Agricultural Science Research Technician Jobs in USA

Agricultural Science Research Technician Jobs in USA 2024

At this time, the US Agricultural Research Service is providing visa sponsorship for Agricultural Science Research Technician positions. Become a member of our team and make a meaningful contribution to agricultural practices through innovative research while pursuing a rewarding career in the United States.

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Details of Agricultural Science Research Technician Jobs in USA

  • CompanyUS Agricultural Research Service
  • Job PositionAgricultural Science Research Technician Jobs
  • Job Types: Full-Time or Part-Time
  • Education: Bachelor, Diploma, or Secondary, which is as prescribed below.
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Minimum Experience: Minimum 1–3 Years of Experience
  • Salary: $46,696–$74,250 a year
  • Location: College Station, TX, USA

Responsibilities of Agricultural Science Research Technician Jobs

Your primary responsibilities as an agricultural science research technician will consist of the following:

  • Providing agricultural researchers with assistance as they conduct trials and investigations.
  • Developing and maintaining greenhouses, fields, and research sites.
  • Cultivating, harvesting, and planting commodities for scientific research.
  • Gathering information regarding soil conditions, plant growth, and parasite management.
  • Managing and preserving specialized instruments and apparatus for scientific purposes.
  • Performing research data analysis and aiding in the interpretation of data.
  • Providing support in the formulation and execution of research protocols.
  • Managing laboratory supplies and research materials.
  • Working in tandem with research teams to accomplish the goals of the endeavor.
  • Ensure adherence to research and safety protocols.

Benefits of Agricultural Science Research Technician Jobs

  • Contribution to Food Security: Agricultural research technicians make a significant contribution to global food security through the development of novel techniques, technologies, and practices that enhance livestock health, crop yields, and overall food production.
  • Practical Experience: These positions frequently require engagement in laboratory, greenhouse, and fieldwork, which affords significant hands-on learning opportunities in scientific research methodologies and techniques.
  • Professional Development: Agricultural science research technician positions provide prospects for professional advancement and skill enhancement, encompassing scientific communication, data analysis, laboratory procedures, and experimental design.
  • Contribution to Sustainable Agriculture: Agricultural research technicians make a significant contribution to the advancement of sustainable agriculture through their work in developing farming methods that reduce ecological harm, preserve finite natural resources, and ensure the enduring viability of agriculture.
  • Collaborative Work Environment: These roles frequently entail working in multidisciplinary teams alongside scientists, researchers, agronomists, and other experts, thereby cultivating an atmosphere that is intellectually stimulating and conducive to collaboration.
  • Variety of Research Areas: Agricultural science research encompasses a wide array of disciplines, such as animal nutrition, pest management, plant breeding, soil science, and agricultural engineering. This diversity of research areas offers professionals the chance to develop specialized skills and engage in a variety of work duties.
  • Contribution to Scientific Knowledge: Research technicians contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the field of agriculture through their involvement in experimental procedures, data collection activities, and project assistance. Their efforts culminate in peer-reviewed publications and scientific breakthroughs.
  • Impact on Rural Communities: Agricultural research frequently exerts a tangible influence on rural communities through its provision of assistance to indigenous producers, enhancement of agricultural output, and improvement of rural livelihoods.
  • Profession: Agricultural science research technician experience can pave the way for a wide range of professional prospects in the private sector, academic institutions, governmental organizations, non-profit sectors, and international development organizations.
  • Personal Satisfaction: A considerable number of individuals derive satisfaction from the knowledge that their efforts as research technicians in agricultural science make a positive contribution towards tackling worldwide issues including climate change, food insecurity, and sustainable development.
  • Competitive Compensation and Benefits: Agricultural science research technicians may be offered competitive salaries, comprehensive benefit packages, and prospects for professional growth, contingent upon the employer and geographical placement.

Education and Qualification:

For consideration for this position, you must possess:

  • An agricultural science, biology, or closely related bachelor’s degree.
  • There is considerable enthusiasm for agricultural technology and research.
  • Requirements for Visa Sponsorship in the United States.
  • Excellent organizational and attention-to-detail abilities.
  • Proficient in both communication and collaboration.
  • A fundamental understanding of laboratory equipment and procedures.
  • Although not required, prior experience in agricultural research is an asset.

How To Apply for Agricultural Science Research Technician Jobs in USA

For the US Agricultural Research Service’s Agricultural Science Research Technician position with Visa Sponsorship in the United States, kindly adhere to the application guidelines posted on our official website or job portal.


We encourage individuals with a strong interest in agricultural technology and research to consider applying for Agricultural Science Research Technician positions with the United States Agricultural Research Service. Make a significant contribution to pioneering research and integrate into our team in the United States. Obtain a rewarding career as an Agricultural Science Research Technician by submitting your application today. Your presence is greatly anticipated.

  1. How much does a researcher earn in the US?

    The 25th percentile is $36,000. The salaries listed below are outliers. $49,500 is the 75th percentile.

  2. Is agriculture in demand in the United States? 

    Agriculture and its related industries account for 10.4 percent of US employment. The agricultural and food sectors accounted for 22.1 million full- and part-time jobs in 2022, accounting for 10.4 percent of total U.S. employment.

  3. In agriculture, what does a research assistant do? 

    The research assistant is responsible for gathering accurate, credible data on every research participant and summarizing their findings to support senior team members’ research.

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