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Administrative Clerk Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now

Administrative Clerks, also known as Office Clerks, assist employees in concentrating on more strategic matters by performing administrative duties. Their responsibilities include maintaining an inventory of office supplies, coordinating and storing files for easy employee reference, and communicating with customers via phone or email.

Important messages

The effectiveness and strength of the Federal Public Service are enhanced when it reflects the diversity of the Canadian populace it serves. PPSC is committed to fostering an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workforce that reflects Canadian society and in which all individuals feel at home. All qualified candidates in the area of selection are encouraged to apply, including individuals who identify as black, other racialized or Indigenous, women, persons with disabilities, or members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

Prepare yourself to achieve success! Because the purpose of this procedure is to determine the necessary qualifications for the vacant positions, please inform us of any functional limitations or disabilities that could impede your ability to participate. For instance, should you require support with the completion and submission of your application, feel free to reach out to us. If you advance to a subsequent evaluation phase, such as an interview or examination, we will provide you with supplementary details via email.

At that juncture, you will be able to ascertain whether an accommodation is necessary (e.g., an alternative test format, adaptive technology, or additional time). Accommodations for assessments are intended to eliminate barriers that do not compromise the evaluative standards, allowing individuals with functional limitations to completely exhibit their capabilities.

Should you need any type of accommodation throughout this evaluation procedure, kindly utilize the contact details provided below to submit your accommodation request. Regarding your lodging, all information obtained will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and your right to privacy will be safeguarded.

Should you be unable to submit your application by the designated closing date, kindly reach out to Kathleen Gauthier via email at

Your application to this selection process is not for a particular position but rather for an inventory that may be updated in the future. If positions become vacant, qualified applicants may be invited to be interviewed for additional evaluation.


Administrative Clerks are tasked with the responsibility of accessing court documents. In addition, their duties encompass retrieving, organizing, and formatting court documents; they also communicate with diverse stakeholders to obtain pertinent information.

Work environment:

  • Proceedings in the North West Territories are under the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecution Service of Canada (PPSC). Possible requirements include travel to other municipalities.
  • In addition to criminal code offenses, the NWTRO prosecutes violations of other federal statutes that are customarily handled by the PPSC.
  • Yellowknife is situated on the coastline of the tenth-largest lake in the world, Great Slave Lake. There are numerous attractions, seasonal celebrations, and activities for all to enjoy throughout the entire year.

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Benefits of Administrative Clerk Jobs in Canada:

  • Portability of abilities: Administrative secretaries cultivate a diverse range of competencies, encompassing mastery of office software, effective communication, the ability to multitask, and organization. These competencies are applicable across numerous industries and are transferable.
  • Entrance-Level Prospects: Administrative clerk positions frequently function as entry-level positions, affording individuals the chance to commence employment while acquiring hands-on work experience.
  • Profession-Specific Pathways: Administrative clerks might be eligible for advancement opportunities. They have the potential to advance to supervisory positions or assume more specialized administrative roles as they gain experience and acquire additional skills.
  • Educational Opportunities: Administrative tasks necessitate exposure to a multitude of organizational operations. Administrative secretaries are capable of acquiring ongoing knowledge about various departments, processes, and procedures within the organization.
  • Collaboration in Teams: In general, administrative accountants collaborate extensively with various departments and team members. The cooperative nature of this position cultivates aptitudes for both collaboration and communication.
  • Office Proficiency: Candidates for administrative clerk positions that offer practical office experience will find it advantageous to pursue a profession in office administration or a related industry.
  • Proficient in organizational skills: As a result of coordinating duties, managing documents, and scheduling appointments, administrative clerks cultivate solid organizational abilities. These competencies are exceedingly sought after in administrative positions.
  • Customer Engagement: Administrative clerks may engage in client, customer, or other external stakeholder interactions, contingent upon their designated duty. This exchange facilitates the growth and improvement of interpersonal and customer service proficiencies.
  • Stability and Security of Employment: Administrative functions are frequently critical to the operation of a business. Consequently, administrative clerks may benefit from employment security and stability, particularly in sectors that rely heavily on administrative assistance.
  • Skills for solving problems: Daily, administrative clerks are frequently confronted with a variety of obstacles and problem-solving circumstances. This experience strengthens their adaptability and problem-solving abilities.
  • Time Administration: As administrative clerks, meeting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and managing schedules are essential responsibilities. This facilitates the development of effective time-management skills.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: Professionals from other departments and colleagues, as well as superiors, are engaged in conversations with administrative clerks. Establishing professional relationships can facilitate future career advancement through networking.

Intent of the process:

There is an urgent requirement for personnel to staff one (1) permanent position (indefinite) or one (1) position for one (1) year.


Although these credentials are not mandatory for the position, they would be advantageous to the organization or improve the quality of work that is being done now or in the future.

  • Working experience in a northern environment.
  • Professional experience within the legal field.
  • Demonstration of managing a follow-up or monitoring system.
  • Proficiency in the preparation of financial documents.
  • operating knowledge of operating in a multicultural setting, with a specific focus on Indigenous communities.

Organizational Needs:

A representative workforce is established and maintained at the organization’s discretion. To meet the requirements of the organization, qualified candidates who identify themselves as members of a visible minority group, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, or women may be offered appointments.


  • Critical thinking (the application of reason and judgment)
  • Collaborating efficiently with peers
  • Manifesting proactivity and a focus on taking action
  • Exhibiting integrity and regard
  • Communication (oral and written)

Conditions of employment:

Premises for Employment:

  • Secret Medical clearance, Enhanced Reliability, or Reliability security clearance

Other information:

The objective of the Public Service of Canada is to construct a diverse and proficient workforce that mirrors the demographics of the Canadian subjects we attend. We encourage you to indicate on your application whether you are a member of one of the designated groups to promote employment equity.


Veterans will be granted priority over Canadian citizens and permanent residents, except for one position situated in Nunavut, for which appointment will be given precedence to Nunavut Inuit.

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  1. How much do administrative clerks make in Canada?

    The average admin clerk salary in Canada is $42,589 per year or $21.84 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $33,150 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $55,149 per year.

  2. How do I become a clerk in Canada?

    The requirements of becoming an office clerk include secondary school education: to become an office clerk in Canada, complete your secondary school education. You can also pursue a business administration degree or attend a college commerce course to learn relevant skills for working in an office environment.

  3. How do I become an administrative assistant in Canada?

    A diploma or certificate in business administration provides you with the skills needed for this role. Other courses will offer specialization in fields such as law and medicine. Work experience and paid apprenticeships will also provide additional experience.

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