Caretaker H-2A and H-2B USA Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Caretaker H-2A and H-2B USA Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024

The Yellowstone Club in Montana is a sanctuary. Yellowstone Club, a private residential community located in Big Sky, Montana, provides its members with the only private ski and golf community on the globe. Our members adore being a part of this extraordinary community, which offers exceptional skiing and snowboarding, as well as the most beautiful spring and summer weather to appreciate the 18-hole golf course, rivers, hiking, and biking, among other activities. Our personnel are the lifeblood of the Yellowstone Club.

Yellowstone Club is seeking individuals who are enthusiastic about contributing to the allure of Montana while working diligently to ensure that every detail is meticulously attended to, thereby facilitating the creation of unforgettable experiences.

The Employee Housing Caretaker (EHC) is entrusted with the duty of providing support for in-field operations at the Bozeman residences, Big Sky properties, and Gateway Gallatin Inn. The EHC will collaborate closely with the community and field managers of employee housing to guarantee that accommodations and properties are in pristine condition and that employees are completely satisfied with their stays and the housing team’s service.

Details of Caretaker H-2A and H-2B USA Visa Sponsorship Jobs:

Title:Caretaker H-2A and H-2B USA Visa Sponsorship Jobs
Job type:Full-time
Location:Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730

Major Responsibilities:

  • Ensure an environment that is conducive to guests by providing exceptional guest service to every member, resident, and guest. This entails consistently greeting and recognizing each visitor, resident, and member, upholding the highest standards of service, possessing a comprehensive knowledge of employee housing, and exhibiting a positive and amicable disposition.
  • We constantly exhibit professionalism and hospitality toward our guests, represent Yellowstone Club professionally before our members, guests, and residents, and ensure that all transactions are conducted ethically and lawfully.
  • Maintain positive working relationships with all employees of the organization to cultivate and advance a positive work environment.
  • To ensure that employees, members, and visitors are always present in a secure and safe environment, it is essential to comprehend and implement all property safety and security procedures. Immediately seek medical attention and notify the general manager or human resources in the event of an accident or emergency.

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Benefits of Caretaker:

  • Employment Law: Sponsorship for a visa guarantees that a person is authorized to work in the United States. This affords employees the reassurance that their actions are under the immigration laws of the United States.
  • Temporary Employment Opportunity: Caretaker positions that sponsor visas frequently offer transitory employment, enabling workers to remain in the United States for a designated period. This may be acceptable for individuals in search of temporary work experience.
  • Provision of Lodging and Meals: Employers may furnish or offer assistance with lodging and meals for attendants, contingent upon the clauses of the employment contract and the particular visa initiative. This may result in a decreased cost of living for foreign laborers.
  • An Intercultural Exchange: Visa-sponsored caretaker positions in the United States provide the opportunity for individuals to participate in a cultural exchange. By interacting with U.S. citizens, workers are afforded the chance to immerse themselves in American culture and impart insights from their cultural heritage.
  • Financial Assistance: Income from visa-sponsored employment can assist caregivers in achieving their personal and financial objectives. This may entail remitting funds to their country of origin or allocating the proceeds towards individual expenditures.
  • Educational Opportunities: Caretaker positions frequently entail a diverse array of duties and obligations, thereby affording individuals the chance to acquire fresh proficiencies. This may consist of language proficiency, caregiving abilities, and general life skills.
  • Proficiency in cross-cultural communication: A foreign-country caretaker position improves intercultural communication abilities. Constantly required to communicate effectively with employers and care recipients, caregivers must hone their interpersonal and linguistic abilities.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: There may be networking opportunities with members of the local community through caretaker positions. It can be beneficial for one’s professional development and future career prospects to cultivate professional relationships.
  • Medical Insurance: Healthcare coverage may be extended to caretakers, contingent upon the particular visa program and employer policies in place. This measure guarantees healthcare accessibility and mitigates prospective healthcare issues.
  • Maintaining Job Stability: Although temporary, caretaker positions that receive visa sponsorship provide a degree of employment security throughout the mutually agreed-upon period. Employees are empowered to carry out their duties when they have the guarantee of lawful employment.

