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Data Engineer 2024 – H-1B USA Visa Sponsorship Jobs

An exceptionally proficient data engineer is required to assist in the development, operation, and expansion of cutting-edge data platforms and tools. These assets will underpin data-driven analytics functionalities across the entire ZAG products and services portfolio, encompassing domains including business intelligence, reporting, and data analytics.

An ideal team member is a seasoned data pipeline designer and data wrangler with a passion for optimizing and constructing data systems from the ground up. Supporting the data requirements of numerous clients, teams, systems, and products while facilitating the modernization of ecosystems is an absolute necessity.

The ideal candidate will be enthusiastic about the possibility of redesigning or optimizing data processes to facilitate the next generation of advanced analytics capabilities. This, in turn, will entail implementing strategic improvements to sustain a competitive edge in the field.

The accomplished member of the team will utilize their expertise to…

  • Identify, design, and implement internal process enhancements, such as re-engineering infrastructure to increase scalability, automating manual processes, and optimizing data delivery.
  • Construct the analytical procedures necessary to extract, transform, and load data from diverse sources in an optimal manner by leveraging cloud-based “big data” technologies, SQL, and data management.
  • Construct analytics tools that leverage technological advancements to furnish practical insights pertaining to customer acquisition, operational efficiency, and additional critical metrics of business performance.
  • Regional and local requirements should be identified and resolved in conjunction with client teams, using the standard global business model for enterprise analytics as the framework.
  • contributes to strategy sessions, meetings, and discussions in which proposed, evaluated, and approved changes, enhancements, and improvements are discussed.

The outstanding team member will possess or exhibit notable accomplishments in the following areas:

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related discipline
  • Practical knowledge of BI and data warehousing technologies
  • Work experience with enterprise data, where data governance and security are of the utmost importance
  • Capability for both solitary and collaborative work, as well as the ability to engage all organizational levels effectively
  • Proficient in the operations of distributed systems that power analytics and large-scale data processing, I have effectively managed, processed, and extracted value from sizable, disconnected datasets in the past.
  • Capacity for effective communication (including questioning, presenting, and hearing)
  • Proficient in writing, organizational, and communication abilities

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About ZAG:

ZAG Technical Services enhances employee productivity, network security, and team collaboration through intelligent business solutions that empower the success of our clients. Our objective is to ensure that the IT investments of our clients generate a positive return on investment, grant them a competitive edge, and facilitate their expansion. We accomplish this by exemplifying our fundamental set of principles: client-centricity, integrity, accountability, teamwork, and striving for excellence.

What ZAG has to offer:

  • package of competitive compensation
  • Medical, dental, vision, 401(k), and life insurance are among the perks provided.

ZAG Technical Services is an employer that values equal opportunity. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment for all of our employees and value diversity.
As an E-Verify participant, ZAG Technical Services will furnish the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Social Security Administration (SSA), if required, with information extracted from the Form I-9 of every newly hired employee in order to validate work authorization.

Benefits of Data Engineer:

  • High Demand: Data engineers are in high demand as organizations increasingly rely on data to make informed decisions. This high demand often leads to competitive salaries and job security.
  • Competitive Compensation: Data engineers typically receive competitive salaries due to their specialized skill set and the growing importance of data in businesses.
  • Career Growth: Data engineering is a dynamic field with many opportunities for career growth. With experience, data engineers can advance to senior roles, such as lead data engineer or data engineering manager.
  • Skill Development: Data engineers work with cutting-edge technologies and tools, which allows them to continuously develop their technical and analytical skills.
  • Problem-Solving: Data engineering often involves addressing complex data challenges, making it intellectually stimulating and rewarding for those who enjoy problem-solving.
  • Job Variety: Data engineers work in diverse industries, including technology, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce, providing opportunities to explore different sectors and domains.
  • Contribution to Data Science: Data engineers play a vital role in building the infrastructure and pipelines that data scientists and analysts use to derive insights, making them integral to data-driven decision-making.
  • Job Satisfaction: Data engineers often take pride in the tangible impact they have on an organization’s data infrastructure and analytics capabilities.
  • Team Collaboration: Data engineers collaborate with various teams, including data scientists, analysts, and IT professionals, promoting a multidisciplinary work environment.
  • Learning Opportunities: The data engineering field is continuously evolving, offering opportunities for professionals to stay updated on the latest technologies and methodologies.
  • Remote Work Opportunities: Many data engineering tasks can be performed remotely, providing flexibility in work arrangements.
  • Global Job Market: Data engineering skills are in demand worldwide, allowing professionals to explore job opportunities in different countries.
  • Contribution to Innovation: Data engineers help organizations harness the power of data to drive innovation and improve products and services.
  • Work-Life Balance: Many organizations in the data engineering field offer good work-life balance, which can be appealing to those seeking a healthy lifestyle.
  • Industry Recognition: Skilled data engineers are highly regarded within the data and technology industry, leading to recognition and respect among peers and employers.

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  1. What is a data engineer’s salary in the USA?

    The average salary for a data engineer in the US is $124,483. The average additional cash compensation for a data engineer in the US is $26,862. The average total compensation for a data engineer in the US is $151,345.

  2. Is a data engineer in demand?

    Data engineers are in demand in every industry. That is why it would not be wrong to say that there is a lot of demand for new unicorns. For those who want to make a career in the field of data engineering, it is necessary to learn their unique skills.

  3. Is being a data engineer a good career in the USA?

    The data engineer career path is rewarding as it empowers you to innovate and develop data applications. As data engineering is the most in-demand job in technology right now, it is a highly competitive field to break into. Candidates must have more than just technical abilities.

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