising social campaigns, generating content, assessing analytics, and engaging in communication with important stakeholders within an organization.

  3. Is social media a full-time job?

    In the world of social media, the time and effort needed to achieve any level of success is frequently overlooked. Operating a website requires at least five hours per week, and in execution, ten to twenty hours. Add roughly five hours per week to Twitter.

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