Chemicals Sales Representative Jobs in Canada

Chemicals Sales Representative Jobs in Canada – Apply Now

Are you an ardent and motivated individual seeking employment in the sales industry? As a leading provider of industrial products and chemicals, G&J Resources Inc. is looking to add a Chemicals Sales Representative to our team. This position provides the chance to develop client relationships, operate in a fast-paced environment, and contribute to the expansion of our company. We are eager to hear from you if you are prepared to advance in your sales profession.

Details About Chemicals Sales Representative Jobs in Canada:

  • Position: Chemical Sales Representative
  • Employer: G&J Resources Inc.
  • Location: Markham, ON (Remote work is available.)
  • Salary: $2,500 to $4,000 monthly (to be negotiated) or 30 to 40 hours per week
  • Terms of employment: permanent employment, full-time
  • Schedule/Shift: Day
  • Start date: Starts as soon as possible.
  • Benefits: health benefits, financial benefits
  • Languages: English
  • Education: college, CEGEP, or equivalent experience
  • Experience: Will train
  • Work Setting: Urban Area

Technical Sales Specialist – Wholesale Trade


Technical sales specialists in the wholesale trade sector are of utmost importance as they are responsible for selling a wide variety of technical products and services to clients. These include services related to agriculture, science, industry, electricity, telecommunications, and computers.

They collaborate with commercial and industrial institutions as well as governments to serve both domestic and international markets.

These individuals are employed by a variety of businesses, including pharmaceutical, industrial equipment, computer services, and hydroelectric organizations; alternatively, they may be self-employed specialists who subcontract their services to other businesses. Supervisors of technical sales are also classified under this unit group.

Responsibilities of Chemicals Sales Representative:

In the role of a Chemicals Sales Representative, one’s duties will comprise the following:

  • Increasing sales with existing customers
  • Soliciting and identifying prospective clients
  • Assessing the requirements and resources of the client and suggesting the most suitable products or services
  • Creating proposals and reports to demonstrate the advantages of utilizing particular merchandise or services
  • Administration and preparation of sales contracts
  • After-sale consultation with clients to offer ongoing support
  • Resolving issues associated with products and services

Experience and Specialization:

  • Knowledge of technology and computers
  • Database Administration
  • MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Office, and MS Word
  • Proficient in investigative matters (including background checks, pre-marital and pre-employment evaluations)
  • Marketing expertise and sales experience with chemicals and chemical products, manufacturing and industrial products

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Additional Information:

Transportation/Travel Information

  • Personal vehicle
  • Explicit in traveling
  • Able to engage in cross-border travel

Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities

  • Extremely rapid environment
  • Perform duties under duress
  • A focus on detail
  • Personal tools and apparatus (cellular phone, computer, printer, and Internet access)

Benefits of Chemicals Sales Representative Jobs in Canada:

  • A Wide Range of Industry Prospects: Chemical sales representatives frequently operate in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and manufacturing sectors, among others. This diversity affords the chance to collaborate with an assortment of clients and products.
  • Professional Development: Progression in the chemical sales industry may present prospects for professional growth. There is a possibility that sales representatives could advance to managerial positions or assume greater responsibilities while working in the marketing and sales divisions.
  • Valuable remuneration: Compensation structures for sales positions, including chemical sales, are frequently commission-based or performance-based. Proficient sales representatives possess the capacity to generate significant revenue under their sales accomplishments.
  • Technical knowledge acquired: Representatives of chemical companies must have a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of the products they sell. This position affords the chance to acquire extensive knowledge of chemical products, their various applications, and trends that are specific to the industry.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: In the chemical sales industry, establishing and maintaining relationships with customers and industry experts is critical. This affords the chance to cultivate a robust professional network, which can prove advantageous for advancement in one’s career and prospects in the future.
  • The Potential for Global Opportunities: Because the chemical industry is global, sales representatives may be presented with opportunities to collaborate with foreign consumers and organizations. This may result in increased travel opportunities and increased exposure to diverse cultures and markets.
  • Autonomy and self-reliance: Certain sales positions, such as chemical sales, provide an element of independence. Frequently, sales representatives are granted autonomy in organizing their schedules, establishing objectives, and formulating approaches to achieve sales targets.
  • Continuous Education: The chemical industry is characterized by constant technological and product development innovation. To foster ongoing professional development and remain well-informed regarding industry trends, new products, and competitive offerings, sales representatives must remain updated.
  • Support for Innovation: Representatives of chemical companies are instrumental in the introduction of innovative technologies and products to the marketplace. They promote industry growth and innovation by facilitating the connection between clients and suitable solutions.
  • Skills for solving problems: Sales representatives frequently confront clients who present obstacles and objections. To surmount these obstacles, one must possess formidable problem-solving and negotiation capabilities, which are advantageous in numerous spheres of life, including the professional sphere.

