Administrative Secretary Jobs In Canada

Administrative Secretary Jobs In Canada 2024 – Apply Now

The administrative secretary position at the University of Lethbridge is urgently required. If the position of administrative secretary in Canada interests you, submit your application immediately before the deadline.

We encourage your application for this Administrative Secretary position if you are a meticulous, well-organized individual with outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities.

The Administrative Secretary assists the Executive Director and other members of the executive team with administrative matters. In addition to managing correspondence, compiling reports, and scheduling appointments, the Administrative Secretary is tasked with providing general office support.

Details About Administrative Secretary Jobs In Canada:

  • Organization: University of Lethbridge
  • Location: Lethbridge, AB
  • Salary: $3,686 to $4,516 monthly (to be negotiated) / 35 hours per week
  • Terms of employment: Term or contract, Full-time, Day
  • Start date: Starts as soon as possible
  • Benefits: Health benefits, Financial benefits


  • Languages: English
  • Education: Non-university certificate or diploma from a one- to two-year college, CEGEP, or other program.
  • Experience: 2 years to less than 3 years

Responsibilities of Administrative Secretary Jobs In Canada:

  • Confirm and arrange appointments
  • Respond to and relay incoming and outgoing communications and messages
  • Compile information, statistics, and data
  • Coordinate the procurement of office supplies and inventory management
  • Direct individuals to service areas or contacts while greeting them.
  • Proofread and transcribe forms, correspondence, and other documents.
  • Respond to inquiries and complaints from employees
  • Carry out data input

Experience and specialization:

Computer and technology knowledge

  • MS Excel
  • MS Office
  • MS Outlook

Additional information:

Transportation/travel information

  • Own transportation

Work conditions and physical capabilities

  • Extremely rapid environment
  • Perform duties under duress
  • Stringent constraints
  • Perform repetitive duties
  • A focus on detail

Personal suitability

  • Capacity for multitasking
  • Particularly accurate
  • Outstanding oral communication
  • Outstanding written communication
  • Su adaptability
  • Methodically organized
  • The quality of dependability
  • Collaborative individual
  • The verdict
  • Effective time management

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Benefits of Administrative Secretary Jobs In Canada:

  • Competitive Salary: Administrative Secretaries in Canada are frequently compensated competitively, although this can vary depending on employer-specified compensation policies, location, experience, and location.
  • Health Insurance: A substantial number of Canadian employers offer health insurance as an integral component of their employee benefits bundle. This may include vision, dental, and medical expense coverage.
  • Paid Time Off: Paid time off is customary for administrative secretaries, including medical leave, vacation days, and holidays. The precise duration of paid time off may differ among employers and potentially accrue in tandem with years of service.
  • Retirement Plans: To assist employees in saving for retirement, some employers offer retirement savings plans, such as a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or a pension plan.
  • Prospects for Professional Development: To foster the professional advancement of administrative secretaries, employers may offer training programs, seminars, and skill development initiatives that augment the secretaries’ organizational and administrative proficiencies.
  • Work-Life Balance: The significance of work-life balance is frequently emphasized by employers in Canada. This may encompass the provision of telecommuting opportunities, flexible work hours, or shortened work weeks.
  • Job Security: Administrative Secretary positions can provide employment security, especially when they are located in organizations that consistently require administrative support.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): To promote the welfare of their staff, certain employers offer EAPs. EAPs may provide financial guidance, counseling services, and additional resources.
  • Programs for Recognizing Employees: To acknowledge and reward the efforts and contributions of administrative secretaries, employers may implement recognition programs. Awards, incentives, or other forms of recognition may be included.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives: A considerable number of Canadian employers demonstrate a steadfast dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion. They might implement initiatives and programs aimed at fostering an inclusive work environment that appreciates the unique contributions of people from diverse backgrounds.

How to apply:


More Info

How-to-apply instructions:

The following information is required on your application:

  • Cover letter
  • Attesting references for experience

About University of Lethbridge:

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada is the location of the public comprehensive and research University of Lethbridge. It has more than 9,000 undergraduate and graduate students and was established in 1967. More than 150 undergraduate and graduate programs are available at the University of Louisville, spanning numerous academic fields such as business, engineering, education, fine arts, health sciences, humanities, science, and social sciences.

