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Dining Coordinator Jobs in USA 2024 – Apply Now

We cordially invite you to apply for the position of Part-Time Overnight In-Room Dining Coordinator at Four Seasons Hotel Chicago. Our establishment is a dynamic center of culture, fashion, and vitality, and it features our recently renovated restaurant, which daringly reimagines emblematic luxury to encapsulate the spirit of Chicago via drink, art, cuisine, and music.

It is a privilege to have Four Seasons Hotel Chicago included in TripAdvisor’s list of the twenty-five finest luxury hotels in the United States. In addition to 345 luxurious visitor rooms and suites, we also provide a spa. The renowned Magnificent Mile, the opulent North Michigan Avenue retail district, and the city’s financial and business district are all within minutes’ distance. Adorn serves cuisine with a global influence, with an emphasis on the bounty of the Midwest.

Craft cocktails and a wine list that incites dialogue are featured at Adorn Bar, which exudes an inviting, convivial atmosphere that begs to be explored.

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Details of Dining Coordinator Jobs in USA:

  • Job type: Part-time
  • Company: Four Seasons
  • Shift and schedule: Weekends as needed, Overnight shift, Evenings as needed, Holidays

Opportunity for Dining Coordinator Jobs in USA:

The in-room dining coordinator is a critical member of the food and beverage staff, committed to delivering outstanding service and quality to our patrons.

We are currently seeking candidates who demonstrate a diligent work ethic and exceptional attention to detail. Additionally, multitasking and prioritization skills are required for this position.

The in-room dining coordinator must establish a positive relationship with each visitor. This individual will consistently exhibit a cordial, thoughtful, and competent demeanor when interacting with patrons, visitors, and fellow staff members. IRD servers, cooks, chefs, stewards, and administrators should collaborate with you to implement and facilitate service. constantly ensures that visitors are provided with courteous, professional, and prompt service.

To foster collaboration, successful candidates will be enthusiastic team players who are proficient with electronic systems and willing to accept assignments as they become necessary. The ability to work on vacations, holidays, early mornings, and evenings

Qualifications and Skills for Dining Coordinator Jobs in USA:

  • Engage in pre-shift meetings to receive daily updates and maintain a consistent foundation of knowledge.
  • At all times, conduct yourself in a cordial, professional, and courteous manner when interacting with patrons, visitors, and fellow staff members.
  • Execute initiatives and responsibilities assigned by the leadership team.
  • IRD servers, cooks, chefs, stewards, and administrators should collaborate with you to implement and facilitate service.
  • enables correspondence between the FOH and BOH.
  • constantly ensures that visitors are provided with courteous, professional, and prompt service.
  • establishes rapport with attendees.
  • Specify every aspect of the menu, including any modifications or additions.
  • Respond to any inquiries regarding food and beverages concerning the menu items and allergens.
  • Employ suggestive selling techniques to increase the value of visitor orders.
  • Liaise with the kitchen and servers to ensure constant communication.
  • Comprehend the guest’s order and effectively relay it to the service staff.
  • Assist the chef with culinary expediting.
  • Ensure that all food products are prepared and served by the standards consistently.
  • At all times, ensure that the area is safe and sanitary (including hot boxes, carts, guestroom floors, and landings).
  • As required, maintain and restock paper supplies.
  • Guarantee the prompt and efficient completion of all orders.

Candidates must have valid work authorization for U.S:

Kindly be advised that, as a result of the substantial volume of applications received, only those who are being evaluated for the aforementioned position will be contacted to arrange an interview.

Employees of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts on an internal level may qualify for L-1A visa sponsorship. Concerning eligibility, kindly communicate with your people and culture team.

About Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts:

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts can provide what many hospitality professionals only dream of the chance to establish a prosperous, lifelong profession with international reach and genuine satisfaction derived from a job well done. We seek out talented individuals who adhere to the Golden Rule—individuals who are predisposed to treat others as we would like to be treated.

As Four Seasons endeavors to achieve remarkable expansion over the coming decade, our most valuable assets remain our talented staff, with whom we maintain a solid rapport grounded in the Golden Rule. The yearly accolades bestowed upon Four Seasons on a corporate level, in addition to our hotels, resorts, and residences globally, serve as tangible evidence of this association and establish our organization as an unequivocal “employer of choice.”

We believe in greeting newcomers with a friendly greeting and treating all guests as we would like to be treated at Four Seasons. We firmly believe that our objective is to forge enduring impressions, whether it be through collaboration, accommodation, exploration, or living together. It stems from the conviction that establishing genuine connections with others and the environment enhances the quality of life.

“The reason for our success is unknown.” It all boils down to a single principle that transcends cultural, religious, and temporal boundaries. “It is the Golden Rule—the straightforward notion that individuals will reciprocate your good treatment if you treat them as you would like to be treated.” Chairman and Founder of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Isadore Sharp

Benefits of Dining Coordinator Jobs in USA:

  • Opinions on Leadership Opportunities: Dining coordinators frequently occupy leadership roles, which afford them the ability to oversee and guide dining service teams, thereby cultivating their professional advancement and maturation.
  • Creative Management: Coordinators may possess a certain level of autonomy in shaping the menu, organizing dining events, and improving service, which allows them to demonstrate their aptitude for gastronomy and ingenuity.
  • Customer Engagement: Engaging in conversation with patrons, soliciting their input, and guaranteeing a satisfactory dining experience can yield gratification and inform coordinators of the desires and requirements of customers.
  • Collaboration in Teams: Coordinators facilitate teamwork and collaboration with servers, kitchen staff, and other dining personnel to provide superior service.
  • Skill Enhancement: The position provides prospects for the development of proficiencies in staff supervision, menu planning, food preparation, budgeting, and inventory control.
  • Creativity and Adaptability: Dining coordinators are frequently required to accommodate changing culinary trends, dietary restrictions, and cultural preferences; this requires them to be innovative and flexible in their positions.
  • Facilities Administration: To maintain dining facilities in a sanitary, secure, and hospitable manner, coordinators may be responsible for their oversight.
  • Career Advancement: Proficient execution in the role of a dining coordinator may result in prospects for progression within the food service or hospitality sector.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Engaging in dining services offers the chance to establish connections with suppliers, purveyors, and industry experts, which may facilitate future career opportunities or collaborative ventures.
  • Enhancement of Experience: Dining coordinators make a substantial contribution to the overall dining experience by ensuring that superior cuisine quality and service standards are maintained.

Contact the People & Culture Department at 312-649-2153 if you are a qualified individual with a disability or disabled veteran requiring reasonable accommodation to use or access our online system.

Seize this opportunity to be a part of our illustrious team and advance your career with the preeminent luxury hotel company in the world! We eagerly await the submission of your application. Four Seasons is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. Women, veterans, minorities, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

More Info

  1. What does a room dining coordinator do?

    to have complete knowledge of all areas of the room service department, including the food and beverage menu. to supervise the preparation and service of all guest orders, ensuring efficient quality control of the delivery of all items. to take special care in checking the preparation of VIP gifts.

  2. What is the name of the dining room manager? 

    Dining Room Manager/Maitre d’Hotel A dining room manager’s primary responsibility is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the dining area in a restaurant, overseeing the dining room staff, maintaining a high level of customer service, and ensuring an exceptional dining experience for all guests.

  3. What are the duties of a coordinator? 

    In most cases, the coordinator’s main roles include Management: administering or supervising the operations of the Freedom of Information and Privacy program. Coordination is organizing the various parts of an activity to enable collaboration and efficient communication.

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