Essential Job Functions:

The aforementioned essential job functions delineate the criteria that an employee must fulfill to effectively execute this position. To facilitate the performance of critical functions by individuals with disabilities, reasonable accommodations may be implemented.

  • Employee housing cleanliness, minor maintenance, fundamental property management, and numerous preparations
  • Collaborate with the Community and field Manager to ensure the cleanliness of the common areas and exterior spaces of the Gallatin Gateway Inn, process turns, organize shipments and stock, and assist with key code audits, key and code draws, and inspections.
  • Assist with in-field operations by ensuring that resident accommodations are maintained, tidy, and inviting.
  • Guide residents with inquiries to the appropriate locations and pathways.
  • As required, clean rooms, restrooms, and common areas, and remove trash and recyclables.
  • Facilitate the communication of necessary maintenance in employee housing units through collaboration with the maintenance and/or community and field operations managers.
  • Assist the employee housing team in the reporting of any lease violations or resident concerns.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Comply with standards for departmental consistency, organization, punctuality/attendance, and output.
  • Assist in the preparation and distribution of communication materials for employees before each season, which should outline their options for seasonal lodging. Additionally, provide support in the implementation of routine communications, including notices to entries and general reminders.
  • Collaborate with the Housing Team to ascertain housing availability for the current and forthcoming seasons, in addition to arranging housing for international personnel (H2B and J-1).
  • Engage in Yellowstone Club and employee housing training and development opportunities.
  • Facilitate staff participation in the formulation of programs, policies, and procedures while providing support for their development.
  • Execute all obligations and responsibilities with punctuality and effectiveness, adhering to established club policies, procedures, and service standards, to accomplish the overarching goals of this role.
  • Maintain a deferential and upbeat disposition.
  • Employ professionalism and courtesy toward members, guests, vendors, clients, and colleagues.
  • At all times, protect the privacy of our residents, members, and visitors.
  • Constantly maintain a tidy and orderly appearance.
  • Ensure consistent and efficient communication with all personnel, including supervisors, managers, and directors.
  • Employ a safe and high-quality approach to your work.
  • At all times, present Yellowstone Club in a positive light to members, visitors, and residents.
  • The candidate must have the ability to work a flexible schedule and hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Business requirements might necessitate extended work hours.
  • Management reserves the right to assign or reassign duties, work hours, and responsibilities for this position at any time, and nothing in this job description has that effect.

Experience/Education Required:

A high school diploma or GED; one to two years of housekeeping experience, or an equivalent amount of relevant employment experience.

Experience/Education Preferred:

Property management, housekeeping, or other relevant disciplines

Yellowstone Club provides numerous advantageous features, which encompass:

  • Transportation at no cost to and from Bozeman
  • Vision, dental, and medical insurance
  • Reduced-Price Ski Pass
  • Workplace Ski Days
  • Meals provided complimentary during shifts
  • Eligibility for a 401(k) and biweekly match
  • 24-hour access to the fitness center on-site
  • Employee housing discounts at Big Sky and Bozeman
  • Over a thousand retailers receive discounts via ADP LifeMart.
  • Retail sale and end-of-season employee appreciation day

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  1. How can I get sponsored for an H-2B visa?

    Individuals cannot apply for an H-2B visa without sponsorship from a U.S. employer. Individuals must either apply for jobs directly with U.S. employers that will sponsor H-2B visas or locate an ethical recruiter in their home country that can facilitate a connection with U.S. companies seeking H-2B workers.

  2. How much does the H2B visa cost? 

    The USCIS processing fee for an H-2B petition is $460. If you need to apply for a US visa at an embassy or consulate abroad, the visa fee is $190. Certain other fees might apply, depending on your nationality.

  3. How do I get a green card visa (H-2B US)?

    I Have an H-2B Visa—How Can I Get a U.S. Green Card? One of the most common ways foreign workers obtain green cards is by finding a U.S. employer to offer them a job and then sponsoring them for one. To do so, the employer must complete the PERM labor certification process (referred to as “PERM”).

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