Farm Underwriter - Insurance Jobs in Canada

Farm Underwriter – Insurance Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

Insurance underwriters assess and appraise insurance applications by company policies to ascertain insurance risks, insurance premiums, and the extent of insurance coverage. They are personnel at insurance company headquarters and branch offices.

Details About Farm Underwriter – Insurance Jobs in Canada:

  • Employer: Heartland Mutual Insurance
  • Position: Farm Underwriter – Insurance
  • Location: 100 Erb St E Waterloo, ON N2J 1L9 (Remote work available)
  • Salary: $60,660 to $66,000 annually (To be negotiated) / 35 hours per week
  • Terms of employment: Permanent employment, Full-time
  • Start date: Starts as soon as possible

Overview of the Job:

  • Languages: English
  • Education: No degree, certificate, or diploma
  • Experience Needed: 2 years to less than 3 years
  • Work setting: Urban area


The responsibilities of a Farm Underwriter – Insurance are as follows:

  • You will evaluate both individual and group insurance applications.
  • An assessment of fresh and renewed insurance applications will be conducted to ascertain insurance risks, premiums, coverage extent, and additional regulations.
  • You will offer guidance on underwriting.
  • You will respond to inquiries from other company personnel and clients.
  • Additionally, you will be responsible for generating underwriting reports.

Credentials Needed for the Job:

Certificates, licenses, memberships, and courses

  • Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP)

Experience and specialization:

Insurance experience

  • Liability insurance
  • Business risk insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Property insurance

Additional information about the Job:

Work conditions and physical capabilities

  • Work under pressure
  • Attention to detail

Personal suitability

  • Client focus
  • Dependability
  • Efficient interpersonal skills
  • Excellent oral communication
  • Excellent written communication
  • Initiative
  • Judgment
  • Organized
  • Team player

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Benefits of Farm Underwriter – Insurance Jobs in Canada:

  • Employment Stability: In comparison to other sectors, the insurance industry is generally less susceptible to economic downturns, which is a significant benefit. Farm underwriters fulfill a vital function by evaluating and controlling the risks linked to agricultural activities; doing so offers a secure and sought-after professional trajectory.
  • Industry Expertise: Farm underwriters acquire specialized expertise and knowledge in the field of agricultural risk management. By acquiring knowledge about the distinct obstacles and prospects that exist in the agricultural industry, they establish themselves as reliable consultants for farmers and agricultural enterprises.
  • Contribution to Agriculture: Farm underwriters make a significant contribution to the agricultural sector through the provision of insurance solutions that are customized to meet the unique requirements of agribusinesses and farmers. Farm underwriters contribute to the protection of farmers’ financial stability and the uninterrupted operation of agricultural enterprises by mitigating perils such as weather-related incidents, crop failures, and other similar hazards.
  • Profession Development: Engaging in the role of an agricultural underwriter presents prospects for professional growth and career progression within the insurance sector. By gaining further education and experience, underwriters have the opportunity to advance to more senior positions, including product managers, risk management specialists, or team leaders.
  • Analytical Skills: Farm underwriters cultivate robust analytical and risk assessment capabilities by scrutinizing insurance applications, assessing farm operations, and ascertaining available coverage alternatives. These valuable and transferable analytic abilities apply to a variety of positions outside the insurance industry.
  • Client Interaction: Farm underwriters frequently engage in direct client interaction with agricultural producers, insurance agents, and farmers. By engaging in client-facing activities, underwriters are allowed to cultivate relationships, deliver tailored service, and acquire a more profound comprehension of clients’ concerns and requirements.
  • Financial Incentives: Insurance careers, including those involving farm underwriting, generally provide competitive compensation and benefits packages. Based on their contributions to the success of the organization, underwriters might also be eligible to receive performance-based incentives or compensation.
  • Work-Life Balance: To promote work-life balance, many insurance providers provide flexible work arrangements, such as the ability to work remotely and adaptable schedules. This adaptability may assist personnel in attaining a more harmonious equilibrium between their occupational and personal spheres.
  • Job Satisfaction: A significant source of job fulfillment for farm underwriters is frequently the knowledge that their efforts contribute directly to the agricultural sector’s resilience and sustainability. Aiding producers in risk management and livelihood protection can be gratifying and rewarding.
  • Stability of the Industry: The Canadian insurance industry is stable and well-regulated, providing a safe environment for long-term career development and growth. Underwriters specializing in agriculture can have faith in the future and stability of their chosen profession.

How to apply:

You can apply online by clicking the link below:

More Info

How-to-apply instructions:

The following information is required on your application:

  • Copy of pertinent work samples or portfolio

About the Employer:

Heartland Mutual Insurance is a Canadian insurance company with over 140 years of experience protecting enterprises and individuals.

Because the organization is owned by its policyholders, it is dedicated to delivering optimal service and value to its clientele.

Heartland Mutual provides an extensive selection of insurance products, which comprise:

  • Home Insurance
  • Car & Truck Insurance
  • Farm Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance

Additionally, the organization provides an assortment of specialized merchandise, including equipment insurance, livestock insurance, and agricultural insurance.

Heartland Mutual is renowned for its dedication to its clients and its individualized service.

A group of knowledgeable and experienced agents is at the company’s disposal to assist clients in selecting the most suitable insurance products for their budgets and requirements.

Job duties of Underwriter – Insurance:

An underwriter in the insurance industry in Canada may be expected to perform any or all of the subsequent duties:

  • Examine group and individual insurance applications, including those for auto, fire, health, liability, life, property, marine, and aircraft.
  • Using medical reports, rate tables, and other documents and reference materials, evaluate new and renewal applications to determine insurance risks, insurance premiums, the extent of insurance coverage, and other terms of the insurance contract; adjust premiums, coverage, or risk to facilitate acceptance of new and renewal applications.
  • Ensure insurance policy sales are authorized and by governmental regulations.
  • Offer suggestions regarding the design of individual or group insurance plans.
  • Provide underwriting guidance and respond to client and insurance agents, consultants, and other company personnel inquiries.
  • When required, prepare underwriting reports and update insurance forms.

Job titles of Underwriter – Insurance:

  • Group underwriter
  • Insurance underwriter
  • Liability underwriter
  • Property underwriter

Latest Farm Underwriter – Insurance Jobs in Canada:

LocationAvailable jobsLinks
British Columbia1Apply
Prince Edward Island1Apply

  1. Are underwriters in demand in Canada?

    “Demand for intermediate to senior [commercial underwriters] is significant,” said Stefan Rolfe, Impact Recruitment’s assistant director of insurance. “The insurance sector is currently experiencing consistent growth.” This remains for all positions, such as underwriters.”

  2. How much do underwriters make in Canada?

    In Canada, the average yearly wage for an Underwriter is $62,142. In Canada, the average amount of additional cash remuneration received by an underwriter is $4,051, covering a range of $2,256 to $7,273. The estimated salaries have been calculated from 1093 salaries that were anonymously submitted to Glassdoor by employees of Underwriters in Canada.

  3. What is underwriting in insurance?

    Insurance underwriting involves analyzing risk to determine whether an insurance company is going to provide coverage and, if so, to establish a price for that coverage. In the beginning, underwriting was an entirely manual process reliant on learned expertise. At the moment, this procedure requires the application of advances like artificial intelligence and data analytics.

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