Executive Assistant - H-1B USA Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Executive Assistant – H-1B USA Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Peachtree Versatile Assistants (VAs) serve as dependable and committed support systems for customers in diverse industries, functioning as executive assistants. We endeavor to establish long-lasting partnerships between our clients and our virtual assistants through our method matching procedure, which pairs you with clients whose needs and expertise closely match your own.

You assist small and medium-sized business proprietors with administrative and operational tasks as a VA. By delegating duties, thereby allowing them to devote more time to expanding their businesses.

The culture at Peachtree VA is built upon the principles of enthusiasm and individuality. Each assistant on our team is devoted to their field and possesses the requisite perseverance, inquisitiveness, and determination. Our clients can receive dependable, high-end assistance with a personal touch due to the possession of these attributes.

Details About Executive Assistant:

  • Organization: Peachtree Versatile Assistants
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Salary: $22 per hour
  • Shift and schedule: Monday to Friday
  • Country: United States

Responsibilities of Executive Assistant:

  • Routine client communication (through video or phone conferences).
  • Email administration entails organizing and monitoring one or more inboxes per client.
  • Coordinate external and internal appointments for multiple executives and manage complex and hectic calendars.
  • Material preparation, including the creation of documents, presentations, expense reports, and spreadsheets.
  • Travel management entails activities such as itinerary investigation, reservation making, and the booking of domestic and international flights.
  • Assist in the formulation of communications and content, including but not limited to website content, webinars, newsletters, and emails.
  • Research responsibilities.
  • Assist in the execution of digital marketing strategies, including the coordination of social media posts and newsletters.
  • Support for Operations: development, implementation, and upkeep of standardized operating processes, workflows, and procedures.
  • Admin responsibilities linked to CRM software.

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Benefits of Executive Assistant:

  • Proximate professional association: Executive Assistants maintain a close working relationship with senior executives, affording them distinctive perspectives on the strategic dimensions of the organization and the decision-making process. This intimate association may result in opportunities for mentorship and access to discussions at the highest level.
  • Skill Development: The Executive Assistant position frequently encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including but not limited to managing the calendar, coordinating travel, organizing meetings, and overseeing communications. This diversity contributes to the development of a wide range of abilities, such as problem-solving, organizational, communication, and multitasking skills.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Executive assistants frequently engage in interactions with a diverse array of professionals, including those from external organizations. This exposure may facilitate advantageous networking opportunities that are conducive to professional growth.
  • Insider Knowledge: Executive assistants possess insider knowledge regarding sensitive information and the internal operations of the company. This confidential information may enhance one’s professional development and potentially facilitate progress in one’s employment with the organization.
  • Professional Development: Many organizations allocate resources toward enhancing the professional development of their executive assistants. This may encompass educational initiatives such as workshops, training programs, and conferences or seminars, which serve to augment their expertise and understanding.
  • High-Level Responsibilities: Executive Assistants are bestowed with significant high-level obligations that directly contribute to the achievement of the executives they provide support. A sense of accomplishment and job fulfillment may result from this.
  • Problem-Solving Opportunities: Executive assistants frequently confront difficult circumstances that demand agile decision-making and efficient resolution of issues, owing to the ever-evolving nature of executive positions. This may contribute to intellectual stimulation and individual development.
  • Competitive Compensation: Executive assistants, particularly those who provide support to high-level executives, are frequently remunerated competitively under the level of accountability and confidence entailed in their position.
  • Employment Security: The responsibilities of an executive assistant are generally critical for the efficient operation of the office of an executive. Consequently, these roles frequently experience a certain level of employment stability, particularly in establishments where executive support plays a pivotal role.
  • Flexibility: Although the position of Executive Assistants can be taxing, they frequently enjoy some autonomy in organizing their schedules, particularly in contrast to the inflexible timetables of the executives they assist.
  • Variety in Daily Tasks: Daily Diversification of Duties Executive assistants may be entrusted with a variety of duties, including event coordination, schedule and appointment management, and communication processing. This diversity can prevent the job from becoming monotonous and add interest to the position.

Key Attributes:

  • Proficient, resolute, and seasoned communicator with solid verbal and written aptitudes who can interact with individuals of varying personalities with tact and diplomacy.
  • A courteous and professional demeanor.
  • Attention to detail and capable of working efficiently with few errors.
  • Active and amenable to proposing supplementary domains of accountability that are amenable to delegation.
  • Demonstrate independent problem identification and resolution through proactive and inventive problem-solving-solver – concentrate on solutions.
  • Capability to work effectively in a fast-paced virtual environment and manage deadlines and priorities accordingly.
  • Proficient in and keen to master new technologies.
  • Proficient in carrying out responsibilities with utmost discretion and confidentiality, while demonstrating integrity and reliability when handling sensitive data.
  • Effectively manage ambiguity and direction changes as solutions are developed.
  • With a positive attitude, ambitious, engaging, flexible, patient, and open-minded self-starter.

Qualifications for Executive Assistant:

  • A minimum of one year of experience in remote work is mandatory.
  • Yearly residency in the continental United States is required.
  • Required prior management experience with multiple clients, accounts, and initiatives
  • Two or more years of experience managing complex calendars and emails are required.
  • Prior experience organizing travel and generating expense reports
  • Availability for work completion, email correspondence, Zoom meetings, and more from Monday through Friday during business hours.
  • A minimum of 15 hours per week of availability
  • A PC (including webcam) or Mac (preferred) computer equipped with the latest version of Microsoft Office (including all applications; PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and Outlook) is required.
  • A dependable and swift Internet connection
  • A mobile device equipped with email functionalities and the capacity to install a multitude of applications.
  • Candidates who possess a high level of proficiency in widely used online programs and software that is commonly encountered by small business proprietors are preferred.
  • Expertise in technology, including Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and prevalent CRM and project management platforms
  • A bachelor’s degree is ideal.

Additional Information:

  • 1099 position of contractor
  • Remote placement
  • The hourly wage is $22.00
  • A background investigation could be performed on all applicants.
  • Every candidate must pass a thorough skills evaluation.

Our Commitment to You:

Peachtree VA is dedicated to ensuring that every member of our team has access to opportunities for professional development, complemented by the continuous assistance of a Relationship Specialist. We value the time that our VAs devote to us, and in return, we strive to invest both personally and professionally in you.

Peachtree V (Peachtree Versatile Assistants) is an employer that values equal opportunity. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all team members and value diversity.

For More Info:

Email Your CV, and We’ll Find the Best Pathway For you: info@usavisasponsorshipjobs.com

  1. What job role is EA?

    An executive assistant, typically abbreviated as EA offers crucial business and administrative assistance to several directors, CEOs, and other senior management personalities.

  2. Is executive assistant a high position?

    As a consequence of the position’s difficult and delicate requirements, the executive assistant ranking is regarded as quite senior. An individual aspiring to work as an EA would be required to gain experience in administrative assistant, secretarial, or office assistant positions before progressing.

  3. What qualifications do I need to be an executive assistant?

    A degree in business administration and project management, both of which are valuable credentials, would allow you to succeed in this position. Obtaining an executive assistant employment requires practical experience and education in the organization’s procedures and rules.

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