The U of L is a member of the U15, an organization comprised of the most prestigious research-intensive universities in Canada. The university places considerable emphasis on research and innovation, and its scholars have produced noteworthy advancements across diverse domains such as health sciences, environmental science, astrophysics, and more.

Additionally, it is the mission of the U of L to offer students a comprehensive education. The university provides students with numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and engage in athletics, clubs, and volunteer work.

The University of California, Los Angeles is a thriving, expanding institution that positively influences the community. U of L is an excellent option for those in search of a demanding and gratifying collegiate experience.

The following are some essential details regarding the University of Lethbridge:

  • Founded in 1967
  • Located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
  • Undergraduate and graduate students: 9,000
  • Undergraduate programs: 150+
  • Graduate programs: 75+
  • Member of the U15
  • Strong focus on research and innovation
  • Vibrant and growing university

More Info

About Administrative Secretary:

A professional who provides administrative support to an organization or individual is known as an administrative secretary. In addition to a high school diploma or its equivalent, certain employers favor applicants who have completed coursework in business administration or a related discipline at the collegiate or university level.

The specific role and organization dictate which administrative secretaries are entrusted with which duties and responsibilities. However, typical responsibilities include:

  • Redirecting and answering telephone inquiries
  • Establishing contracts
  • Document preparation and distribution
  • Document filing and organization
  • Organizing workplace supplies
  • Assisting and greeting guests
  • Delivery of user support

Administrative secretaries are required to accurately format, revise, and type documents. Additionally, proficiency with a range of software applications is required, including word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.

Additionally, administrative secretaries must have both teamwork and independent work experience. They must have the capacity to operate effectively under duress and meet strict deadlines.

Administrative Secretary Salary:

Administrative secretary compensation is contingent upon the nature of the position, the institution, and the candidate’s level of expertise. In Canada, however, the mean annual salary for an administrative secretary is approximately $40,000.

Skills and Qualities Important for Administrative Secretary Jobs In Canada:

  • Communication: Effective communication is a critical skill that administrative secretaries must possess to engage with a diverse range of individuals, such as clients, colleagues, and supervisors. They must be capable of verbally and in writing communicating information plainly and concisely.
  • Organization: Administrative secretaries must have the capacity to organize and monitor numerous duties and deadlines. They must have the ability to effectively and efficiently organize their task.
  • Attention to detail: Administrative secretaries must possess the ability to meticulously proofread documents to identify any errors. Additionally, they must be able to accurately follow instructions.
  • Problem-solving: Administrative secretaries are required to possess the ability to locate and resolve issues in a timely and effective manner. They must have the capacity for critical thought and innovative problem-solving.
  • Collaboration: Administrative secretaries are required to possess the ability to operate efficiently within a team setting. They must have the ability to exchange information and collaborate with others.

Several things can be done to improve one’s prospects of achieving success in the field of administrative covert support.

Initially, ensure that you possess the required qualities and abilities. This can be accomplished through internships or coursework in business administration or a related field, as well as through administrative or secretarial experience.

Secondly, establish connections with individuals in the discipline. Attend professional development conferences and network on LinkedIn.

Third, customize your cover letter and resume for each position for which you apply. Emphasize your experience and talents that are pertinent to the particular position. Lastly, put your interviewing skills into practice. Answer inquiries regarding your experience and skills, and be able to specify why you are the ideal candidate for the position.


In Canada, there are numerous advantages to holding the position of administrative secretary. If you are seeking employment that provides job stability, competitive compensation, and adaptable schedules, then an administrative secretary position might be of interest to you.

  1. What is the role of the administrative secretary?

    The Administrative Secretary assists an executive, director, or department head-level employee with high-level clerical support by creating reports, conducting research, and collecting data, in addition to secretarial responsibilities and specialized duties.

  2. Can I immigrate to Canada as an administrative assistant?

    Canada welcomes administrative assistants who are looking for greater financial and professional development. Administrative professionals are in high demand all through Canada, and a permanent resident visa may be attainable with or without a job offer to promote this profession.

  3. What is the difference between an administrative secretary and an assistant?

    Secretaries usually carry out personalized work for a single individual, such as a manager or director. On the other hand, administrative assistants are hired by a complete team or office. They may be representatives of the organizations they represent or office managers.

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