Job Duties of Chemicals Sales Representative in Canada:

  • Foster and Develop Client Relationships: Establish and cultivate connections with current clients, guaranteeing continuous contentment and confidence.
  • Identify and Solicit Potential Clients: To expand the client base, identify and actively pursue potential clients.
  • Evaluating Client Requirements: Comprehend the needs of clients, propose appropriate products or services, and engage in negotiations regarding pricing and sales conditions.
  • Offering Product Customization: Guide product design when modifications are necessary to cater to clients’ unique requirements.
  • Sales Materials: Create proposals, sales presentations, and additional materials that emphasize the advantages of utilizing the products or services being offered.
  • Cost Estimations: Offer cost projections for maintenance and installation services associated with equipment.
  • Sales Contracts: Maintain accurate customer records and prepare and manage sales contracts.
  • Client Support: Client support encompasses providing assistance after the transaction, resolving equipment-related technical issues, and troubleshooting challenges to guarantee client contentment.
  • Proficiency in Technology: Sustain a comprehensive comprehension of technical products or services to adeptly elucidate their attributes to customers and resolve their inquiries.
  • Sales Strategies: Formulate, execute, and provide an account of sales strategies to accomplish organizational goals.
  • Market Analysis: Conduct market analysis by evaluating prevailing market conditions, observing the actions of competitors, and remaining updated on emerging markets and trends.
  • Training: As required, provide instructions on the operation and maintenance of the apparatus.
  • Supervision: Responsible for supervising the work of other technical personnel and sales specialists.

Job Titles of Chemicals Sales Representative:

  • Aircraft Sales Representative
  • Communication Equipment Sales Representative
  • Construction Equipment Sales Representative
  • Electricity Sales Representative
  • Heavy Equipment Sales Representative
  • Industrial Supplies Sales Representative
  • Medical Instruments Sales Agent
  • Software Sales Representative
  • Technical Sales Representative
  • Technical Sales Supervisor
  • Technical Support Specialist – Wholesale Trade

Who Can Apply to This Job?

Apply for this position only if:

You are a citizen, permanent resident, or transient resident of Canada, respectively.

  • You possess a valid work permit for Canada.
  • If you are not authorized to work in Canada, do not apply. The employer will not respond to your application.

How to Apply For Chemicals Sales Representative Jobs in Canada:

Please submit your application by email to:

How to Apply Instructions:

The following information is required on your application:

  • Documentation of the certifications requested

The job advertisement comprises screening inquiries. Please respond to the subsequent inquiries during the application process:

  • Are you currently legally able to work in Canada?

Become a member of the G&J Resources Inc. team and commence a gratifying professional journey in the field of chemical sales. Submit your application immediately to join our expanding and dynamic organization.

About the Employer: G&J Resources Inc.

G&J Resources Inc. is a Markham, Ontario-based Canadian corporation. It is the global sales headquarters of Yibin Tianyuan, the second-largest producer of chloride-treated titanium dioxide in China. Exclusively on the international market, G&J Resources is responsible for the marketing and sales of Yibin Tianyuan’s chloride process TiO2.

The TiO2 products manufactured by G&J Resources find utility in a diverse range of applications, which encompass:

  • Paints and coatings
  • Plastics
  • Masterbatches
  • Paper and ink
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals

G&J Resources serves a worldwide clientele and distributes its merchandise to more than seventy countries. The organization is dedicated to delivering products and services of the utmost quality to its clientele.

More Info

  1. What are the responsibilities of a sales executive at a chemical company?

    Responsible for selling chemical products (solvent, alcohol) and achieving the forecasted sales budget. Establish a network of clients to service the requirements of a particular target market, as may be assigned by the sales head. Maintains customer rapport and builds relations with customers.

  2. What does a chemical sales representative do?

    Chemical sales representatives represent companies selling a range of industrial, medical, and pharmaceutical goods and services to industrial, business, professional, and other establishments.

  3. What’s a sales representative’s job description?

    Serves customers by selling products and meeting customer needs. Services existing accounts obtains orders, and establishes new accounts by planning and organizing a daily work schedule to call on existing or potential sales outlets and other trade factors.

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