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Associate Data Engineer Jobs in USA 2024 – Apply Now

Sumitomo Pharma America (SMPA) is dedicated to providing scientific and therapeutic advancements in critical patient-need areas, including oncology, urology, psychiatry and neurology, rare diseases, cell and gene therapies, and women’s health.

Numerous commercially available products and a robust pipeline of early- to late-stage assets comprise the company’s diversified portfolio. SMPA capitalizes on Sumitomo Pharma’s 125-year history of pioneering advancements by utilizing proprietary internal technology platforms and sophisticated analytics functionalities to expedite the process of discovering and developing novel therapies, thereby facilitating their earlier availability to patients. SMPA is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Pharma.

Job Overview:

An Associate Data Engineer who is dynamic, highly motivated, conscientious, and hands-on is being sought to join our Data Engineering team at this time. A diverse group of individuals, known as Data Engineering, designs and manages the data platform that is utilized by SMPA developers. In addition to executing data storage, analytics, and ingestion applications, the team fulfills ad hoc database requirements.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide technology tools and products with end-to-end data solutions in collaboration with product proprietors and developers.
  • Construct and optimize data ingestion and storage tools by coding best practices.
  • Automate and maintain pipelines for data processing, deploy cutting-edge infrastructure for data transformation, and perpetually enhance the performance of our platform.
  • Serve as the subject matter expert for big data analytics initiatives that provide technical and business stakeholders with insights.

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Key Core Competencies:

  • outstanding analytic abilities.
  • adaptable and capable of flourishing in a dynamic, ever-changing environment.
  • capable of identifying workable solutions to difficult problems.
  • Self-motivated individuals exhibit initiative, demonstrate concern for the outcome, and assume full responsibility for the completion of a task.
  • strong communication abilities and the capacity to function with minimal oversight as a team member.
  • A learner who is quick and resourceful adapts well to a fast-paced environment, and completes tasks efficiently—startup or high-growth experience—is an asset.

Benefits of Associate Data Engineer Jobs in USA:

  • Salary Competitiveness: Compensatory salaries are frequently associated with data engineering positions, including Associate Data Engineer roles, in recognition of the specialized knowledge and abilities required for the position.
  • Possibilities for Career Development: Associate data engineers, who are beginning their careers in the field of data engineering, possess the capacity for professional development. By gaining experience and honing their abilities, they can progress to more senior positions in data engineering or related disciplines.
  • Learning and Development of Skills: Data engineering is a rapidly developing technological discipline. Associate data engineers are allowed to develop and acquire new skills on an ongoing basis, ensuring that they are current with the most recent data engineering tools and techniques.
  • Practical Experience: Associate Data Engineers frequently gain practical experience through their involvement in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) operations, databases, and data infrastructure. Their professional development is enhanced as a result of this practical experience.
  • Implications for Data-Informed Decision-Making: Data engineers are essential contributors to the construction and upkeep of the infrastructure that facilitates data analytics. Associate data engineers play a crucial role in establishing the groundwork for organizations to make decisions based on data.
  • Demand for job security: There is significant industry-wide investment in data infrastructure, and organizations are vying for personnel with expertise in data engineering. This demand contributes to the improvement of job security for individuals employed in data engineering positions.
  • Participate in Cross-Ceiling Teams: Associate data engineers frequently participate in cross-functional teams with data scientists, analysts, and other professionals. This environment of collaboration exposes individuals to various facets of data-related initiatives.
  • Support for innovation: Data engineering is a leading domain in the realm of technological advancement. Associate data engineers are afforded the chance to make valuable contributions to cutting-edge initiatives that harness data to devise intricate challenges or develop novel offerings.
  • Remote Employment Prospects: Numerous technical positions, such as data engineering, provide the flexibility to work remotely. Associate data engineers may experience a more favorable work-life balance as a result of this adaptability.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: A career in data engineering offers prospects for establishing connections with industry experts. This networking can be beneficial for advancing one’s career, fostering collaboration, and remaining current on industry trends.
  • Advantages for Wellness and Health: A multitude of organizations offer health and wellness benefits to their staff, encompassing dental coverage, medical insurance, and various other initiatives that promote the overall welfare of the workforce.
  • Global Exposure to the Job Market: Globally, data engineering expertise is in high demand. This may provide Associate Data Engineers with the chance to work in various locations or for international organizations.

Education and Experience:

  • Strong academic performance and a BA/BS degree, preferably in a quantitative field
  • Python, database development, Linux, and AWS (S3, EC2, SNS, Lambda, and SQS) expertise spanning four or more years
  • Strong ANSI SQL proficiency and experience with data analysis
  • Preferred is knowledge of containers, big data, healthcare data, and/or PySpark.
  • Infrastructure tools such as Terraform, CI/CD tools like Bamboo or Jenkins, and code control systems like Github or Bitbucket facilitate team collaboration.
  • A working knowledge of Agile and the eagerness to contribute to an exceptionally fast-paced environment
  • Preference will be given to candidates with relevant industry experience, including supply chain, healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceutical.


The aforementioned statements aim to describe the general character and level of effort put forth by those in charge of this particular classification. These specifically designated personnel responsibilities, duties, and skills should not be regarded as an all-inclusive compilation. As needed, all personnel may be occasionally required to perform duties beyond the scope of their regular responsibilities.


The range of base salaries for this position is $137,700 to $104,900. In addition to a base salary, our comprehensive rewards program comprises merit-based salary increases, participation in a short incentive plan, eligibility for our 401(k) plan, medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance, and leaves commensurate with the employee’s place of employment.

Our comprehensive time-off policy comprises the following: unrestricted paid time off; eleven paid holidays in addition to time off for a shutdown period in the final week of December; eighty hours of paid medical leave upon employment; and annually thereafter. The entirety of the remuneration, which will consist of the base salary, shall be contingent upon individual candidate characteristics, such as education, experience, and talents, among other legally permissible elements.

Confidential Data:

Every piece of information encountered by an employee, whether verbal, written, or electronic, is regarded as confidential.


Guarantee that all plans and activities conducted on behalf of Sumitomo Pharma America (SMPA) and its affiliates adhere to the “best” industry practices and the highest ethical standards to achieve and maintain compliance with all applicable regulatory, legal, and operational rules and procedures.

Mental/Physical Requirements:

An environment that is fast-paced and manages multiple demands. As required, the capacity to exercise sound discernment is a prerequisite. High levels of initiative and autonomy are required. Proficient oral and written communication abilities are essential. The capability to operate a personal computer for prolonged durations is required.

About SMPA:

Sumitomo Pharma America (SMPA) is an Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer.

Sumitomo Pharma America (SMPA) is dedicated to fostering a culturally diverse workforce. Employment consideration will be extended to all eligible candidates, irrespective of their national origin, age, ancestry, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, affectional or sexual orientation, disability, veteran or military status or liability for military status, domestic violence victim status, atypical cellular or blood trait, or genetic information (including the refusal to provide such information).

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  1. How much do associate data engineers make in the US?

    The salary range for an Associate Data Engineer job is from $77,179 to $98,086 per year in the United States.

  2. What is an associate data engineer?

    Responsibilities. Implement data flows and set up automation between various data sources. Maintain data documentation and definitions. Help build large-scale batch and real-time data pipelines with data processing frameworks like Spark on AWS. Analyze and extract deep insights from datasets.

  3. Are data engineers paid well in the United States? 

    The salary range for a data engineer is $ 55K–$275K. The average salary for a data engineer in the US is $125,065.

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